Take precautions to prevent being a victim of theft | Guest editorial

Kirkland Police Chief Cherie Harris offers tips on how to protect yourself.

  • Thursday, November 30, 2017 10:31am
  • Opinion

The holiday season is peak time for thieves. Kirkland Police Chief Cherie Harris wants to remind residents that taking precautions can reduce risks and keep your holiday cheer intact.

To help prevent car theft and prowling

Lock all vehicles doors and secure windows, even at home, in your own garage and even if you’re just going to be gone for a few minutes.

Remove valuables from your vehicle (i.e. electronics, purses, shopping bags, personal identification documents).

Park in well-lighted areas and avoid parking next to trucks, SUVs, vehicles with tinted windows or anything that can serve as a shield for thieves.

Trust your instincts! If you hear something suspicious (glass shattering, for example) or see someone looking in multiple vehicles, call 911 immediately. You are the eyes and ears for police.

Have an alarm installed and place a sticker on your window indicating your vehicle is protected.

For mail and package theft

Have your package delivered to a location where it can be received in person such as a neighbor’s or relative’s home.

When purchasing online, if there is an option, choose a specific delivery time.

Consider using a delivery locker such as an Amazon Locker.

Use delivery alerts so you know when to expect the package.

If possible, have the delivery company hold your package at their closest facility so you can pick it up.

Ask the shipper to require a confirmation of delivery.

Provide delivery instructions so packages can be left out of sight from your yard or the road.

To report car prowls, problems with mail or suspicious behavior, please call 911. For online reporting http://www.kirklandwa.gov/depart/PD.htm.

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