Don’t trust candidates who make false claims | Letter

We can’t trust candidates who make false claims. They steal the opportunity from voters to make a fair and informed choice.

In the race to become the state representative (position 2) in the 1st District, Republican candidate Jim Langston made false claims on his mailer about his Democratic opponent Shelley Kloba.

On his mailer, Langston falsely claimed that Kloba wants a new state income tax and a property tax increase.

Langston falsely claimed Kloba made these statements at the Candidates Forum held on Oct. 5 at the Brightwater Center.

Kloba did not make these statements. I know because I was at the forum. See and hear for yourself at

Both candidates agreed that the state has not yet fully funded basic education and that the state needed to look at different options for doing so. Both agreed that one funding option may be the new tax revenues generated by the state’s improved economy.

As another funding option, Kloba recommended looking at a capital gains tax, but that the B&O tax needed to be reformed to be fairer. She said whatever option is chosen should not penalize families and working folks and should be sustainable to amply fund education as required by the constitution.

In fact, only Jim Langston mentioned – albeit reluctantly – an income tax as an option that should be considered.

Specifically, Langston said he “was not a fan” of an income or capital gains tax and wasn’t sure if a levy swap would solve the problem. However, he said we should consider every single option that’s on the table. And take a look at reforming what we have and start there.

Honesty is important. Shelley Kloba has my vote.

Barbara Billinghurst, Kirkland