Longtime leader Ben Lane takes command at Eastside Fire & Rescue

It is first time that a firefighter has made their way through the ranks to EF&R Fire Chief.

On Nov. 9, Eastside Fire & Rescue (EF&R) appointed Ben Lane, a 31-year fire service veteran, as the department’s new Fire Chief.

The announcement follows the retirement of Fire Chief Jeff Clark. Clark has served as the department’s Fire Chief for the last six years and interim Fire Chief for the Mercer Island Fire Department for the previous two years.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving the communities within Eastside over the past several years,” Clark said. “Working with the highly compassionate and dedicated staff at EF&R has been the highlight of my career; I am confident of their continued success.”

Chief Lane started in the fire service as a volunteer firefighter in Woodinville in 1991 and was later hired as a career firefighter by Fire District 10, now Eastside Fire & Rescue. His promotion will mark the first time in Eastside Fire & Rescue’s History that a firefighter has made their way through the ranks to Fire Chief.

“I have always been connected to the community we serve; not only did I start my career here, but I also live here with my family,” said Fire Chief Ben Lane. “I am deeply honored to have been selected to serve as Fire Chief.”

At EF&R, Fire Chief Lane has served in nearly every leadership capacity. His service includes time spent in Operations, Fire Prevention, Emergency Management, Building Facilities, Training and Health & Safety. He has also completed his Bachelor’s in Fire Administration.

“I have always challenged myself to step through doors of opportunity,” said Fire Chief Ben Lane. “My position might have changed, but my priority is the same as when I was a firefighter: deliver the highest level of service to the best of my abilities.”

Fire Chief Ben Lane was sworn in at the Board of Directors Meeting on Nov. 9.