Kirkland Police looking for suspects who sexually assaulted a woman in her home

Two intruders were armed when one of them assaulted the resident.

Kirkland Police Department is investigating a report of a sexual assault committed by two armed male suspects early in the morning on Oct. 28.

According to police, the suspects went into a downtown Kirkland residence just after 1:00 a.m on Oct. 28. It appears the suspects made entry through an unsecured door.

The suspects entered the residence armed with handguns and located an adult female sleeping. The female was reportedly sexually assaulted by one of the armed suspects. Both suspects fled the scene just before the female victim was able to call 911.

Police say the victim was taken to the hospital.

A Bellevue Police Canine Unit assisted in tracking the suspects. It was determined they likely fled the residence in a vehicle.

Kirkland Police investigators are interviewing neighbors in the area asking for video surveillance and gathering any additional evidence about the incident.

Police are not releasing descriptions of the suspects at this time but the case is under active investigation.