Three strangers honored by the Kirkland City Council for saving man’s life

When three strangers emerged from a grocery store just after noon on March 4 in Totem Lake, they had no idea they were about to become critical links in what is known as the “Chain of Survival.” However, when they saw a man lying unconscious in the parking lot, they each immediately sprang into action. Their split-second decisions to run toward a fellow human in need not only demonstrated bravery, but created the chain of emergency response that saved the life of that unconscious victim.

The Kirkland City Council and Kirkland Fire Chief Joe Sanford recognized David Chapman, Ronald Davidson and Christina Rancort, the heroes in this story, at Tuesday’s council meeting.

“One of the greatest pleasures of being a Fire Chief is recognizing people who go above and beyond and exhibit heroic efforts to help fellow citizens,” Sanford said. “The actions of David, Ronald and Christina exemplify what is best about our community and remind us of the effectiveness of our region’s tiered emergency response systems where brave citizens form the first link in what is commonly referred to as the Chain of Survival.”

Working as a team, David, Ronald and Christina repositioned the patient, assessed his breathing status, and when they discovered the patient wasn’t breathing, began CPR with help of a 9-1-1 operator.

Kirkland Fire Department’s Aid 29 arrived just four minutes after being dispatched and found the trio performing effective CPR on the gravely ill patient. Aid 29 was soon joined by Kirkland’s Engine 27 and Battalion 21, Redmond paramedic units Medic 23 and MSO 7, and Kirkland police officers.

After a lengthy and complex resuscitation effort that included five shocks from a defibrillator, the patient was transported to EvergreenHealth hospital in critical condition.

“I am happy to report tonight,” Sanford continuted, “in large part due to these citizens selfless, courageous and skilled actions, the patient remains alive today and continues to recover.”