Jeff Jared

Jared | Right to private discrimination?

Should there be a right to privately discriminate? Does a restaurant owner have the right to serve only whites, or only men? Is a segregated lunch counter (like at Woolworth in 1960’s North Carolina) okay, as GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul was asked?

Jeff Jared | Atheists’ revenge: Arresting the Pope

The Catholic child sex abuse scandal has hit Kirkland and the Seattle Archdiocese is being sued (April 14 issue of the Reporter).

Obama care communist? 


Jared | Atheists’ revenge: Arresting the Pope

The Catholic child sex abuse scandal has hit Kirkland and the Seattle Archdiocese is being sued

Jared | Women have it better than men in America today

Who are more victimized in America, women or men? It’s the quintessential question to keep the conversation lively.

No government money to fake rights

I admit, I may seem like a party pooper. After America did so well at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, I now have the temerity… Continue reading

Jared | Why polygamy should be legal

Did you know that there are 40,000 underground polygamists in the U.S.? And a world religion, Islam, allows plural marriage, plus multiple spouses have been… Continue reading


I’d propose that the mark of a civilized society is how much of life is in the private sector. I’d submit that the more society… Continue reading

Lady Gaga.

Column | Lady Gaga: The best of NYC

I think I’m gaga over Lady Gaga, the next American pop musical phenom. She may be the next Madonna, even with recent revelations she’s gay… Continue reading

Lady Gaga.

Privatize county parks

King County should privatize the 39 parks it’s considering closing (“39 King County parks could shut down,” Aug. 26, by Jacinda Howard & Matt Phelps),… Continue reading

Government: The good and bad

As a libertarian, I must admit government does a few things well, or fairly well. The best government program ever may be Thomas Jefferson’s Lewis… Continue reading

Health insurance not a free market

If a public option brings health costs down, then why don’t we have a national auto insurance public option? Why not a public option grocery… Continue reading

Confessions of an atheist

I must confess and come out of the closet.

EDITORIAL| Free market health care, not goofy gov. health care

The Republican alternative to Obama-care should be deregulating the health insurance market by legalizing interstate health insurance, ending mandates so a bare-bones health insurance could… Continue reading

Say no to Obama-care

Pres. Obama is overexposed.

Nation not founded on Xian values

Many think America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. I hear this often from my Christian friends,

Free market solution to pollution

Global warming.

How to draw line on drug handling

It seems there are four main ways to handle drugs.First, there’s prohibition – what we do now. It’s not working, just like alcohol prohibition didn’t… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: The three worst court cases

“Bad clause, bad clause.” No, I’m not scolding a dog, but the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution (1789) that the U.S. Supreme Court… Continue reading

EDITORIAL| Legalize prostitution?

A Kirkland house was busted for prostitution (“Police raid suspected Kirkland brothel,” by Matt Phelps, Kirkland Reporter, May 22) and a massage parlor on Kirkland’s… Continue reading