Jerry Cornfield

Will the Roadkill Caucus be reborn in 2017? | Cornfield

Will the Roadkill Caucus be reborn in 2017?

Historic election yields some new faces | Cornfield

Wow. Tuesday was crazy. Unforgettable. Historic.

Democrats shifting focus to down-ballot races with 12 point lead in governor’s race | Cornfield

A super PAC supporting Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee has redirected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the governor’s race into getting more Democrats elected to the Legislature.

WSDC intends to hold debates, with or without candidates | Cornfield

If you've never tried to pull off a debate, it's hard to appreciate the degree of difficulty involved in such a feat.

Democratic presidential nonimation not over yet | Cornfield

With all the attention given the heated contest for the Republican Party presidential nomination, it's easy to forget the battle to become the Democratic nominee isn't over.

Will Snohomish County Council appoint caretaker or candidate for open House seat? | Cornfield

Election politics are certain to be on the minds of Snohomish County Councilmembers when they fill the state House seat vacated this week by Democrat Hans Dunshee.

Former Corrections Secretary Bernie Warner still a focus of investigation | Cornfield

Republican state senators didn’t fire Corrections Secretary Bernie Warner when they had the chance.

Not everyone is happy with 405 toll lane changes

Not everyone is pleased the state is letting drivers use the I-405 express toll lanes for free at night and on weekends.

Lawmakers agree to bill for school funding but will it be enough | Cornfield

Having completed debates on the use of toilets and taxes, the Republican majority in the state Senate directed their attention Tuesday to a top item on this session’s to-do list — education.

Rep. Luis Moscoso hopes recent issue sparks conversation about racism | Cornfield

Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler says he regrets blurting “She’s racist” moments after his caucus ousted Lynn Peterson as the state’s transportation secretary.

Sound Transit power play | Cornfield

It’s been tough enough for Sound Transit board members to cobble together ST3, a ballot measure seeking $15 billion for the next phase of expansion.

New bill would tax campaigns to pay for civics, enforce election laws | Cornfield

A Republican lawmaker wants to tax political campaigns and use the money to teach civics in schools and boost enforcement of the state’s election laws.

Dorn files silent protest during Gov. Inslee speech | Cornfield

Minutes before Gov. Jay Inslee gave his State of the State address Tuesday, the leader of Washington’s public school system delivered a message of his own.

Gov. Inslee faces many challenges this year before election | Cornfield

Gov. Jay Inslee is beginning the last year of his first term with every expectation of winning re-election in November.

Frank Chopp’s future as speaker depends on good 2016 for Democrats | Cornfield

There’s never been a figure in Washington politics quite like Frank Chopp.

Kirkland Rep. Stanford could run for auditor | Cornfield

It seems pretty obvious Washington’s next state auditor won’t be the current one, Troy X. Kelley.

Democrats forced to change course after Hill declares he wont run for governor | Cornfield

The decision of state Sen. Andy Hill to not take on Gov. Jay Inslee in 2016 forced the Democratic Party attack machine to brake hard and return to the shop.

When will the presidential primary be in Washington state | Cornfield

Whether The Donald gets a chance to make good on his campaign’s Make America Great Again motto won’t be known for a seeming eternity.

Inslee must draw a line in the sand on climate change issues | Cornfield

These days Jay Inslee might be America’s most frustrated governor. And we may soon find out how much more frustration — and stomach ache — he can take.

Does anyone notice when the state auditor disappears | Cornfield

When the state’s duly elected auditor disappears while in office does anyone notice beyond the shadow of the Capitol dome?