Vote ‘yes’ on LWSD bond and levies | Letter

The measures would provide more classroom space and ensure teachers have resources they need to help kids succeed.

As a Lake Washington School District teacher, I see firsthand how our district’s rapid growth is impacting our kids’ educational opportunities.

Our classrooms are overcrowded and many students are being educated in portables. Our school district is not only the state’s third largest, it is also one of the fastest growing. It’s projected that our student population will continue to increase at all grade levels, from kindergarten through high school.

That’s why I’m supporting the three LWSD measures on the Feb. 13 ballot. The bond provides more classroom space to help relieve overcrowding. The levies ensure teachers have the resources they need to help kids succeed.

Proposition 1, which replaces the existing Education Programs and Operations Levy, will fund education staff for special education, highly capable and English learner programs, plus a seven-period high school day to support the 24-credit graduation requirement.

Proposition 2, the replacement Capital Projects Levy, covers facility, safety and technology needs not funded by the state.

Proposition 3, the bond, will provide more classroom space to accommodate the growing number of students and relieve overcrowding.

The bond and capital levy maintain the current tax rate, while the educational programs and operations levy actually lowers the local tax rate. You can learn more at

Please join me in supporting our schools. Vote “yes” on the Lake Washington School District levies and bond.

Sarah Cooper,

Juanita Elementary School teacher

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