Concerned about the proposed Houghton Everest Neighborhood Center plan | Letter

I am very concerned about the proposed Houghton Everest Neighborhood Center plan – the plan that will massively increase density, traffic and congestion in our beautiful city.

Most of us moved to the Houghton and Everest neighborhoods because of the natural beauty and livability of the area. Lake Washington, the Olympic Mountains, smallish neighborhoods and friendly neighbors… what is not to like? Well, all of that is about to change with buildings going up to five stories, apartments and office space increasing exponentially and traffic and gridlock becoming a nightmare. If you have problems now getting out of your neighborhood and getting to where you need to be now, just wait.

There is no reason for this insane growth in Kirkland. We have already met the state requirements of the growth management act. We are building a huge project at Totem Lake and another just a mile or so down the road from Houghton and Everest at Kirkland Urban. Yes, new people are coming to our region but that shouldn’t mean that we have to lose our wonderful neighborhoods because of it. The Houghton and Everest neighborhoods can only take so much growth before everything we moved here for is gone.

I implore the planning commission, the Houghton Community Council and the Kirkland City Council to support the wishes of their residents and slow down this unnecessary, destructive over-building. Don’t ruin our beautiful city.

Jan Kelley-Jones, Kirkland

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