Our three ‘blind mice’ in Congress

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

We must have a stronghold on the blind mice of congress.

For the past months, as I go by the gasoline stations, the price is going up and up — where it ends no one knows. And it appears to me that our two senators have not seen the billboards listing the price per gallon. Of course it matters not to them because we citizens are picking up the expense tabs for these senators, who have fought tooth and nail to keep any new wells from being drilled on land that we, the citizens of the U.S., own. And we pay the salaries of these two blind mice.

Also, Representative McDermott must not have seen the news that there are thousands of people fighting to keep their homes because they cannot meet the payments. McDermott does not give much thought to these people. He sits on a debt of hundreds of thousands, and I do not see that a lien has been put on his properties (an Appeals Court ruled against McDermott in a taped call dispute in 2006). If you and I had a judgement against us, the lien holders would be after our property with lawyers at our heels.

As I recall these three blind mice were overwhelmingly elected at the last election. Does not seem to me that any of them are looking out for our best interests.

~Emert A. Browning, Kirkland