Breard auction nets $167,350 for victims

The expensive toys Kirkland investment broker Rhonda Breard bought with loot stolen from her clients were sold to an eager crowd during an auction in Kenmore on Saturday.

The auction banked a grand total of $167,350, according to auctioneer Terry Moore of the James G. Murphy Co. The proceeds will go to Breard’s 45-plus victims she defrauded of about $12 million over nearly eight years. The 26 auction items, which included two dozens vehicles, was just a fraction of the disgraced broker’s assets. She also used the stolen money to buy three expensive homes.

Breard got away with the scheme by telling investors the money would be placed in a variety of financial and insurance products. Then, she mailed phony statements to these customers.

The government seized the lavish items at $250,000 in cash and checks. Breard was sentenced to six years in prison for mail fraud last month.