City of Kirkland unveils online housing market data dashboard

The dashboard will show key housing metrics and will be updated throughout the year.

The City of Kirkland has launched an interactive map for community members and City personnel to track housing supply and major housing development projects in Kirkland. The new Housing Dashboard lets users interact with housing data over time and view trends.

“Meeting the housing needs of a diverse community continues to be a challenge in our region and a priority of the City Council,” said Kirkland City Councilmember Jon Pascal. “This new Housing Dashboard is a transparent and simple way to track current supply and development of housing in Kirkland. Included on the dashboard are key metrics around accessory dwelling units, cottages, and other ‘missing middle’ housing, which helps us monitor our progress toward the affordable housing targets adopted in September 2021.”

The dashboard uses various data sources, including:

– City of Kirkland Planning and Building Department

– A Regional Coalition for Housing

– Washington State Office of Financial Management

– King County Assessor’s Office

– US Census

– American Community Survey 2017

– ESRI Community Analyst.

Data charts on the dashboard are updated quarterly or annually depending on the metric. The Housing Dashboard includes an instructional overview of how to interact with the charts and filters, as well as additional details for each specific data set.

The tool was developed by the City’s Planning & Building Department.