Jeff Jared

Judge Sotomayor troubles me

I’m worried about Pres. Obama’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor. I’m worried she won’t follow her judge’s oath, or the Constitution.I love… Continue reading

May I introduce you to the Constitution?

Here’s the U.S. Constitution (1789).Take a quick peruse. It’s rather short, about 10 pages. It’s the supreme law of the land. But it only gives… Continue reading

Healthcare compared to clothes, computers, carrots

Single payer advocates want the federal government to run healthcare because it’s important, not for any constitutional or economic reason.

If it’s not in the constitution, government shouldn’t do it

Did you know much of what our federal and state governments do is unconstitutional because the functions aren’t listed in the Constitution?

Economy is half socialist, half capitalist

If you think we currently have "uncontrolled free market capitalism," you’re mistaken. We haven't had a free-market economy since about 1898.

Gay marriage is inevitable

Iowa’s highest court recently legalized gay marriage and Vermont’s legislature was the first state to legalize it via the vote. So social conservatives can’t cry “judicial activism” when it comes to Vermont.