Top 7 Best Natural Immune Booster Supplements (2022 Review)

Did you know that your immune system is the defense mechanism to protect your body from infections, diseases, and illnesses?

Yes, that’s correct!

The human immune system works 24×7 to ward off minor and other diseases and infections affecting you.

If your immune system is robust, you can easily stay healthy and maintain good health. On the other hand, people without solid immunity always face one infection or disease after another.

Overall, they are not healthy and prone to general and other infectious diseases.

Even the COVID-19 affected those with poor immune function. And that’s why it becomes a must to maintain your immunity for better health.

Anyone with poor immunity is bound to be affected by factors like:

  • Troubled by infections.
  • Experiencing severe disease symptoms.
  • Always being prone to common diseases and more.
  • COVID-19 and other deadly conditions.
  • Bad health.
  • Unable to enjoy life at its best.
  • Difficulties in performing at best to one’s ability.
  • Spending huge on annual medicines supply.
  • Stress and fatigue.

If your immune system is sound, your health will be in good condition to fight off all ailments. It is natural for some people to have a sound immune system. Others follow a strict diet and healthy lifestyle to keep their immunity in great shape.

Many people have also opened up to include immunity supplements to support their immune system.

Some science-backed elements to support a robust immune function are plant and Herbal extracts, Zinc and Vitamin C, and other compounds.

When you search the web, you will come across a sea of immunity supplements.

Hence, when selecting one of the leading immunity supplements, you may be confused about which one to go for.

But, the sad part about immunity supplements is that the majority of them are only flashy products and may not work.

Hence, you may spend tons of money and still get no results.

What’s the best resort, then?

You don’t have to worry. We have done all the hard work for you.

The post that you are going to go through includes only the topmost immunity supplements in 2021.

All these immunity supplements have proven formulas sure to work.

Read on to find the best immunity supplements list of 2021!

What Factors Did We Consider To Rank Immune Support Supplements?

Every immunity supplement enlisted in this post claims to support immune health in the best manner.

Some have known ingredients, while others are a blend of unheard herbal extracts. They happen to be supported only by a few scientific studies.

Hence, we had to consider some parameters to pick only the best from the rest.

We considered the following factors for ranking the best immunity boosters in this post. Take a look:

Ingredients Proven Only By Science

You should know that compounds like vitamin C, Zinc, Probiotics, Elderberry, and Vitamin D are supported by enough scientific evidence for helping with immune and virus problems. Many studies show that they can help your immunity in more than one way. Therefore, we kept only those immunity supplements in this exclusive list using science-backed ingredients to support immune function.

Efficient Dosages

Some immunity supplements make the most of the right components, but they have incorrect dosages because of a lack of medical expertise. On the other hand, you may find some of them containing plenty of ingredients. For example, none of them are powerful enough to hamper immunity. Hence, we gave only those immunity supplements an entry in this list with clinically proven dosages of all compounds.

Advertised Health Benefits

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says that immunity supplements can’t claim to cure diseases to improve your health. They are only meant to support health functions up to an extent. And that’s why you will not see immunity supplements using the term ‘Booster.’ But, most of them advertise curing all diseases, including COVID-19. We are aware that these are impractical and only marketing gimmicks. Hence, such immunity supplements claiming weird health benefits without any proof did not make this list.

The Sources Of Ingredients

Many immunity supplements contain elements that you will not generally see in basic types. For example, you may not have heard of Mushroom extracts and related formulas available in immunity supplements. Hence, only those immunity supplements are in this list with transparent and renowned ingredient sources.

Manufacturing Locations

Only those immunity supplements made it to this list with manufacturing in certified and registered facilities. Some of the companies source their ingredients from unknown overseas factories. On the other hand, some use FDA-approved plans and other leading National regulatory boards. Hence, we included only such immunity supplements in this list with increased manufacturing transparency.

The Reputation Of The Brand

Some launched immunity supplements are done only as marketing gimmicks to lure people into making quick money. The COVID-19 pandemic has given them much boost to flourish. But we are well aware of which brands are best, and even you should shop for their immunity supplements. Thus, only those manufacturers with a history of providing effective immune support supplements with excellent transparency levels were included.

The Availability Of The Medical Advisory Board

One of the signs of the best immunity supplement manufacturing company is the inclusion of a Medical Advisory Board with top doctors on board. The work of this Medical Advisory Board is to review or come up with the formula of an immunity supplement. In turn, it helps to come up with the best immunity supplement load with exemplary compounds. On the other hand, many brands do not have a Medical Advisory Board or any professional staff. Hence, their created immunity supplements could be less powerful and legitimate. Therefore, we did not include brands in this list of immunity supplements without a proper medical advisory board or experienced staff.

Price And Value

When it comes to shopping for the best immunity supplements out there, people have different budgets allocated. Some may shell out $100, while some may not go beyond $10-$20. Hence, we ensured to include a range of best immunity boosters at different price points. We also emphasized that customers also get ‘Value For Money’ in all.

Top 7 Best Immune Boosters In 2022

Ranking the best immunity supplements is no easy task to accomplish. We had to consider several factors. And it made our job difficult.

But, we tackled all and now present to you with only the best immunity supplements in 2021. Here are the 7 best immunity booster supplements you must try, along with a few other options that may speak louder to you when it comes to naturally supporting the immune system function:

VitaPost Immune Support: It has a wide range of botanical extracts that contribute to boosting the immune system
VitaPost Immune Complex: Immune booster that combines zinc, botanicals, and vitamins
Mushroom Defense: The best mushroom supplement contains Mycelium from a number of different varieties of mushrooms
Zenith Labs Nano C: One of the best vitamin C supplements combining vitamin C and nanotechnology for enhancing immune response
Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol: This formula provides a boost to the immune system because of its blend of herbs
Epishield Plus: The use of fermented yeast extract in this formula is beneficial to fight upper respiratory infections
Organixx 7M: The immune booster works from within to strengthen your body’s defenses
VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger: A powerful combination of turmeric and ginger to offer anti-inflammatory effects
BioShield MD: In BioShieldMD, seven powerful flavonoids can assist the immune system function
Immune Defense 4X: Contains four powerful ingredients that support the immune systems
Immunity 911: Combats viral infections and toxins by boosting immunity
Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense: Get a boost to your immune system by using this doctor-recommended supplement
Immunity Formulas Immune Support: A formula that is easy to absorb and provides protection for the whole family

VitaPost Immune Support

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:It has Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C and E, Arabinogalactan, Beta-Glucans And Quercetin to boost immune response
Recommended Serving:Two pills every day
Any Assurance?Not Available

On top of our list sit the VitaPost Immune Support. This immune-boosting supplement is loaded with plenty of botanical extracts. In turn, you can strengthen your immune system like never before. And once you have a healthy immune system, you can maintain enhanced health.

The formula of the VitaPost Immune System is a formulation of conventional and modern ingredients.

The working formulation of this immunity supplement is easy. It works by providing your body with antioxidants to support immunity. On the other hand, other compounds in this immunity supplement work by targeting other elements of your immune system.

Hence, the formula of VitaPost Immune Support is one of the best available. And that’s why we have put it on the top of this list.

VitaPost Immune Complex

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:Zinc, L-Glutamine HCL, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Elderberry Fruit Extract, and Echinacea Powder
Recommended Serving:Two capsules daily
Any Assurance?Not Available

The VitaPost Immune Complex is the 2nd VitaPost immune-boosting supplement grabbing the 2nd position on this list. This immunity supplement packs a punch with proven ingredients – a key aspect to make your immunity super strong.

The formula of the VitaPost Immune Complex is created using Probiotics, Echinacea and Elderberry. They are known to be proven immune boosters naturally. Yes, many studies show Elderberry being able to curtain common cold and flu symptoms. Echinacea is also taken for similar results.

On the other hand, Probiotics are known to be helpful bacteria present in your intestinal tract. They form your immune system’s base. It is your gut where about 70% of our immune system lies. And it is where this product complements your gut health from the inside out.

Mushroom Defense

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:Shiitake Mushroom, Cordyceps Sinensis Powder, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi Mushroom
Recommended Serving:Two capsules
Any Assurance?67-day money-back guarantee

You may have read and heard about Mushrooms being one of the best foods for maintaining your health. It also includes supporting your immunity. Yes, many studies have shown that extracts of Mushrooms can keep you protected from fatigue. You can also maintain optimal cognitive health. It is also possible to increase your focus and sharpen your memory.

The manufacturers of Mushroom Defense have manufactured it in a way that keeps you safeguarded from viral and bacterial infections. In turn, this formula also supports your energy as well as enjoying a higher level of cognition.

Besides the Mushroom Defense, one of the best immunity boosters available on this list, it also gives you the confidence to buy.

Mushroom Defense packs some unknown ingredients you may not see in traditional immune-boosting supplements. One of them is Agaricus Blazei, a rare Mushroom extract from Sau Paulo’s hilly village in Brazil.

If you have used Mushroom supplements to support your health earlier, you should also rely on Mushroom Defense to work on your immunity.

Zenith Labs Nano C

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:Vitamin C, water, and fat-soluble vitamin-like vitamin D and others
Recommended Serving:Single dropper daily
Any Assurance?180-day money-back guarantee

The Zenith Labs Nano C is a formulation of Dr. Ryan Shelton. It is a Vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C happens to be one of the commonest of ingredients that you will find in almost every formula of immune boosters on this list.

Nonetheless, Dr. Ryan Shelton has developed a bioavailable and unique variant of Vitamin C in a tincture. You only need to take some drops of Nano C daily.

This way, you can support your immunity the best way. Why? It is because Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that nature has provided us with.

The Zenith Labs Nano C packs in a punch with ‘Nano’ versions of Vitamin C. It is 1,000 times smaller than Vitamin C available naturally. It denotes that your body can absorb the wonder vitamin even more efficiently.

This way, it may enter your bloodstream to empower your immune cells. It is possible via nanotechnology.

This immunity supplement claims to fortify the immune system of your body and boost antibodies’ production. In turn, it may also fasten the recovery process from bacteria and virus infections.

Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:The active ingredients of this immune-boosting supplement are Platycodon, Andrographis, Prickly Chaff Powder, Eleuthero, and Licorice. These five compounds have long been studied for their effects on your immunity
Recommended Serving:Two capsules
Any Assurance?90-day money-back guarantee

The Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol has been launched as an effective way to complement a healthy immune system. Yes, it could be a suitable choice for you. It is because it is a mix of proven ingredients.

Hence, a large number of people take them regularly to gain innate immunity. But you don’t need to take these five compounds separately. Instead, you can include the Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol and pocket all in a single dose.

Some of the other included ingredients on this list include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and other Vitamins. Their formula is different – a blend of plant and herb extracts absent in traditional immunity supplements.

Epishield Plus

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:The active ingredients available on this list are almost similar to others on this list. It also includes Vitamin C, D, and Mushroom Extract
Recommended Serving:Two capsules
Any Assurance?Not Available

The Epishield Plus is a dietary supplement of Simple Promise. This supplement claims to support your immunity within only 2 hours of taking it.

One of the critical ingredients of Epishield Plus is something you don’t see in many of the enlisted immunity supplements. It is known as Fermented Yeast. It can let you maintain a healthy and robust immune system.

You may get Vitamin C and more in other immunity supplements. But Fermented Yeast extract is something you may not find in most of them. And that’s what makes Epishield Plus one of the best ones.

Organixx 7M

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:It includes Chaga Mushroom, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, and others to fight immune dysfunction
Recommended Serving:Two pills
Any Assurance?365-day money-back guarantee

On the 7th position stands Organixx 7M – a fantastic immunity supplement with ingredients like Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake Mushroom extracts.

All these ingredients are known to provide your immune system with the push it needs. In addition, these 3 Mushroom extracts are loaded with Beta-Glucans offering anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Besides these three potent Mushroom extracts, the Organixx 7M has Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail Mushroom extracts. All these are linked with their ability to provide your immune system a much-needed boost.

If you want to support gut health, inflammation, and immune function and shield you against pains and aches, Organixx 7M is among the best immunity boosters.

VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:The VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger comes in the form of a capsule. Each capsule has 100mg of Ginger and 500mg of organic Turmeric. You also get 50mg of Turmeric with 95% curcuminoids. To boost absorption, 5mg of black pepper extracts are also included
Recommended Serving:Two pills with warm water
Any Assurance?Not Available

The VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger is the 3rd VitaPost immunity supplement on this list. It is marketed as a premium blend with BioPerine as the active ingredient.

This is different from other turmeric and ginger supplements in the market. Once you start taking this immune-boosting supplement, you can enjoy excellent health quickly.

The working principle of this product is simple – flooding the body with antioxidants.

Turmeric and Ginger are known as the two most potent superfoods to support your immunity easily. Many people include them in many forms to stay healthy and avoid diseases.

BioShield MD

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:The immunity supplement focuses on providing you with potent doses of ingredients. They are like Green Tea Extracts, Curcumin, Cocoa Extract, and Tart Cherry Extract. Along with these, this product also has Quercetin and Resveratrol
Recommended Serving:Two capsules
Any Assurance?365-day money-back guarantee

As mentioned earlier in this post, all immunity supplements on this list are well supported by accurate medical advice. While doctors formulate some, some are created by specialists of the immunity community.

And BioShield MD is one of the best. With BioShield MD in action, you can support and boost natural energy, joint and mental health, and more.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg of SunCoast Sciences is the creator of this formula. He has formulated this for clinically effective dosages and increased bioavailability.

One of the critical reasons BioShield MD made this list is that it contains mainly proven immunity-boosting agents with the proper dosages. Therefore, it does not flood your body with plenty of ingredients with reduced dosages.

You also get the benefits of flavonoids and antioxidants as this product’s components are rich in them. In turn, they can support your immune system in diverse ways.

Immuno Defense 4X

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:Each dosage of Immuno Defense 4X has 500mg of EpiCor and Quercetin. It also provides you with a higher dosage of Vitamin D3 (166%DV) and Bromelain (150mg)
Recommended Serving:One capsule two times a day
Any Assurance?60-day money-back guarantee

The Immuno Defense 4X is a quality product from JayLab Pro. It has the power of 4 remarkable ingredients to support immunity in the best possible way.

Just like so many immunity supplements you saw on this list, the manufacturers of this product have relied on to offer substantial dosages of even smaller ingredients. But, yes, it is not tiny dosages of so many ingredients leading to no results.

It may not be the most affordable immune-boosting supplement available, but it is also not the most expensive one.

Immunity 911

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:It comes with low Vitamin C dosages (33% DV) and Vitamin E (133% DV). It is when compared to other included immunity-enhancing products on this list. But, yes, it does have higher dosages of Red Raspberry Fruit Extract, Graviola Leaf Extract, and Green Tea Leaf Extracts. It is because they are included as the three most essential compounds of Immunity 911
Recommended Serving:Two capsules
Any Assurance?90-day money-back guarantee

Immunity 911 is a quality immunity supplement of PhytAge Labs. It is one of the products on this list offering the most substantial immunity-boosting components. And that’s what makes it ideal for supporting your body’s line of defense against diseases and more.

Yes, Immunity 911, reviewed in the AP News here, may have 20+ active ingredients; its dosages are not that high compared to other supplements on this list. And it is despite the tall claims made by PhytAge Labs.

The makers of Immunity 911 claim that all ingredients included in this immunity supplement are guaranteed to work.

Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:Zinc, Quercetin, Bromelain, and Green Tea Extract
Recommended Serving:One capsule
Any Assurance?60-day money-back guarantee

Do you want to include a doctor-approved immunity supplement?

If yes, then Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense is your best bet. Since it claims to be formulated by a Doctor, at least one doctor has approved the supplement used to support immune function.

This immunity supplement has been advertised as a potent anti-inflammatory – letting you support immune health and antiviral activity.

It also claims to keep you protected from dangerous pathogens and boost the activities of immune cells. It is one of the few claims that only a few immunity supplements make on our list.

Dr. John Gordon is a board-certified medical expert who has created a supplement company – Doctor G’s Naturals.

Immunity Formulas Immune Support

Supplement Highlights
Working Components:Made with medical expertise, the supplement contains Oregano, Lemon, Turmeric, Peppermint, and Cinnamon
Recommended Serving:You are recommended to use it topically or by diffusing in surroundings
Any Assurance?Not Available

The Immunity Formulas Immune Support packs a therapeutic-level herbal vital oil to solve all issues related to your immune health and virus issues.

As per the Immunity Formulas Immune Support makers, this immunity supplement can build the natural virus defense of your body and boost immune cells. It can also innate immunity, sanitizing all surfaces and disinfecting and purifying the air.

All that you need to do is – take this immunity supplement daily to pocket the power of its vital oils.

You should know that some studies reveal that essential oils in this immunity supplement can support immunity in a small manner. But, not all studies have showcased enthusiastic results.

Does Science Back Immunity Boosters?

Studies continue to be conducted on the significance of many fruits, herbs, minerals, and plans to know if they support immune health.

If you can include one or a mix of these immunity-boosting agents, it may increase your body’s defense mechanism.

You need to have improved immunity to support overall wellness and health. It is one of the key reasons a large number of people take immunity supplements regularly.

One of the best tricks to support your immunity system is to eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you take a good diet, drink lots of water, get adequate sleep, and exercise, nothing can stop you from pocketing more fantastic immune system cells.

You may believe it or not – but your body may not defend itself on its own if your lifestyle is terrible and you eat a poor diet.

Also, a diet with too much sugar and junk items can affect your immunity.

What’s more, smoking, binge drinking, poor sleep patterns, obesity, stress, dehydration, and lousy exercise choices can also weaken your immunity.

Ingredients of immunity supplements like Vitamin C, Ginger, Turmeric, Echinacea, Elderberry, and Probiotics are known to support your system.

Similarly, including Vitamins and Proteins can also help you to support immunity.

Since most of the enlisted and top-ranked immunity supplements contain these elements, they can work for you. Why? It is because many pieces of evidence link immune supplements to scientific advantages.

Yes, many studies have showcased that the best available immunity supplements’ ingredients boost immunity.

Taking one of the mentioned immunity supplements as per the label or as directed by a physician may enhance your immune power over time.

What Are The Top Immunity-Boosting Foods?

Feeding your body regularly with some foods can boost your immune system and avoid all diseases and pains.

You should include one of or a mix of all foods that we are briefing below:

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C – an essential immunity booster. Thus, you should ensure to include one of the available citrus fruits daily. They are Oranges, Grapefruit, Limes, Lemons, Tangerines, and Clementine.

Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers contain twice the amount of Vitamin C compared to an Orange. Hence, we don’t need to tell you what to do next to boost your immunity.


Garlic has been known to provide many health benefits. And one of them is boosting your immunity. Include a bit of these wonder foods to beat diseases and more.


Ginger, just like garlic, has been known to provide many health benefits. If flu, colds, coughs, and fever have troubled you, it is best to include Ginger. It will also lower your cholesterol and suppress chronic pain.


Packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants and Beta-Carotene, and more, Spinach is known as a SuperFood. If you include it in your diet, it may boost the infection-fighting power of the immune system.


Yogurt is enriched with Vitamin D, and you should go for brands loaded with this Vitamin. Vitamin D can enhance the body’s immune system. It can regulate your immunity and may elevate the body’s defense against ailments and more.


You can count on Almonds to keep you from catching colds because they contain Vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant known to support your healthy immunity.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers are packed with nutrients like Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin B-6, and E. Consuming Vitamin E is crucial to the regulation and maintenance of your immune system function. Dark Greens and Avocados are other foods with plenty of Vitamin E. Sunflower Seeds are amazingly high in Selenium. Only 1 ounce has half of it required by an adult daily. Many studies suggest Sunflower Seeds have properties to tackle viral infections like Swine Flu (H1N1).


Turmeric is part of so many immunity supplements. And it is rightly so because it has many medicinal and health benefits. It is included in many curries like India’s and more. It has been known for years to aid arthritis and related ailments. Turmeric has Curcumin, a key component to boosting your immunity quickly.

FAQs About Immunity Supplements

Q: How Does My Immune System Work?

A: If you have a healthy body, your immune system may help you avoid all diseases, respiratory infections, and ailments at bay. The first layers are similar to tears or cough reflexes – enabling the body’s first line of defense against pathogens. A healthy immune system keeps out foreign materials leading to diseases from the body.

Q: What Is Meant By Antibodies?

A: Antibodies are proteins that your immune system makes to fight off infections and more. They are known as a vital part of your immune system. Your body needs it to fight off ailments and more.

Q: What are T-Cells?

A: T-Cells are white blood cells that help fight off infections. T-Cells are also called lymphocytes because they are found in the lymphatic system, which is a network of vessels and organs in the body.

Q: What Are Known As The Best Vitamins To Support Higher Immunity?

A: Vitamin C, E, and Vitamin D are amongst the most renowned vitamins for immunity. They have been widely linked to perform various immunity functions in numerous studies.

Q: Do I Need To Shed Some Weight To Boost My Immunity?

A: Many studies show that people who lack maintaining a healthy weight have a lower immune shield. Thus, if possible, you should lose some weight or maintain the right BMI (Body Mass Index) to maintain a robust immune system.

Q: What Can Strengthen My Immunity?

A: Eating a well-balanced diet, drinking ample water, sleeping adequately, avoiding binge drinking, and exercising can regulate your immune system quickly.

Q: What Lifestyle Habits Hurt My Immune System?

A: Smoking, drinking, poor diet and lack of exercise, chronic stress, destructive sleeping patterns, and anything unhealthy can impact your immune system.

Q: Does Age Decrease My Immunity?

A: As you grow older, your body’s defense mechanism will also decrease. As a result, aged people are often troubled by infections, diseases, infections, and more. Irrespective of your age, your diet, lifestyle habits, sleep patterns, stress, and exercise can also affect it.

Q: Can Including Immunity Supplements Boost My Immunity?

A: Most immune support supplements included in this list can deal with poor immune function. But, the FDA says that they can’t improve it, cure diseases, and more. Immune boosters may work with the correct diet, exercises when taken as per the label or as directed.

Top 7 Immunity Boosters In 2022 Conclusion

Anyone looking to enjoy better health needs to ensure a proper immune system. One of the best possible ways to support a healthy immunity is to eat a balanced diet.

Exercising, sleeping for 6-8 hours, drinking enough water, managing stress, avoiding binge drinking, smoking, eating junk, and processed food can boost immunity.

Along with these aspects, you can also include one of the mentioned immunity supplements. Most immunity-boosting supplements are loaded with minerals, herbal extracts, and vitamins to support your immunity in diverse ways.

Many studies show that crucial immunity supplement ingredients like Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Echinacea could support your immunity significantly. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in the body’s metabolism. Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones, teeth, and immune function.

The only thing is to ensure taking an immunity supplement that matches your needs and current medical conditions, if any.

The best way to do that is to connect with a known healthcare expert and discuss which immunity supplement will work for you. You should never self-medicate and start any immunity supplements on your own.

Once you start taking the proper immunity supplements, you could help your body avoid all infections, diseases, and more and enjoy life fully. You can start today by including any of the discussed best immunity supplements in this post today.

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