Anxiety and Depression Series Review – What to Know Before Watching!

Anxiety and depression are sometimes called silent killers. They’re two of the biggest mental health concerns in the country, affecting millions of Americans. The Silent Epidemic is another name for them, and with this new video series, a new “Secret Escape Hatch” has been unveiled for people suffering from them.

What is the Anxiety and Depression Series?

The Anxiety and Depression video series is meant to help you understand how to escape from two of the most prevalent mental prisons people are suffering in. The mental health pandemic is causing extreme suffering in around 25% of the population. The Covid-19 pandemic seems to have accelerated the severity of symptoms as even more adults report suffering from depression. Younger people in the US suffer even worse, with nearly 50% reporting feelings of dread, sadness, and helplessness.

While it’s true that some medications can be prescribed to help combat them, these medications often have unwanted short- and long-term side effects and can be expensive. This is why these two mental illness monsters are called silent killers. Something is wrong, and it’s time to act against these two threats.

Why Do They Call Anxiety and Depression Silent Killers?

They call them the silent killers because many people suffer from these conditions without getting help. They avoid therapy and prescription drugs out of shame or because the treatment is too expensive.

For people who’ve never experienced depression, it doesn’t make sense. Many people think it’s a fake or a way to get attention. But people who’ve suffered from depression or anxiety know all too well the horrors it brings. The endless suffering and self-loathing are sometimes too much to bear and can lead to suicide.

Living with mental health issues on a day-to-day basis is difficult. There often seems to be no way out. It is an unwanted part of a person’s life they learn to cope with at best.

However, according to the Anxiety and Depression Series, there is real hope. Some experts in the mental health and medical fields have determined there are ways to not only cope with these two terrors but to alleviate the symptoms altogether and move on with life.

The issue is genuine and hitting critical mass, it’s time for something to be done, and that is where the Anxiety and Depression Series directs our attention. The experts who’ve created the series decided it was time to finally do something about the issue.

They would no longer just sit back and accept both of these silent killers as a part of American life. They worked hard to find ways to change everything for people suffering from these two problems that have plagued our country for decades.

For people suffering from depression and anxiety, there is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel where their lives can be lived with purpose and meaning again. The creators of the video series intend for the videos to shed light on how they can be effectively overcome and eliminated.

The series mainly covers the teachings of experts who’ve given Ted Talks; Johann Hari, for example, is an NYT best-selling author and leads the way in the series. He explains how depression and anxiety caused him years of pain and defeat and how he was finally able to move on from them both and live a life of fulfillment.

Celebrities like Elton John, Bill Maher, and Naomi Klein agree it’s dismantling how we think about mental health. The series is filled with countless experts, some of the most innovative minds in the field, all of whom will share how to overcome and beat depression and anxiety with attendees. The solutions offered are authentic and designed to help people suffering from different stages and severities of both mental illnesses. Regardless of whether or not someone has tried therapy, medication, or other remedies without success, the Anxiety and Depression Series can help.

Where Can I Purchase the Anxiety and Depression Series?

The Anxiety and Depression video series are free; you just need to register on the official website. There are nine episodes in total, starting on June 28th, 2022. Be sure to register ahead to get updates on the program and any changes or advancements.

The Anxiety and Depression Series in Conclusion

The series analyzes the current state of anxiety and depression in American society. There are revelations about the despair this real epidemic is causing to our culture. People at the event are considered the best minds in the field and will unveil concepts that will forever change how we view mental health. There are more ways to think about our moods and minds as well as addictions. It offers common-sense methods to help combat mental health issues and answer endless questions. There is also a way for people to connect on various social platforms to find help. Learn more and register today on the official website.


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