EvergreenHealth Midwife delivers 1,000th baby of her career

“I don’t have any intention of leaving any time soon,” said Shana Johnson.

Shana Johnson, CNM, ARNP, with EvergreenHealth Midwifery Care recently celebrated the delivering of over 1,000 babies throughout the course of her career.

Johnson began as a student at EvergreenHealth in 2008 and completed her midwifery internship prior to joining a local private practice where she continued delivering babies at EvergreenHealth’s Family Maternity Center.

By 2012, Johnson joined EvergreenHealth Midwifery Care, where she has delivered babies for the past decade. The 1,000th baby Johnson delivered took place on March 27, where she assisted a family with welcoming a healthy baby boy that had zero complications.

On March 27, Johnson was working on call at EvergreenHealth’s Family Maternity center. She hadn’t met the family prior but was able to spend time getting to know them throughout the labor process.

“What makes delivering babies at EvergreenHealth so special is that it really is patient-and family-focused,” said Johnson. “We have a great team approach with nurses and physicians, and it’s never an isolated experience.”

Although she’s looking forward to delivering babies in the future, Johnson believes it will take longer to reach her next milestone.

“I’m not getting any younger,” said Johnson. “So we’ll see how many more babies I get to catch before sleep deprivation gets the best of me.”

Regardless of the number of babies Johnson delivers in the future, she’s excited to be doing it for EvergreenHealth.

“My career began here,” said Johnson, who added that “I don’t have any intention of leaving any time soon.”