City shares May 20-27 traffic update

Totem Lake Park renovations and Cross Kirkland Corridor tweaks will have an effect.

Totem Lake Park

Construction begins Monday on Totem Lake Park renovations. Wyser Construction’s traffic impacts will be mostly limited to the staging area, which is the parking lot previously owned by the Yuppie Pawn Shop.

However, the contractor’s trucks will be using Totem Lake streets, such as 120th Avenue Northeast, for access. For more information, visit

Neighborhood Safety Program

Drivers should expect minor traffic delays at seven locations this month while Kirkland’s contractor implements the 2019 Neighborhood Safety Program.

NPM Construction is improving safety on Lakeview’s Lakeview Drive, Houghton’s 108th Avenue Northeast, North Rose Hill’s Slater Avenue, Kingsgate’s Northeast 132nd Street, Finn Hill’s 87th Avenue Northeast, Norkirk’s Northeast 87th Street and Juanita’s Northeast 120th Street. NPM Construction will be building these projects until August.

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Totem Lake Boulevard

Marshbank is continuing to close all but one of Totem Lake Boulevard’s five lanes between Northeast 124th Street and 120th Avenue Northeast.

Marshbank Construction has established a detour for northbound Totem Lake Boulevard traffic. The extra lane is allowing Marshbank’s crews to work more efficiently while they rebuild the street.

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Cross Kirkland Corridor in Totem Lake

The Northshore Utility District is slowing access to a short section of the Cross Kirkland Corridor that extends south a few hundred feet from the corridor’s intersection with Northeast 124th Street.

People who are riding bicycles will have to dismount before entering the four-foot-wide section of trail.

The restricted access allows the Northshore Utility District to complete its installation of a sewer force main that will improve the reliability of Totem Lake’s sewer system.

A section of the Cross Kirkland Corridor in Totem Lake remains closed until June while Marshbank’s crews rebuild Totem Lake Boulevard. The closed section starts where the CKC intersects Totem Lake Boulevard, and it extends northeast along the trail for 250 feet.

Fencing prevents southbound trail users from entering the construction site, and orange detour signs direct people walking and biking to use the sidewalk on Northeast 124th Street and 128th Lane Northeast.

Restricted access at the south side of 124th Street.

108th Avenue Northeast

Drivers should continue to expect minor traffic impacts this month on 108th Avenue Northeast while a Kirkland contractor upgrades an aging water and sewer main along the north-to-south arterial.

Marshbank Construction is replacing the two systems—both more than five decades old—to increase their capacities to serve Kirkland’s growing population and to reduce the systems’ needs for maintenance.

That need is most urgent in the sewer line, which runs from Northeast 68th Street to Northeast 53rd Street. Settling soil has created a sag in the sewer line, allowing sewage to accumulate there and requiring maintenance crews to periodically flush the line.

The contractor is also replacing the water main between Northeast 68th and 60th streets.

Marshbank expects to complete the upgrades by spring of 2021.

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