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The city of Kirkland is proposing zoning changes to areas surrounding Northeast 85th Street between Interstate 405 and 132nd Avenue Northeast (referred to as the Rose Hill Business District). The city government intends to make Rose Hill densely populated and to continue rezoning for apartments deeper and deeper into our neighborhoods while getting rid of much needed commercial space.

Tell the city what you think of the changes. Don’t miss your chance!

Email the commission. Use “Rose Hill Business Code Amendments” for your email’s subject;

“Jobs” is not the same thing as residents, and it is quite possible that Kirkland is merely subsidizing population growth for the town next door, especially if that town has better jobs, amenities and more entertainment options. If the city truly wants more “10-minute neighborhoods” they need to keep ground floor commercial and office space.

A loophole in the proposed changes allows apartments on the first floor on Northeast 85th Street as long as there are “some” businesses. If you don’t want first floor apartments on 85th Street, tell the commission.

The city government wants to add as many apartments as possible, even on the first floor starting about 30 feet from Northeast 85th Street. That will add many more people and result in apartments lacking privacy and security. If you don’t want first floor apartments along the streets intersecting Northeast 85th Street, tell the commission you want either 50 percent or 100 percent businesses and offices on the first floor.

Currently, all of the zones being changed can have apartments as dense as a developer wants. If you don’t want Rose Hill to be densely populated, tell the commission you oppose unlimited density for apartments.

Susan Davis


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