Haven’t we had enough of the hysteria already?

I wish I could say I was surprised by letters in the Kirkland Reporter and media reports of November’s elections, but sadly I’m not. The hysteria and vitriol is astounding. In 2009, we heard the gleeful comments of “We won. You lost. Get over it,” and “You drove the car into the ditch, now get in the back seat.” Conservatives then rioting in the streets? Nope!

Donald Trump was asked if you lose will you accept the result. He didn’t say yes, and the liberals and the media went ballistic with “It’s un-American to not accept the results of an election.” Flash forward to Nov. 9, 2016 till now. The liberals went into apoplexy and rioted in the streets, and swarmed television and radio opposing the election. Wasn’t that un-American by their own definition? The hypocrisy is mind boggling. What they don’t understand is that Hillary Clinton lost because she was Hillary Clinton. People saw her dishonesty, falseness and disdain for people who believe in the Bill of Rights and hold deep religious beliefs (she said Catholics need to be re-educated because of their opposition to abortion). Voters just didn’t trust her to be president. Those nasty “deplorables” and people in her own party said, “No thanks!” Trump was still preferable over her to the voters.

Secondly, people were fed up with the left; the borders were not secure, the government ignored illegal immigration resulting in a wealth of illegal votes (mostly for Democrats). Outrage over a president and cabinet who lied almost on a daily basis, a foreign policy of appeasement and red lines in the sand with just a whimper as a consequence, the IRS, EPA, HHS and the Justice Department used to diminish or ignore the First, Second, Ninth and 10th amendments of the Constitution and to suppress political opposition, the horror of abortion and unborn body parts sold for profit. Americans voted their values to demand a new direction.

After the election? Kirkland marched with impassioned speeches supporting everything mentioned above as solidarity against the administration. The letter on April 28 criticizing people’s questionable intellect was priceless. She states she is a moderate liberal and then proves that she was far from it in decrying Trump’s ersatz presidency and the intellect of his supporters. Ersatz is defined by Miriam Webster “as being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation.” With no proof of that claim, that’s not a truly accurate definition for a duly elected sitting president in office for only 100 days. Imagine the outcry if that was applied to the previous president. Also, “A draft dodger is someone who avoids the draft, for instance by moving to Canada or not signing up for the draft in the first place. Someone who registers for the draft, as Nugent did, by definition is not a draft dodger” (Fact Checker). Trump as thousands of other men during that era had deferments but he didn’t run to Canada. Where was the liberal outcry over Bill Clinton’s lying to his professor of military science for a deferment, then running off to be a Rhodes Scholar? Her demanding Trump’s impeachment without any of the high crimes or misdemeanors required by the Constitution while decrying questionable intellects is hypocritical. One has to wonder if the nation is being served by this figurative gnashing of teeth.

Bill Webb,


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