Lake Washington Institute of Technology students to exhibit nine games at PAX West convention

Kirkland, Wash. – Twenty-five students and recent graduates from Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) will showcase nine concept games in its booth (6010) at PAX West, one of the largest video gaming events in the United States,September 1-4, 2017, in downtown Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center. The nine interactive experiences include three virtual reality (VR) titles, four PC games, and two mobile/tablet apps created by students in the Digital Gaming and Interactive Media program at LWTech.

Students in this program are able to learn and apply real-world, current skills that they can immediately take out into the workforce. These skills include digital storytelling, character development, virtual reality, and technical and creative design. Graduates are able to create 3D animated graphics for gaming, marketing, advertising, educational and interactive media. The Digital Gaming and Interactive Media program is closely linked with the Design and the Computing and Software Development programs, giving students a well-rounded education in art, design and coding, as well as game and interactive media production.

Games to be showcased at PAX West include: Tales of Lunea – a massively multiplayer, role-playing game for VR; Gun Light – a Unity Oculus Rift VR adaption of classic early 1980’s arcade games; Battle for Luxia – a VR adventure game about the balance of darkness and light; Dash Queen – a fast-paced infinite runner with twitch-based mechanics; Gaia – a collectable card game that teaches about life on Earth; What’s your Sign – a Zodiac-themed personality quiz; Guns of Liberty – an interactive battle game; Pantsu Ninja – an infinite runner tablet game; and Kigurumi Kombat – a mobile app similar to Tamagotchi but with battles and diary logs.

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