Juanita Beach reopens after rise in bacterial concentration in water

King County ecologist explains that fecal bacteria is to blame.

After a one-week closure due to elevated bacteria levels, Public Health – Seattle & King County has recommended that the City of Kirkland reopen Juanita Beach Park for swimming, wading and other water activities.

Water quality staff from the King County Water and Land Resources Division tested the water on Tuesday, July 6, and found the waters along the Eastern shore of the beach safe for recreational use.

King County Ecologist, Daniel Nidzgorski, said in a public service announcement that the perennial closures of beaches like Juanita Beach are largely due to higher concentrations of fecal bacteria from both animals and people.

He said the protected cove of Juanita Beach makes for great swimming but also makes it harder for bacteria to be flushed out naturally.

“The cove keeps it a little warmer, better for swimming, but also better for growing bacteria,” Nidzgorski said.

King County crews will return weekly to the beach throughout the summer to take samples to ensure that the water is safe, according to the county. City lifeguards will be on-shift from 12 to 6 pm on Thursday, July 8.

For additional details, visit King County’s Lake Swimming Beach Data webpage.