June 3
June 3

The new tyranny

I voted for hope. What I’m getting is a new kind of tyranny, the tyranny of fiscal irresponsibility, burdensome taxation and claustrophobic government bureaucracy.This recession… Continue reading

Little League strikes out

The latest Kirkland Little League incident is incredibly troubling (read story, page 1). About a month ago, at the end of a local Little League… Continue reading

  • Jun 3, 2009

Judge Sotomayor troubles me

I’m worried about Pres. Obama’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor. I’m worried she won’t follow her judge’s oath, or the Constitution.I love… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Do the Math

Lake Washington School District with an $8 million deficit has done a masterful job of holding onto teachers by reducing 10 plus administrators, in addition… Continue reading

  • Jun 3, 2009

Letter to the editor: Someone should run for state office as Libertarian

Now I’m grateful to learn, from a letter writer to your newspaper (May 27), that I ran as a candidate for Senate in 2004. It’s… Continue reading

  • Jun 3, 2009

Letter to the editor: How to ward of tailgaters

Tailgaters, the bane of courteous drivers ... how to cope? Apply for vanity license plate: BACK OFF (not available). Maybe U2CLOSE? Bingo! To clarify meaning,… Continue reading

  • Jun 3, 2009

Letter to the editor: Judge Sotomayor thoughtful, fair

We all know that there is more to life than just words on a page. Judge Sonia Sotomayor has lived a challenging life, growing up… Continue reading

  • Jun 3, 2009

May I introduce you to the Constitution?

Here’s the U.S. Constitution (1789).Take a quick peruse. It’s rather short, about 10 pages. It’s the supreme law of the land. But it only gives… Continue reading

Letter to the editor: Liberal liability lineup

So far all the candidates running for Kirkland Council have indicated their desire to serve government, not citizens.Annexation will cause Kirkland citizens to receive reduced… Continue reading

  • May 28, 2009

Letter to the editor: Libertarians real enemy is plutocracy

In a May 20 letter, Miles Holden wrote that Liberals yearn for our chains – that we make a religion of submission to authority.It’s true… Continue reading

  • May 28, 2009

Big challenges await next King County Executive

This November, voters in King County have a very important choice to make: who should succeed Ron Sims as the Executive of one of the… Continue reading

EDITORIAL| Businesses piggy back on events

Founder of Barkz the Dog Stop LLC, Paula Heddle is doing quite the job rallying Kirklanders and getting us excited to take pride in our… Continue reading

Healthcare compared to clothes, computers, carrots

Single payer advocates want the federal government to run healthcare because it’s important, not for any constitutional or economic reason.

EDITORIAL| School District deserves credit for budget work

The budget axe fell hard in the Lake Washington School District, but it did not hit any of the 1,000-plus teachers working in the district.

  • May 19, 2009

EDITORIAL | Will Gregoire do the right thing?

Gregoire will do the right thing, won't she?

Swine Flu May Day.
Swine Flu May Day.

If it’s not in the constitution, government shouldn’t do it

Did you know much of what our federal and state governments do is unconstitutional because the functions aren’t listed in the Constitution?

A view of the his friend's bathroom after Len McAdams remodeled it.

Real estate| Bringing your bathroom up to date

A while back my friend Kathie to chat about her home and a few things that were in need of updating.

A view of the his friend's bathroom after Len McAdams remodeled it.

Economy is half socialist, half capitalist

If you think we currently have "uncontrolled free market capitalism," you’re mistaken. We haven't had a free-market economy since about 1898.