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In the Parks | Spring finally evident as trees leaf out

Migrants have been moving through Juanita Bay Park in the last month, including a common loon, a red-necked grebe, and various warblers. The trees are leafing out, the red-flowering currants and Oregon grape are hosting hummingbirds, and the trillium are already dying away.


In the Parks | Spring into your parks in Kirkland

If you look carefully, there are many signs of spring in the parks. The trillium are blooming by the restrooms and the staircase to the parking lot at Juanita Bay; a few salmonberry are beginning to unfurl its blossoms, and a lonely skunk cabbage is out.


A common merganser makes a catch at Juanita Bay Park’s Forbes Creek on Feb. 21.

Sick swan at Juanita Bay, mergansers at Forbes Creek

Most of the swans left Juanita Bay several weeks ago. In mid-February, many park visitors were concerned about an apparently sick swan cygnet (young bird), whose family group of one sibling and both parents lingered with it. By the end of the week, the cygnet died. Lead poisoning is suspected from its swelled neck and stomach. Fish and Wildlife were called about our concerns before the bird died. Several swans remained in the Bay as of Feb. 20. Generally all leave before the end of February.


COLUMN | Winter birds and Juanita Beach renovation

Winter birds continue to arrive at Juanita Bay Park. Two swans came in Nov. 10, an early arrival date for that species in our bay. Up to four swans have been reported in the bay as of Thanksgiving Day. In each of the last two years, the swans first appeared Thanksgiving week, their numbers built up until around Christmas, and they departed at the end of January to early February.

In the parks | Keep quiet, stay put to enjoy wildlife encounters at Juanita Bay Park

It is beginning to look a lot like summer - with snow - as the poplar trees send out their seed packets of white fluff, and the summer resident birds get down to the business of raising a family at Juanita Bay Park.

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Juanita Bay Park update and green calendar

The swallows have returned, and a few other spring migrants and summer residents are beginning to show up, but it has been a quiet month birdwise.