Andrew Villeneuve

In Charlotte, Democrats present compelling case for Obama’s re-election | Column

This past week, Democrats from all 50 states and several territories gathered in Charlotte, N.C., for the 46th Democratic National Convention (DNC). There, delegates unanimously voted to renominate Barack Obama and Joe Biden for a second term, and approved a platform outlining the party’s beliefs. I traveled to Charlotte last Saturday to represent our state as a delegate, and have greatly enjoyed being in the middle of all of the action.


Dishonesty at GOP convention | Column

This past week, the Republican Party held its 40th national convention in Tampa, Florida, where more than 2,000 delegates nominated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to be their standard bearers for president and vice president.


From the Roots | Sound Transit keeps pushing on, despite recession

Sound Transit will officially inaugurate service at its new Mountlake Terrace highway station at 236th Street Southwest on March 20 in Snohomish County.


Make the holidays greener

Every year, during the final weeks before January rolls around again, retailers and auto-makers go to great lengths to persuade us to buy as much… Continue reading

Delbene strikes clear contrast with incumbent Reichert in 8th District

If pundits are to be believed, the hottest contest for elected office in our state this year is our U.S. Senate race, now that Dino Rossi has decided to challenge Patty Murray.

Villeneuve | Health care bill shows progress

After a year of fierce debate and wrangling, Congress has finally done something that many of the people who cover politics for a living in… Continue reading

U.S. Senate contest could use a jolt of electricity

For much of our state’s recent political history, colorful and exciting top-of-the-ticket races have been a staple of the electoral landscape. Consider the Slade Gorton/Maria… Continue reading

Raising revenue the only cost-effective answer to budget shortfall

One of the most popular and oft-repeated cliches in American history, which comes to us from Benjamin Franklin, humorously posits that “in the world, nothing… Continue reading

Skip traffic with Link light rail

Proving that last summer's opening of Central Link was merely the beginning of a new era, Sound Transit has extended light rail into Sea Tac… Continue reading

The climate crisis not a hoax

Negotiators from around the world met in Copenhagen, Denmark last week to hammer out an agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol, which sought… Continue reading

Time to put an end to the Google intrusion

Eighty years ago, in a dissenting opinion opposing a Supreme Court decision that supported warrantless wiretapping by federal agents, Justice Louis Brandeis suggested that our… Continue reading

Election results protect quality of life

Voters spoke loud and clear in the general election.Across the state, Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1033 failed (by big margins) and Referendum 71, which extends rights… Continue reading

Hara stands above the rest for assessor

In contest for assessor, one candidate stands head and shoulders above the rest.This November, for the second time in two years, King County voters have… Continue reading

Eyman’s I-1033 recipe for economic devastation

Think the recent budget passed by the State Legislature was bad? If so, be prepared for something much, much worse if we are naïve enough… Continue reading

A train approaches the platform at the Westlake Station in downtown Seattle for a preview ride on July 17

Light rail: A cure to congestion

The waiting, arguing, and litigating is finally over.

A train approaches the platform at the Westlake Station in downtown Seattle for a preview ride on July 17

Automatic voter registration: An idea whose time has come

Voting shouldn’t be hard.That simple four sentence is a complaint I repeatedly hear from people when I ask them about participating in our state and… Continue reading

Editorial: Fed up with big banks? Join a credit union

So long, Washington Mutual, also known as WaMu. Over the past few weeks the familiar yellow and blue WaMu signs adorning neighborhood financial centers around… Continue reading

Big challenges await next King County Executive

This November, voters in King County have a very important choice to make: who should succeed Ron Sims as the Executive of one of the… Continue reading

‘All cuts’ budget not cost-effective option

Much has been written about the budget shortfall that Gov. Chris Gregoire and state lawmakers are grappling with in Olympia this legislative session.

Washington families deserve a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights

Every year, thousands of Washingtonians take ownership of new single family homes.