Kirkland Police arrest suspected fentanyl and meth dealer

The investigation began on June 12, when an officer discovered a man overdosing on fentanyl in a car

On Sept. 20, the Kirkland Police Department arrested what they believe to be a large-scale fentanyl and meth dealer after months of investigation.

The investigation began on June 12, 2022, when a KPD patrol officer discovered a man overdosing on fentanyl in a car at a gas station on NE 124th St. The man was given NARCAN – an opioid overdose treatment – and was taken to the hospital. A judge authorized a warrant to search the man’s vehicle, which resulted in the discovery of oxycodone pills, heroin and more than 390 grams of methamphetamines.

In July, after further investigation, officers learned where the man lived and where he was known to sell drugs. He was arrested a month later by the Pro-Act unit with the assistance of KPD patrol officers and Bellevue Police.

KPD’s Pro-Act Unit proactively focuses on illegal drugs, car prowls, burglaries, mail theft, shoplifting, and enforces extreme risk protection orders and court-ordered gun forfeitures. The Pro-Act Unit was funded as part of the voter-approved Police Prop 1 in 2018.

During a search of the suspect’s home, KPD discovered more than two ounces of powdered fentanyl, approximately one quarter pound of meth, and hundreds of oxycodone pills.