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Partnerships can help small businesses thrive | Column

In my last column I discussed building a sustainable business community by doing business locally. It is a topic I am extremely passionate about because there are so many easy ways to do it and it helps keep our local business healthy while supporting our city’s economy.


Building a sustainable community: Are you spending locally? | Column

As a Kirkland resident and local business owner, promoting a sustainable city and business community is important to me. Like anyone that lives and works here, I don’t want to see my taxes raised and my public services cut because we don’t have the revenue to keep our budget balanced.


Kirkland’s Jason Mesnick was one of the final two bachelors vying for the hand of DeAnna Pappas on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.”

Jason Mesnick: Kirkland’s most eligible bachelor

Okay I admit it, I watched the Bachelorette on ABC Monday nights. Hey, when one of Kirkland’s own, Jason Mesnick, showed up on a major network show in search of love, it’s the right thing to do. Right? And I wasn’t alone. Women from across the state were, and still are, abuzz about the handsome and down-to-earth single father who each week remained in the running for the hand of DeAnna Pappas.


Can’t keep local biz open all night? Go online | Susan Burnash

In my last column, I posed the question “are you in business to make a living, or is this just a hobby?” In response to my point about the opportunities retail stores lose by keeping limited hours, I received several comments about how difficult it is for sole proprietors to be open as often as they’d like.

Kirkland shops: In it for the biz, or just for fun?

The second Thursday evening of every month in Kirkland is best known for the Kirkland Art Walk. Recently, the downtown galleries, restaurants and local coffee shops have added jazz to this monthly scene. Last month, I decided to roam downtown to see for myself all the evening now has to offer.

Is your business newsworthy?: A simple rule to follow

Is your business newsworthy?: A simple rule to follow

At a recent business networking event a nice gentleman (with a business that helps parents fund college educations without, as he said, “going broke”) approached me and pitched his business in the hope that I might get him coverage in the paper. Trying not to embarrass him, I explained I am a columnist (as opposed to a reporter) and have no influence over the type of business stories that get covered. I listened politely and thanked him for saying hello. But on the way home I realized that, although I couldn’t officially help him get his story in the paper, I could help him pitch his story in a way that might get results.

Is your business newsworthy?: A simple rule to follow