Vote Pascal for Kirkland City Council | Letter

We have an excellent opportunity to invest in our collective future by electing Jon Pascal to the city council.

As a planning commissioner and neighborhood advocate I am very concerned about the impact of growth on our community and the need for transportation options in a growing economic region. No other candidate for city council this year is more experienced than Jon on these issues. His years on the transportation and planning commissions, as a business owner, and now as a sitting councilmember have uniquely prepared him to address the challenges we face.

His commitment to the city was evident long before he ran for office by the many hours he spent volunteering with a number of organizations throughout Kirkland. Through coaching baseball or sitting on the board of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance I have known Jon to be one of the good guys. He has a sincere desire to develop collaborative solutions that have an immediate impact, which is why he has earned broad support from democrats, republicans, environmental groups, housing advocates, realtors, bicyclists, and transit advocates.

The best thing about Jon is that at a time when politics can seem unbearable, he is as reasonable and thoughtful as they come. The city council makes serious decisions that will impact all of us. Jon has a level of character and integrity that are equal to the task. I trust his leadership implicitly and ask that you join me in electing him to the city council.

Mathew Pruitt,