ST3 is becoming a very expensive lesson for voters | Letter

I see the ST3 license plate tab increase as a very expensive lesson on consequences. Didn’t people read and study the issue before casting their vote.

ST3 promises two things, higher taxes and greater grid lock. We are now starting to see the first come true and by ST3’s own admission light rail will not ease the traffic congestion it will take way too long, take normal traffic lanes, not increase traffic flow and give us a system that was designed in the 1800s. Sounds like a good idea to me (not).

Now all of us will be paying out the nose for a system that do nothing but drain more money from the people who live in the Puget Sound region. Let this one be a lesson, read and study issues before casting your vote.

Maybe we can, as a whole, make a better selection next time and if you think there will not be a ST4, you are still living in your dream world.

Larry Conrad, Kirkland