Falcone is the smart choice | Letter

In the race for Kirkland City Council Pos. 6, Amy Falcone is the smart choice.

Amy is a dedicated community volunteer, serving as co-chair of the Kirkland Human Services Commission, board member of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (FHNA) and outgoing president of her local elementary school PTA, where she continues to serve on the board. She is passionate about our community and she is relentless about getting good things accomplished for our neighborhoods. In my roles as former co-chair of the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods and Moss Bay Neighborhood Association board member, I have had the opportunity to work with Amy as an FHNA board member. She has served on the Kirkland Neighborhood Safety Panel for the past four years, successfully advocating for practical and impactful safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the city. She has also organized community events that bring together hundreds of neighbors, such as DennyFest, the Finn Hill Spring Egg Hunt and the Thoreau Elementary Spring Carnival.

Amy is genuine, approachable and responsive, always willing to meet with residents to hear and understand their concerns. I sincerely appreciate her energy and the passion and expertise that she brings to improving our community and continuing Kirkland’s tradition of being a safe, inclusive, livable and vibrant city. I am also impressed with her deep understanding of the city’s complex financial workings and her commitment to fiscal responsibility.

I will proudly vote for Amy Falcone for Kirkland City Council and I encourage you to do so as well.

Bea Nahon


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