Kudos to Sage for thought-provoking letter | Letter

I’d like to thank Cassandra Sage for her thought-provoking letter about respect and civility in politics. She brought up an issue that needs more attention.

The late Sen. Andy Hill offered and earned respect universally. He and Ross Hunter were on opposite sides, but worked constructively and respectfully for the good of Washington. I know that from Hunter’s compliments.

Sen. Hill’s Republican Party is almost gone. Mainstream Republicans of Washington are trying to keep it alive. The national organization in contrast doesn’t even act like a political party. Unanimously closing ranks around positions a large majority oppose? Electing a man who was accused of committing sexual assault? They’d reject a man like Sen. Hill instantly.

Sage brought up a quote from 45th District candidate Manka Dhingra as an example of the problem. I believe it was the national Republicans counselor that Dhingra had in mind when she said she “cannot understand” women who still identify with the Republicans.

I can understand any woman who votes for lower taxes and smaller government, but if she is OK with how Sen. Elizabeth Warren was treated and with Republican opposition to equal pay, I too will suspect what Dhingra called “self hate.”

Sage closed with the hope that we all can listen, respect and value the good points and different perspectives of our opponents. Dhingra’s work to make the criminal justice system work for everybody gives her the kind of perspective we should value.

I promise to keep Sage’s wisdom in mind and do everything I can to control my temper in the difficult days ahead.

Frederick Wamsley, Redmond