Vote yes on the bond and levies | Letter

LWSD is growing rapidly, and schools are already overcrowded, with many portable classrooms in use.

Although our children are now grown and living out of the district, we have always felt strongly about the value of public education. A well-educated citizenry is basic to building a strong and just society. That’s why we support the Lake Washington School District bond and levies, which will improve our students’ educational opportunities while reducing our local tax rate.

The LWSD is growing rapidly, and schools are already overcrowded, with many portable classrooms in use.

As a businessman and an educator, we understand the value of a dollar and the value of investing in our children, and that’s why we are voting for all three of these measures: Proposition 1, which replaces the existing Education Programs and Operations Levy; Proposition 2, the replacement Capital Projects Levy; and Proposition 3, the bond to relieve overcrowding. The bond and capital levy maintain the current tax rate, while the educational programs and operations levy actually lowers the local tax rate.

By voting YES on the bond and levies, we will fund critical education issues that are not covered by the state, including paying for existing staff, current programs, and desperately needed facilities.

You can learn more at

Please join us in voting yes on the Feb. 13 LWSD levies and bond.

Walt and Kathy Krueger,


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