Cognigen Reviews – Memory Booster Supplement by All Health Labs?

There are proven methods of maintaining brain health. Feeding on brain-boosting nutrients, and working out regularly, among other lifestyle habits, may protect the brain cells from damage and degeneration.

It is challenging to get the correct nutrients from food only. Natural dietary supplements ensure the body has adequate minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Cognigen from All Health Labs is a nootropic formula that may strengthen brain health. How does it work? Is the brain booster effective? Are Cognigen ingredients safe?

What is Cognigen Nootropic Supplement?

Cognigen is an oral supplement comprising brain-nourishing nutrients to support memory, concentration, and focus, among other health benefits. Each capsule is manufactured in a US-Based facility (All Health Labs) that supposedly complies with American manufacturing guidelines.

Cognigen is in the form of flavorless capsules that are easy to swallow. Per the developer, customers will likely get the quality result after a few weeks of using the supplement. The nootropic supplement is rich in natural ingredients hence unlikely to cause any health complications.

Consuming one Cognigen supplement daily supports brain health from within. The supplement’s minerals, vitamins, and other plant-based herbs rapidly absorb in the body. The formulation repairs the brain cells, improves the neural pathways and supports healthy brain inflammations.

Cognigen is advertised as a dietary supplement; hence, users should seek medical advice before using the supplement. Additionally, customers should stick to the recommended dosages.

How Does Cognigen Work?

Cognigen supposedly addresses the root of poor brain health. The maker explains that it nourishes the brain with plant-based natural ingredients to repair, enhance, and protect the brain. Cognigen improves brain health in several phases, including:

Eliminate Brain-eating Bacteria – Experts claim that unhealthy bacteria feed on healthy brain cells, hence accelerating brain damage. Cognigen has the correct nutrients to destroy brain-eating pathogens. The nootropic supplement can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, therefore, digging out unhealthy microorganisms.

Healing the Brain Cells – Cognigen can repair and heal damaged brain cells. It works by increasing the BDNF and energy levels. It also regenerates healthy brain cells and neurons while restoring the damaged neural pathways for effective communication. Cognigen reduces oxidative stress and supports brain detoxification.

Support Signal Transfer – The brain network, including the neurons and neurotransmitters, must function together to give the brain the correct signals. Cognigen nootropic formula improves the phosphatidylserine ranges, which supports better signal transfer between the body and brain.

Alleviate Stress – High-stress levels surge cortisol levels. Unmanaged cortisol causes a chemical imbalance in the brain, thus disrupting healthy communication. Cognigen supposedly boosts emotional stability hence reducing stress levels and balancing moods.

Protect the Brain – Cognigen creator claims that it has high-quality ingredients that protect the brain cells against future damage. It forms a protective layer that prevents brain-eating bacteria from entering the brain. Regular intake of the brain booster reduces the chances of getting age-related mental issues, brain fog, and memory problems.

Cognigen Ingredients

Cognigen Ingredients IMAGE

Cognigen creators provide an ingredient label. However, the maker does not disclose the amount of each nutrient in the supplement. The active ingredients include:

Memory Source Proprietary Blend

The Memory Source Blend is rich in the superior quality coffee extract. Cognigen claims they obtain the ingredient from nutrient-rich coffee bean fruits. The blend aims at improving the BDNF levels that combat various cognitive issues. Additionally, the compound eliminates brain-eating bacteria, alleviates oxidative stress, and improves overall brain health.


Studies indicate that it can improve the production and function of acetylcholine. The chemical is critical in boosting the signal between the brain and the rest of the body. Similarly, Alpha-GPC can improve energy levels and lower mental fatigue.

Green Tea Extract

Cognigen creator claims that green tea provides healthy energy to the brain. Multiple experts claim that caffeine may boost memory and concentration. Also, it can aid user stay focused and motivated for extended periods. In addition, green tea can improve the cognitive system.

Coffee Fruit

It has polyphenols that form a protective layer in the brain, preventing harmful pathogens from entering the brain. Similarly, coffee fruit can eliminate bacterial plaque and protect the brain cells from damage. Further, it can raise BDNF levels, thus increasing mental focus and clarity.

Bacopa Leaf Extract

Most brain booster formulas use this ingredient to enhance cognition, learning, and memory. Verified reports indicate that Bacopa increases the levels of certain chemicals that support learning new skills and creativity. Further, the herb may fortify long-term and short-term memory.

Ginkgo Biloba

Cognigen uses this antioxidant to protect the brain cells from external attacks. It may heighten learning, thinking, and memory.

American Ginseng Root

Several studies demonstrate that it may boost working memory. Similarly, the ginseng extract may support mental energy and alleviate stress.

Vitamin B12

Various studies illustrate that most elderly folks with memory issues have Vitamin B12 deficiency. It is crucial in boosting the central nervous system.


Per Cognigen makers, this mineral can regulate neuronal functions and support proper brain communication. It also fortifies memory and may protect the user from acquiring age-related mental problems.

Benefits of Cognigen

  • It can alleviate the unhealthy bacterial plaque in the brain
  • It can clear brain fog
  • It supports better brain functioning
  • It enhances optimal communication between brain cells
  • It may support tissue repair and regeneration
  • It supports the production of happy hormones like dopamine
  • It may protect the users from Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • It may combat memory loss
  • It can augment focus and support a healthy cognitive system.


Per Cognigen’s label, users should take one pill daily. The formulation is supposedly safe and unlikely to give the user any health issues. Still, nursing, pregnant, and those under any medication should refrain from using the supplement.


Cognigen is sold exclusively on the official website. Customers can make savings when they purchase the nootropic supplement in bulk. A two-month satisfaction guarantee protects all Cognigen bottles.

Final Thoughts

Cognigen is a brain-enhancing supplement using multiple evidence-based ingredients. The nootropic formula eliminates harmful bacterial plaque, increases BDNF levels, nourishes the brain cells, and improves the entire cognitive system. It is supposedly safe and ideal for adults with any mental issues.

Cognigen may amplify brain health within several weeks. Customers can purchase the brain booster only via the official website.



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