Trula Jeen Stafford | Obituary

Our beloved Trula Jeen Stafford “TJ” passed peacefully on October 16, 2020. For 85 years, her love for this area, family and friends was always apparent. Trula was very active in the community by leading the Girl Scouts, running the concession stand, “Trula’s Dugout” and the Golden Oldies are just a few. She loved the seasons and the outdoors. You could always find her in her garden wearing three sweaters, just so she could be outside. Her laugh went all the way to her toes. Trula loved when her grandchildren would visit, she felt so blessed.

She is survived by her husband Calvin and her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, her sisters and all of the loved neighbors and friends.

Rest in Peace Mom, your heart has touched so many, your love will live on.