Marjorie Jean Denton | Obituary

Marjorie Jean Denton passed away peacefully in her sleep on March 11, 2022, at the age of 91. She was born in the family home in Richmond Beach, Washington, on November 28, 1930 to Edith and Joseph Kolesar. She attended the Richmond Beach School (K-12) until it closed in 1945 and her classes were moved to Edmonds. After graduating high school in 1948, Margie graduated from business college in downtown Seattle. She lived at home until marrying Clayton Denton in 1952.

They set up home in Edmonds as newlyweds and moved to a house in Kirkland purchased from Clay’s brother Don in 1961. ThThere they raised their four children before subdividing the property in 2000 and building a new house next door in 2001, allowing them to enjoy retirement in the neighborhood they loved.

Margie learned the importance of taking care of herself and those in her family and community while a child and those lessons stayed with her throughout her life. She reminisced fondly of inviting soldiers, garrisoned at her school during WWII, home for Sunday supper, giving them a sense of family while so far away from their own. Her autograph book from that time has many notes of thanks from soldiers who appreciated the family’s kindness. Margie enjoyed acknowledging others with cards, calls, or visits, whether family, friends or a recent acquaintance.

Gardening was a constant source of enjoyment during her time in Kirkland. Many nice days throughout the year found her working in her yard or enjoying the results of her efffforts. Even breaking her hip at age 80 while working in the yard did nothing to stop her once she healed. Trading plants with family and friends or taking trips to the nursery kept her yard fresh and colorful. Like the people in her life, plants grew and blossomed under her care and love.

Life didn’t allow time for travel, but time was made for the annual family camping trip while the kids were young. After retirement, Margie and Clay took a cruise to Alaska, where she took her fifirst-ever flflight in a six- seat flfloat plane over the glaciers outside Ketchikan. ThThey subsequently took trips around the US. Margie continued traveling after Clay passed away in 2005, with trips to Hawaii and Los Angeles for a fifilming of Dancing with the Stars.

Her grandkids were vitally important to her. She loved nothing more than having one-on- one time to spoil them outside their parents’ view. She acknowledged or commemorated every milestone either in person or with a gift or card when not able to be there personally. Lucky recipients also received a plate of her delicious, frosted sugar cookies! All the grandkids, as well as many of their friends, have memories of their doting Grandma that they’ll carry with them forever. Margie’s children, grandchildren, and extended family all lived within a short drive, and holiday visits and informal gatherings gave her great joy through the years.

Margie is survived by her children Linda (Gary), Jeffff (Anita), Dave (Julie), and Steve (Aileen); grandchildren Kelsey (Russel), Alexa, Mackenzie, Marshall, Taylor, Grayson, and Edie; brother George; cousin Augusta; and nieces, nephews, and dear friends. She was predeceased by her parents, her husband of 52 years, Clay, and her brother Charles.