Manka Dhingra for State Senate | Letter

Dear Editor,

Manka Dhingra is the superior choice for State Senate in the 45th district. Her policies, experience, and endorsements are easily reviewed on her web site and numerous on-line interviews. Dhingra served as a deputy prosecuting attorney for 17 years and has two children in Redmond public schools. She is running a positive campaign based on her qualifications and her positions on topical issues. Dhingra has real-world experience and the decency to run for office on her merits.

Her opponent, Jinyoung Englund, has a shorter list of professional accomplishments, partly due to her youth. Among her accomplishments, she includes volunteer work in Africa, representation of a professional group promoting Bitcoin and work developing an application for the US military. Her main qualification for public office appears to be the time she spent as an aid to Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the 5th district congressional representative of eastern Washington.

Englund is aligned with the Republican establishment which is funding a barrage of negative ads against Dhingra. Englund has almost nothing positive to espouse on her own behalf. Her campaign is constructed almost entirely of negative, “fear and smear” tactics and statements that do not conform to reality.

Please take the time to read the candidate’s web sites and various posted interviews and make your own decision. Above all, remember to vote on or before Nov. 7!

Ira Worden

Kirkland, WA

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