Evidence offered on climate change

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

(A response to Tom Devlin’s comment on St. Clair’s opinion on global warming April 9): I can’t take it anymore.

Get online or go down to your public library and do some reading. Start at the Web site for our country’s world recognized institution on the subject of climate and oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

If you prefer to stay closer to home, because you don’t trust the “brickbat tossing” East Coasters, try this site from the University of Washington, which is equally as reputable:http://www.uwpcc.washington.edu.

Both sites offer clear explanations of the complex topics involved with climate variability and are designed for public consumption. These sites alone will answer most if not all the questions raised by respondents, pro and con alike, to the uninformed Scott St. Clair opinion on “Where’s global warming now?” These sites try to clarify the misconceptions and erroneous ways people think about these topics.

~Carol Janzen, Kirkland