Kirkland man, woman charged with promoting prostitution

The victims were forced to turn over their money to a suspect and were afraid to leave.

King County prosecutors recently charged a Kirkland man and woman with promoting prostitution.

Kevin Andrew Falcon, 26, is being held on $100,000 bail while his alleged accomplice Lateria Frances Gillians, 25, is being held on $30,000 bail.

The two face two counts of promoting prostitution — one in the first degree and another in the second. They were formally charged March 27.

Kirkland police arrested them on March 22, one day after officers had rescued two women who said they were being prostituted by the couple.

According to charging documents, officers contacted a 28-year-old woman who was running down the 10600 block of Northeast 140th Street at 7:33 p.m. March 21.

“She left a house and began, basically, running down the street with all of her stuff trying to get somebody’s attention,” Corp. Cody Mann with Kirkland police said. “She was knocking on doors and found someone who called 911 for her.”

She said she felt unsafe, so officers put her in a hotel for the night, Mann said.

“The entire detective division jumped on it,” he said about the case.

The woman was trying to get away from Falcon and Gillians, court documents state. She told the responding officer the suspects had paid for her one-way flight from Alabama, Georgia, where she lived, so she could work on a trial basis doing webcam modeling. She had met Gillians through Instagram and communicated with Gillians and Falcon through Facetime.

But the suspects expected more from her than webcam modeling.

They brought the woman to a Kirkland house and remained vague about what they expected and how much she would get paid.

“When [the victim] asked Falcon what his percentage would be for each job, Falcon told her that all of the money went to him and he would take care of her needs,” court documents state. “Falcon and Gillians told [the victim] what clothing she needed to wear and how to wear her makeup.”

Another woman was also living in the Kirkland house. The first victim witnessed male clients come in and out of a garage door to meet with this second woman and the victim saw this woman’s picture on, a website often used to promote prostitution.

On the day the victim decided to leave, Falcon had awakened the victim and two other women at 8 a.m. and “told them they needed to start seeing clients.” Gillians allegedly took photos of the victim in lingerie and posted her photos to Falcon then told her she had to have sex with a man for money. He told her how to accept the money and ordered her to stay with him for 15 minutes. Falcon, court documents state, would receive all of the money afterward.

But when the man arrived, he tried to grope the victim without paying. The victim said she was afraid she was “going to be raped by the man, and then beaten by Falcon for not getting money.”

After feeling intimidated and compelled to perform a sexual act on a client for money, the victim planned her getaway.

She waited until the suspects had left the house before running to get help.

The next day, officers arrested Gillians when she left the house with the other female victim. Falcon’s arrest followed shortly after.

In an interview with the second female victim, she told police she has been prostituting since she was 18 years old. She is now 31. She also said she saw one-to-three male clients a day, turning all the money over to Falcon.

“When she asked for things, Falcon refused to buy them,” court documents state. “[The second victim] stated she did not like the arrangement, but she did not feel free to leave the house because Falcon was controlling and held all of the money.”

In a search warrant, police found a room set up for prostitution, several cell phones and a laptop that were used to advertise Gillians and the two female victims for prostitution services. There was also cash, condoms and drugs in the prostitution room.