Sen. Kuderer is wrong that health care is a right

As an attorney, I was amazed to read that Democratic State Sen. Patty Kuderer from the 48th Legislative District (also an attorney) thinks health care is a right (, May 19). What has she been smoking? Does she know of a secret part of the Bill of Rights the rest of us don’t know about?

Health care is absolutely and obviously not a right under American law.

Health care is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, nor is a right to it mentioned anywhere in Washington’s Constitution. This is the very kind of elitist Democrat we don’t need in Olympia; we’ve already got a bunch of those down there from Seattle.

Her opponent, Michelle Darnell, is a much better choice for the Eastside who is not captured by the Seattle Left. She has not been sipping on the Kool Aid that causes progressives to create entitlements out of thin air.

Does Sen. Kuderer also naively believe that people have a right to a job? To a house? To recreation? To a vacation? These are Euro-socialist rights that have zero basis in American law. As a senator and attorney, Ms. Kuderer should know this.

Instead, she misleads Kirklanders with a bogus interpretation of the law to further her Seattle-style agenda.

As her opponent Libertarian Michelle Darnell says, it’s a great goal to have lots of health care that is accessible and affordable, it’s a great ideal; but not a right. Someone has to be the adult in the room.

Ms. Kuderer, please stop bastardizing the notion of real rights and propagating legal myths to get yourself elected. Please show some legal integrity, and realize Kirkland and the Eastside don’t want to be like Seattle and that health care is not a right.

Jeff Jared,


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