From left to right, Lake Washington wrestlers Elijah and Jackson Lux. Andy Nystrom / staff photo

From left to right, Lake Washington wrestlers Elijah and Jackson Lux. Andy Nystrom / staff photo

Lake Washington’s Luxes call the wrestling room their second home

Kang brothers racking up some victories.

They’re brothers and wrestling partners, and for the most part, siblings Elijah and Jackson Lux contain their body slams and pins to the matted back room of the Lake Washington High gymnasium.

“We have a hardwood floor (at home), so it’s not exactly ideal to grapple around, but we occasionally horse around — just how brothers would,” said Elijah, a junior, with a smile as Jackson, a freshman, laughs.

They haven’t tossed each other around so much that any lamps or other household items have taken the brunt of their wrestling activities.

“We might have ruined the couch a little bit,” noted Elijah, adding that they do implement the wrestling values of hard work and dedication while at their family abode.

Jackson joins the LW varsity team this season after winning three consecutive district titles at Kirkland Middle School. He was just the fourth KMS wrestler in the last 40 years to amass an undefeated record (27-0) during three years of middle school grappling at KMS.

He’s wrestling at 132 pounds and has notched an 11-2 record in dual meets and two tournaments at press time.

“Giving it all out there, you can’t slow down. You can’t not give it your best, if you do that you’ll probably get pinned pretty fast. I just go out and improve every day,” said Jackson, who plans to get down to 126 pounds soon. He added that Elijah pushes him to be a better wrestler.

Speaking of Elijah, he also weighs in at 132, but wrestles in a higher weight class for now and was 6-2 in duals and one tourney at press time.

In his third year on the squad, he feels the program has improved as they bring in new coaches to add different perspectives and help the wrestlers, each of whom has their own technique.

A positive mindset is key along with grinding it out against an opponent from start to finish.

“You can’t go in there worried about losing because you’re not gonna win if you do that. You have to go in there with the intent of winning,” said Elijah, who’s learned life lessons throughout his time on the wrestling mat like challenging oneself and not giving up.

The Reporter asked Jackson and Elijah a series of questions for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their lives.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Kirkland?

Jackson: I’d have to go with Acropolis. Friends own it.

Elijah: I feel like I can’t really say a fast-food chain because my coach would probably be mad, but if I had to choose, I’d probably go Wing Dome. Sometimes a good place to just grub down.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Jackson: People chewing with their mouth open. (Laughs and points at Elijah, who denies it.)

Elijah: When people stall out here during practice. When I see people taking their time to do things to try to get out of stuff. Get it done.

What’s your dream vacation spot?

Jackson: Either California or Hawaii.

Elijah: Mexico. I want to try some authentic Mexican food. No more Taco Bell.

What’s your favorite kind of music?

Jackson: I like rap.

Elijah: I like rap, but I like a lot of the classics, I love Journey.

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Jackson: Either “Marley & Me” or “Deadpool.”

Elijah: “Step Brothers” … The Catalina Wine Mixer.

What superhero would you like to be?

Jackson: Superman, he’s the most powerful.

Elijah: Iron Man, because I think it would be pretty cool to walk into any room and be the smartest guy in the room.

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