The 5 Best CBD Oils Of 2022: Full Spectrum Oils For Pain, Stress, and Sleep

With the success of CBD supplements and the near limitless demand for these products, the leading brands are constantly upping the ante to provide the best CBD oils on the market. Potencies continue to increase, and every company is claiming to sell the most effective, or the lowest cost oils — leaving customers scratching their heads, unsure of which oil is actually the best.

For new customers, it can feel like shopping for CBD oil requires an entirely new lexicon just to understand the marketing terms and buzzwords. Frustrating, when all you really want is a quality oil to help you deal with muscle pains or the stress of a rigorous work week. We hear you, which is why we’ve taken the time to cut through the jargon and lay out the best CBD oils for sale in 2022.

Our Recommendation For The Best CBD Oil Suppliers: First Look

What To Look For In A CBD Oil

Shopping for CBD shouldn’t feel like you’re undertaking an epic quest. What you need to know about an oil is often relatively simple but getting to the facts is hard when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Keep this checklist in mind and you’ll shop confidently for cannabidiol.

  • Price Per Milligram: Attain the price per milligram by dividing the price by the total potency. This is the most accurate way to compare the value of competing oils.
  • Full Spectrum: There are 3 types of CBD — CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and Full spectrum — full spectrum extract is thought to work most effectively.
  • Independent Lab Results: You should easily locate the test results for any CBD oil you want to buy. If you can’t find them, then that’s a red flag.
  • Natural Ingredients: Don’t buy CBD oils that contain artificial flavors or preservatives. CBD is a natural compound and should remain that way.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Buy CBD oil from a company with a money back policy and you’ll never pay for anything ineffective. Look for these policies before you commit.

The Best CBD Oils: The Top 5

Balance CBD


So many shoppers become interested in CBD because they’re struggling to balance a hectic work week and family life, carrying stress and fatigue around with them long after the workday is over. What better name than Balance CBD, for a wellness company that distributes high strength full spectrum CBD oils and alternative products to meet any inuring customer’s needs.

Balance CBD’s most impressive claim to fame is as the company that produces the lowest priced CBD oils of any legal supplier. Their 5000 milligram full spectrum oil for $129.95 is a heaping value at $0.025 per milligram. Novice shoppers can start low with a 500 mg or a 1000 mg tincture and still receive great value. These oils are made with vegan and gluten free ingredients, simply formulated using organic liquid coconut oil and hemp-derived full spectrum CBD.

Much of the selection includes full spectrum oil but Balance CBD does create some products for those who wish to avoid THC; there are CBD isolate oils and a Harlequin Terpene infused oil, available with full spectrum CBD or isolate. Shoppers can pick up CBD capsules in full spectrum CBD capsules or in Balance CBD’s exclusive Winter Relief capsules with Curumin, as well as choices for scrumptious fruit-flavored CBD gummies.

Balance CBD has earned the support of their customers. The company boasts an impressive 35,000 five-star reviews and has appeared in numerous publications, often featured among the top companies in articles just like this. Customers can rely on a 30-day money back guarantee allowing returns for any reason within that time frame, and quality is never in question thanks to the QR codes on the packaging, linking to third-party lab results.


Full spectrum Price per milligram: $0.025

  • Full spectrum oil
  • Natural ingredients
  • Lowest cost per milligram
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 40,000 five-star reviews
  • Popular products sometimes on back order

Dani Pepper

While Dani Pepper doesn’t house as large of a CBD product portfolio as the previous brand; it competes for the lowest price per milligram and offers highly potent full spectrum CBD oil. Shoppers can purchase a wide array of unique product types through this brand, including delicious CBD gummies, pain cream, CBD pet products and more.

Those who are specifically seeking full spectrum benefits have a range of potencies for CBD oils; 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, and 5000 milligrams. The range covers the needs of CBD users from beginners to veterans alike, and the simple ingredients are suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets. These oils are most economical in 5000 mg bottles for $129.95, priced in lock-step with Balance CBD at $0.025 per milligram.

Shoppers who desire to avoid ingesting THC will find CBD isolate oils from 500 mg to 5000 mg — even cheaper at just $89 for a 5000 mg bottle, or $0.016 per milligram. Customers with animals who could use some CBD too can opt for the Natural Pet Tincture with 500 mg for $44.95, including the same high-quality human-grade CBD.

Dani Pepper products are supported by a 30-day money back guarantee, enabling returns for used or unused products. Third party laboratory tests are completed for every product sold, and the results are displayed on the website and via QR codes on packaging.


Full spectrum price per milligram: $0.025

  • Full spectrum oils
  • Vegan
  • Low cost per milligrams
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unique products
  • Only sold in some stores

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If the narrow lineup from Humboldt CBD doesn’t catch your eyes, then think of Medterra as the polar opposite — a brand with numerous products per category and an oil for every type of CBD shopper. While most CBD companies specialize in one type of CBD oil, Medterra carries full spectrum, broad spectrum, CBD isolate oils, and a unique minor cannabinoid oil with equal parts CBG and CBD.

The choices don’t stop with just the type of CBD oil as Medterra offers a number of flavors for added taste and a range of potencies with something for every experience level. Shoppers who want the most potent full spectrum oils will find that strengths vary from as low as 500 mg to as high as 6000 mg, and in flavors such as chocolate mint and citrus. With a 6000 mg tincture for $249.99, you’ll pay $0.041 per milligram; a fair value though more expensive than the most affordable brands.

CBD users can get synergistic benefits without the THC with Medterra’s broad spectrum oils, available in citrus and strawberry-mint. The CBG + CBD oil is capped at 1000 mg and may perform well as a sleep aid, while the immune booster with CBD isolate, Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom, and vitamin C blends the benefits of adaptogens and cannabidiol.

Customers can shop with confidence thanks to a 30-day risk-free trial for all products. Medterra uses a third-party lab to test their oils; however, the results are displayed through a COA which is located at the bottom of the page under a separate tab, less accessible than the industry standard.


Full spectrum price per milligram: $0.041

  • Full spectrum or broad spectrum
  • CBG oil
  • Flavors
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Lacking transparency
  • More expensive than some competitors

Penguin CBD

Shoppers who are drawn to Penguin CBD are typically lured by the flavorful infusions in these CBD oils. Penguin carries 5 product categories, each of which have 1 or 2 products for consumers to choose from. Customers can purchase oils, infused gummies, topicals, capsules, and pet products too.

Penguin CBD makes two types of CBD oil: Broad spectrum and full spectrum. Customers have potencies beginning at 500 mg up to a total of 5000 mg for the most concentrated tincture. Penguin CBD’s flavors are what truly set the brand apart from competitors, with options like cookies & cream, strawberry, citrus, mint, and natural flavor. Though these flavors will certainly appeal to some shoppers, it’s important to keep in mind that some of the flavors are created using artificial sweeteners.

Customers who are interested in this brand should anticipate a higher cost per milligram; the largest tinctures are most cost-effective, but a 5000 mg bottle fetches a substantially higher price than competing brands, retailing for $300 for broad spectrum bottles and $310 for full spectrum; that’s $0.06 per milligram and $0.062, which is the most expensive of any brand we featured.

Penguin CBD has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, similar to a money back guarantee but with one major distinction; refunds aren’t actually guaranteed and are approved on a case by case basis. As such, customers won’t receive the same assurances as they would with many of the leading brands. Inquiring shoppers can view the products COAs through the lab reports tab and verify potency and purity based on batch numbers.


Price per milligram: $0.06

  • Full spectrum or broad spectrum
  • Great flavors
  • High potency
  • Pricey
  • Artificial flavors

Humboldt CBD

Humboldt CBD offers a much smaller selection than most of their counterparts and you won’t encounter many innovative cannabidiol products under their banner. In fact, the brand distributes just CBD oil and hemp flower, with very few options for either product category. Unlike many of the other companies we featured, Humboldt’s best CBD oil is their only oil.

All Humboldt CBD bottles contain 1000 mg of full spectrum hemp, grown organically in California. The tinctures retail at full prices for $60.00 but customers can get a discount by purchasing in bundles; the most cost effective option is the 5 pack for $300.00, equaling $0.06 per milligram — on par with Penguin CBD full spectrum oils. The company occasionally hosts sales so customers could get these oils for less if they keep an eye out for discounts and incentives.

The organic hemp combined with MCT oil produces a vegan tincture, with no added flavoring or artificial ingredients. Ambitious CBD users might enjoy purchasing the dried hemp flower, ideal for infusing CBD into edibles by creating cannabutter. Again, there’s little variety for strains or pricing.

Humboldt’s best CBD oil will appeal to shoppers who value purity above all else, particularly shoppers who aren’t on a restrictive budget.


Price per milligram: $0.06

  • Full spectrum
  • Organic hemp
  • Simple ingredients
  • Only 1 tincture formula
  • Pricey

What Is The Best CBD Oil On The Market?

In a society that’s built upon the best innovations and the best ideals and the pursuit of the best quality of life possible — it’s entirely predictable that people would search for the best CBD oil. Many of us know how to spot a good deal upon first glance and how to spot a scam, or a pretender. Unfortunately, even savvy shoppers can get taken for a ride when they start inquiring about cannabidiol products.

Much of the industry is unregulated and there are companies that are quick to make outlandish claims in hopes of a quick buck. If you want to shop securely and always receive fair value, you’ll want to ensure that the products you buy check the following boxes. These are the criteria we used to rank the best CBD oils of 2022.


Whether or not a CBD oil is affordable requires more than a cursory glance at the price. Bottles vary in size and servings, and in potencies too. Some oils are low priced but contain low potency. Others appear expensive but are very economical in terms of potency and servings. The true measure of affordability is price per milligram, found by dividing the price by the total milligrams. We assessed the price per milligrams of every brand we featured, and you should do the same before committing to a product.


Extraction methods are easier to verify with online CBD shopping but it’s wise to verify this in either case, whether online or in person. There are several popular extraction methods, but CO2 extraction is by far the most desirable. This process is solvent-free, better for the environment, and the CO2 is recyclable for future use.

Full Spectrum or THC-Free

Of the 3 types of CBD extract, full spectrum is the most effective and the likeliest to produce an entourage effect; compounds working as one to offer better effects than alone. Some shoppers prefer CBD isolate oils and broad spectrum oils due to the lack of THC content, but the 0.3% THC in full spectrum products is too low a concentration to create the feeling of a high, and research indicates that it’s too valuable to exclude. Still, it’s also welcome when companies provide multiple potencies and we gave an edge to the brands that host both full spectrum and THC-free oils.


CBD potencies are measured in milligrams. Every product will display both the total milligrams contained in the product as well as the potency per dose: You’ll want to begin with a lower potency CBD oil to ensure you don’t overdo it. But this is not the best way to shop. The most economical oils are high potency because you can use a lower dose and make the product last for multiple months; this is where knowing the price per milligram really comes in handy.

Independent Lab Reports

Independent labradorites are the go-to for reputable CBD companies who want to provide product assurances to their customers. These reports are typically verified through QR codes included on the product packaging or via COAs, found on product pages on the company’s website. You’ll want to locate the lab reports before you buy any products because these reports will confirm the amount of CBD, minor cannabinoids, the terpenes, and the THC content of your oils, as well as confirming that the products don’t contain toxins.


Every company claims to sell the best CBD oils, but it’s the customers who get the final say. Reading through company reviews is the easiest way to ascertain the quality of the products and the service you’ll receive. Low customer ratings or a lack of reviews are an obvious sign that the company you’re investigating isn’t wowing their customers.


There are great cannabis companies cropping up all over the world — only some make products that are legal in all 50 US states. By shopping from a legal US company, you’ll always receive products that adhere to federal regulations, whereas if you shop from an international company, you may get CBD that’s extracted from marijuana and technically illegal where you live.

The Benefits of CBD Oils

Given how safe CBD is and the many benefits it provides, it’s difficult to understand why it took so long for cannabidiol to get removed from the banned substances list. People use this prescription-free supplement to manage aches and pains in muscles and joints, for everyday stress and anxiety, to get a better sleep and some people use it alongside conventional treatments for chronic illness.


  • Available without a prescription
  • Versatile
  • Cost effective
  • Easily tolerated by most people


  • Poorly regulated in some areas
  • Some companies are lacking Transparency

What Is The Best CBD Oil For Anxiety?

Many people use CBD to deal with stress and the best CBD oil for anxiety is likely a full spectrum oil with added terpenes. Research indicates that terpenes and cannabinoids together can provide benefits to people with mood disorders and provide more benefits than alone; a theory called the entourage effect.

Which CBD Oil Is Best for High Blood Pressure?

One of the most exciting potential uses for CBD is as a supplement to manage blood pressure. Early research has shown promise for CBD’s ability to reduce blood pressure, and what’s important for consumers is that they choose the right potency and in a format that’s suitable for daily ingestion; this is because CBD will only help in this regard if you take it regularly.

What Is The Best CBD Oil For Pain?

The best CBD oils for pain are full spectrum oils with added terpenes, but it’s essential to take a sufficient potency. Beginners should still start slow but, if you don’t feel the effects within an hour, increase your dosage.

What Is The Best CBD Oil For Sleep?

There are numerous CBD products that are designed for sleep and some of the best CBD oils are actually featured into CBD gummies alongside beneficial ingredients like melatonin. Some people take CBG oils for sleep but there’s no research at this time confirming that CBG is a sleep aid or more effective than a product with added melatonin.

What’s The Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Among the most frustrating aspects of the CBD industry is the lack of regulation at the local state level. While all of the major brands have high standards and are relatively trustworthy, some smaller companies are cutting corners and engaging in purposefully misleading marketing to attract customers.

On many online stores and in local stores too you’ll note that hemp seed oil products are sold under the label of CBD, but these products aren’t the same.

Hemp Seed Oil

These tinctures are created from hemp seeds; the oil is rich in fatty acids, but it doesn’t actually contain any CBD. Unfortunately, some companies sell hemp gummies and oils under the guise of cannabidiol.


Cannabidiol is extracted from industrial hemp or marijuana, then blended with a carrier oil for absorption. This is a genuine CBD product.

Conclusion: The Best CBD Oil of 2022

Between the numerous reputable brands, the increasingly affordable options, and all of the innovative product categories — shopping for CBD is easier than ever before. Of course, with the industry only beginning to sort out the leading brands from the untrustworthy enterprises, there’s reasons to do your due diligence before you buy.

Of all the companies producing full spectrum CBD oil, no brand competes more consistently for the lowest price per milligram and the highest potency than Balance CBD. Their dedication to sustainable practices and all natural ingredients checks boxes for many shoppers, and with third-party laboratory test results available through a QR code on the bottles, you can verify the purity of a batch in seconds.

Balance CBD’s unique Harlequin Terpene Infused oil is sold with or without THC — and it’s arguably the most effective isolate on the market in light of the enhanced terpene profile. The brand’s 30-day money back guarantee ensures that all customers are satisfied, and 35,000 five stars reviews are testament to the quality of the products they sell, and the customer service that they provide. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil of 2022, look no further than full spectrum oils from Balance CBD.

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