DelBene selected to serve on House Ways and Means Committee

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene has been selected to serve on the House Ways and Means Committee, the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives.

“We need an economy that works for everyone. Unfortunately, our current tax system is failing American families and is out of date with the way the world works today,” DelBene said. “We need a bipartisan solution that simplifies our tax code for millions of hardworking families and ends special interest tax breaks that haven’t given us a strong return on investment. I will work with both sides of the aisle to achieve this goal.”

The House Ways and Means Committee will be at the forefront of much debate in the 115th Congress, where Republicans have prioritized tax reform, repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), privatizing Medicare and reforming Social Security – all of which will go through the Committee before reaching the House floor.

“I am committed to ensuring all Americans have access to affordable, quality healthcare and I am prepared to fight against Republican attempts to dismantle Medicare, repeal the Affordable Care Act and slash Social Security benefits, all of which help millions of families.” DelBene said. “Instead of these dangerous proposals, we should build on the progress we have already made by incentivizing high-quality patient care, reducing costs for small businesses and expanding access for our most vulnerable populations.”

Before being elected to Congress, DelBene served as Director of the Washington State Department of Revenue. During her tenure, DelBene proposed reforms to cut red tape for small businesses. She also enacted an innovative tax amnesty program that generated $345 million to help close the state’s budget gap, while easing the burden on small businesses. She has also introduced the Small Business Tax Credit Accessibility Act, which would help more small employers offer affordable, quality health coverage to their workers by expanding the ACA’s small business tax credit.

Former-Rep. Jim McDermott (WA-07) served on the House Ways and Means Committee. His retirement helped open a seat.