Dough Zone Dumpling House opens location at Kirkland Urban

Seattle-area chain is famous for Dan-Dan noodles and soup dumplings.

The popular King County Asian dumpling chain – Dough Zone Dumpling House – has opened a long-awaited new location at Kirkland Urban in downtown Kirkland.

Dough Zone specializes in authentic Chinese buns and dumplings such as Q-Bao, pan fried buns, soup dumplings called Xiao Long Bao, and a variety of distinct regional Chinese noodles.

Q-Bao is made and prepared with fresh ingredients in a traditional way of cooking. It is filled with moist Berkshire-Duroc pork, secret recipe aspic, and wrapped with dough. After being half steamed and half pan-fried, buns turn out perfectly soft on the top, while crispy and crunchy on the bottom.

Dough Zone’s soup dumplings come in 3 traditional flavors and feature premium ingredients – Berkshire-Duroc pork, chicken and Berkshire-Duroc pork with crab meat. Their chefs use a secret traditional recipe in order to create the savory soupy filling inside these signature xiao long bao. By adding aspic to seasoned moist meat filling and steaming, the jelly will liquefy into a broth and fill the traditional steamed bun with savory juices.

Szechuan’s specialty “Dan Dan Noodle” is one of the signature noodles at Dough Zone. A secret spicy sauce is added to the Dan Dan Noodle to bring spicy, and numbing flavors that make these noodles unique. A Taiwanese classic “Beef noodle soup” is a customer favorite that is made with braised beef brisket and traditional ingredients including egg, tofu, green onion & cilantro.

There are also Gluten-free and vegetarian options available which include the hot & sour clear noodle which is a noodle made from potato starch.

“It’s really exciting to see Dough Zone opening its 10th restaurant”, said Cindy Guan vice president of Dough Zone. “Dough Zone started off as a mom-and-pop shop back in 2014 but due to the high demand of our dishes we were fortunate enough to expand so rapidly.”

Dough Zone Dumpling House was established in Seattle in 2014. According to a Dough Zone spokesperson, the motivation behind the creation of the restaurant was a desire to bring traditional homemade Chinese comfort food into a modern setting.

Dough Zone opened its first store in Bellevue and since then, Dough Zone has expanded into a chain with eight stores throughout the greater Seattle area as well as two Northern California branches in San Mateo, and Cupertino.