Support women owned businesses

By Erin Alexander

Woman owned and operated for eight years, Erin Alexander created Finally Social, a Marketing Boutique, and has been connecting to support a diverse selection of clients, providing opportunities for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Loan Officers, Title & Escrow Executives, and small businesses on a greater


As a social media and marketing team, we’re able to reach clients 24/7 on social media platforms such as Meta (Facebook) and Instagram. Through the help of Meta and the women behind the scenes, Finally Social assists their clients on how to be consistent, relevant, and connect with their future clients.

Finally Social has grown tremendously as the age of social media expands. Supporting over hundreds of Facebook and Instagram accounts, Finally Social has been able to reach a medium of clients that benefit from social media management, custom website designs, branding and logos, and educationalcourses. By expanding our services, we hope to provide videography to benefit more from Meta and create reels.

Finally Social intends to grow and expand as a small women owned business while supporting small owned business nationwide.

With a team of diverse woman creating a healthy work environment, virtually with the support of platforms like Meta, Finally Social can extend its services anywhere and everywhere.Let us help you be consistent, relevant and connect with your future clients.

“Your Instagram is like your storefront; people want to see what you sell.” – Erin Alexander