Kirkland Police Department hosts Guns for Gift Cards Exchange

“Any firearm traded in is one less gun that may be involved in a tragic accident, suicide or stolen and later used in a violent crime,” according to the department’s website.

The Kirkland Police Department is planning a Guns for Gift Cards Exchange event slated for April 27 to provide residents with an easy and safe way to dispose of unwanted guns in exchange for Visa gift cards.

The event, hosted at Kirkland Justice Center on 11750 NE 118th St., will open its doors for exchanges from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

According to a Kirkland Police Department (KPD) press release, participants must be Kirkland residents and provide proof of address, such as a utility bill. However, the event staff and police will not log or require identification information — participants will remain anonymous.

Residents can submit up to 10 firearms, and different firearms will receive different gift card amounts, according to the KPD website.

Non-functioning firearms, receivers or pellet guns are worth $25; bolt-action rifles and shotguns are worth $100; handguns are worth $200; and rifles, such as AR- or AK-style rifles, are worth $250.

The KPD asks participants to stay in their vehicles and store unloaded weapons in the trunk or backseat — weapons should be out of arms reach.

Once the officer removes the weapons the participant will receive gift cards.

The press release notes that police and event staff will have the final say regarding the number of firearms they can accept, what constitutes a firearm, the number of gift cards in exchange and who can participate.

If the police run out of gift cards, residents are still welcome to submit firearms for free.

The Guns for Gift Cards Exchange event is a product of the Kirkland City Council-approved gun exchange program in 2022 and funded by the Kirkland voter-approved ballot measure in 2018.

“The program aims to reduce gun violence within the community and to reduce the likelihood of accidental injuries and suicides by firearms by providing residents an opportunity to voluntarily relinquish ownership of unwanted firearms in exchange for pre-paid gift cards,” according to the KPD website.

For more information about the event and detailed instructions, visit the Kirkland Police Department’s website.