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A quality sex life is vital in enhancing a relationship. Factors such as age and lifestyle affect the amount of time one naturally engages in sex. Studies indicate the number of times people engage in sex as they grow older varies. A sex life lacking in frequency and performance can lead to broken marriages and unhappy relationships.

Sex has several health benefits, such as enhanced immunity, lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels, and improved heart health. Therefore, good sexual health is essential to enjoy all these benefits.

Studies show that poor eating habits and reduced sexual performance can affect one’s sexual health. Men tend to suffer from reduced sexual performance as they grow older. However, lifestyle changes contribute to decreased sexual performance before reaching the age of 30 in men.

Male enhancement supplements are the most common solution to reduced sexual health. These medications help with libido and other benefits such as increased testosterone and improved sexual drive and performance.

Many men aged 18-60 consider using these medications to improve their sexual performance. Some provide users with genuine benefits, while others are filled with artificial chemicals that adversely affect human health. Both young and older men are targets of these risky and ineffective formulas.

Natural supplements work in different ways to help men perform better and last longer during intercourse. Some formulas increase blood flow, and testosterone production, thus enhancing confidence levels and improving workouts to increase overall manliness. Therefore, it is essential to review each supplement before purchasing it.

What is HimEros?

HimEros is a proprietary male enhancement supplement containing 100% natural ingredients that claim to help men improve their sexual vitality and potency. Each ingredient in the supplement has been tested to ensure that it is safe and effective.

The HimEros formula focuses on enhancing sexual health. It helps men attain powerful erections and addresses premature ejaculations, allowing you and your partner to achieve powerful orgasms. The ingredients used in the male enhancement supplement help the body produce testosterone without adverse effects.

Unlike prescription medications, it does not interfere with the body’s normal functioning. Besides improved sexual drive, HimEros enhances one’s energy levels allowing you to perform intense workouts helping increase muscle mass and attain a healthy weight.

How Does HimEros Work?

The hypothalamus is a tiny organ found deep inside the brain. It links the endocrine and nervous systems to help the body remain in a stable state called homeostasis. The hypothalamus receives chemical messages from nerves, including external signals. The hypothalamus acts as a smart control system to manage all functions, such as:

  • Body temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Mood
  • Sex drive
  • Hunger and thirst
  • Sleep

The hypothalamus plays a vital role in testosterone production. It sends signals to the pituitary gland to release the luteinizing hormone that stimulates testosterone production. Therefore, factors such as age, medication, injuries, and hypothalamus defects can interfere with testosterone’s expected production.

HimEros works by reversing the downward spiral of low testosterone caused by the defective hypothalamus. It changes the effects of aging and other factors on the hypothalamus that some medics consider irreversible.

Increasing testosterone alone does not help improve sexual performance. The supplement also addresses low libido and erectile dysfunction caused by reduced blood flow to the penile region. The penis contains tiny muscular fibers responsible for erections. The fibers trap the blood, allowing you to attain erections. However, reduced blood flow to the penile region can lead to weaker erections.

Ingredients in HimEros trigger nitric oxide production, which widens the blood vessels. This action increases the amount of blood flowing to the penile region, allowing you to achieve durable erections during intercourse.

Apart from improved sexual performance, the supplement improves physical and mental performance making you feel younger.

HimEros Ingredients

Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma longifolia is a herbal remedy used in different parts of the world. It can also be referred to as Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi and has been used to treat various health problems such as erectile dysfunction, fevers, and bacterial infections.

Several studies show that Pasak Bumi helps boost male fertility, eliminate stress, and enhance body composition. It also restores powerful erections and increases testosterone levels.

Alholva + Urtica Dioca

Testosterone is a vital sex hormone that regulates essential body functions. Most people are unaware that testosterone exists in two different forms. These two forms of testosterone include total testosterone and free testosterone. Understanding the difference between the two helps you know how the hormone works in the body. Total testosterone is the bioavailable hormone found in the blood. Total testosterone attaches itself to the sex hormone-binding globulin, which transports it to different body parts. The body metabolizes it to other substances used in various bodily functions.

Free testosterone, on the other hand, does not bind with other hormones and enters freely into the cells to work. A high amount of free testosterone is vital for your overall health. Free testosterone is crucial in the creation of secondary sexual characteristics in men. It improves muscle performance, thus protecting vital organs such as the heart. It also helps fight erectile dysfunction and helps in weight regulation.

Alholva dates back 6000 years and has been used as a traditional medicine in Egypt. When combined with Pasak Bumi, it increases testosterone production in the body. Urtica Dioca increases free testosterone levels in the blood, thus improving bedroom performance. These two ingredients help the body maintain high levels of free testosterone.

L-Citrulline + Barrenwort

L-citrulline is an amino acid synthesized in the body to form l-arginine, another form of amino acid. L-arginine enhances blood flow by triggering the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas that stimulates blood vessels to dilate.

Studies show that people suffering from ED can improve their ability to maintain an erection by taking l-citrulline. The effect on blood vessels also helps improve erectile dysfunction. It enhances blood flow to the penile region.

Watermelon is the leading source of amino acids. One can also obtain it from meat, nuts, or legumes. L-citrulline can also be obtained from different food sources.

Barrenwort can also be referred to as horny goat weed. It contains an active ingredient known as icariin, responsible for treating erectile dysfunction. The horny goat weed blocks the PDE5 chemical that inhibits the dilation of arteries in the penile region. It allows more blood to flow and fill the three penile cylinders enabling one to achieve a more robust, long-lasting erection.

HimEros Benefits

  • It helps address erectile dysfunction
  • It improves fertility in men
  • It increases the amount of free testosterone
  • It supports a healthy hypothalamus
  • It boosts the production of nitric oxide
  • It helps regulate blood pressure, thus protecting vital organs such as the heart and kidneys.
  • It improves the sex drive.
  • It allows you to enjoy more intense intimate sessions and powerful orgasms with your partner.
  • It improves muscle mass
  • It boosts one’s mental and physical abilities
  • It helps relieve stress and mental tension
  • It contains 100% natural ingredients making it safe for use
  • It does not require a medical prescription

How to Use HimEros Dietary Supplements

HimEros supplement comes in the form of dietary capsules. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, enough for one month. The recommended dosage is two capsules daily before bed or just before a sexual encounter with your partner. Exceeding the recommended dosage can have adverse effects.

The supplement is safe for use by everyone. It does not require any medical prescription. However, men with underlying medical conditions should seek clearance before using the supplement. Most users will experience changes immediately after taking the first dose. However, users are asked to take the supplement for at least six months to get the maximum benefits.

This period allows the body to obtain the necessary nutrients and make significant changes.

HimEros Pricing and Availability

HimEros is a male enhancement supplement by Olympus Premium Health that has helped men reverse declining testosterone levels and regain their manhood. The benefits have led to increased demand for the supplement. Identifying a genuine product from other similar products can be difficult.

In addition to obtaining a genuine product, purchasing HimEros from the official website also comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee and free shipping when purchasing in bulk. One can choose between three different packages, which include:

  • One month supply comprising of one bottle at $59 per bottle plus a $9.99 shipping fee
  • Three-month supply comprising three bottles at $39 per bottle plus a $9.99 shipping fee
  • Six-month supply comprising six bottles at $29 per bottle plus free shipping

Apart from discounts, customers are offered a 180-day money-back guarantee by the manufacturer, Olympus Premium Health. This offer allows the customer to try the product for six months. Unsatisfied users can claim a refund within 180 days of using the supplement. You can reach out by phone or by sending an email to customer support at:

  • Email: support@gethimeros.com
  • Phone:+1-855-794-1300

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Final Word on HimEros

Several factors contribute to low sex drive and reduced libido in men. These conditions can affect one’s relationship with their partner. Therefore, it is essential to find a solution that helps address these problems.

HimEros dietary supplement works on the root cause of low sex drive. It revitalizes the hypothalamus enabling the body to produce more testosterone. It also opens up blood vessels allowing more blood to flow into the penile region. HimEros provides immediate and long-term benefits, enabling you and your partner to enjoy more intense, intimate sessions with powerful orgasms.

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