The 20 Best Heart Supplements That Work for Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease passes as the leading cause of death worldwide. Several statistics reveal that heart attacks and strokes kill more people than any other cause. Recent records show that half of the American citizens suffer from high blood pressure while millions are experiencing other heart problems.

Regrettably, heart problems often go unnoticed because they are silent. For instance, high blood pressure has been named the “silent killer.” It exhibits virtually no symptoms until it’s too late to manage. High blood pressure affects the surrounding organs, including the kidneys and others, by mounting too much pressure.

Today, it’s easy to prevent and even manage heart disease by taking heart health supplements. Top-rated heart health supplements come with certified ingredients that support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels while supporting the user’s overall health in various dimensions.

The Best Heart Health Supplements in 2022

All heart health supplement manufacturers claim to make products that support heart health by delivering the best results. However, only a handful lives up to this promise.

Here’s our list of the top-rated heart health formulas currently available on the market:

  • Cardio Clear 7
  • CardioFitMD
  • Aqua Triplex
  • CellXRenewal
  • Juvenon BloodFlow-7
  • BioTrust OmegaKrill
  • PureXanthin
  • Oweli Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough
  • Primal Harvest Omega-3
  • Amy Myers MD CardioGuard
  • Gundry MD Heart Defense
  • PhytAge Labs Heart Beat 911
  • PhysioTru Physio Omega
  • Advanced CardioRX
  • Prociva
  • Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Blood Pressure Formula
  • Blood Pressure 911
  • Qunol Ultra CoQ10
  • Genius Heart

To learn more about these products, here’s a rundown of each item:

Cardio Clear 7


Cardio Clear 7 tops our list of the best heart health supplements for cardiovascular support 2022. It includes CoQ10 and Shilajit, among other certified ingredients that support a healthy heart. The Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) ingredient is a potent, natural antioxidant. It’s present in several anti-inflammatory supplements for that content.

Cardio Clear 7 doesn’t flood the body with low doses of ingredients. Instead, it gives users only three active ingredients: Each pill contains CoQ10 (100mg), Shilajit extract (80mg), and PQQ disodium salt (10mg).

Overall, this heart health supplement optimizes heart health in several ways. For instance, the CoQ10 component promotes healthy inflammation, while Shilajit extract improves the efficiency of CoQ10. On its part, the PQQ ingredient supports mitochondrial function.

With these qualities, Cardio Clear 7 emerges as one of the best heart health supplements. The formula is presently priced at $49.95 for a one-month supply.



CardioFitMD is an all-inclusive heart health supplement developed by a doctor to boost heart health in several ways. A product of 1MD Nutrition, CardioFitMD includes a potent daily dose of beetroot and fiber, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics. Beetroot is known for its ability to support heart health because it triggers the natural production of Nitrogen Oxide in the body.

Various studies show that this eventually boosts blood flow while lowering blood pressure. Additionally, beetroot works with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other digestion-boosting ingredients to support overall heart health. Priced at $38.99, users need to take a scoop of CardioFitMD powder, add it to a glass of water, shake, or beverage of choice, and then drink it daily for optimal results.

Aqua Triplex


Aqua Triplex is a brainchild of Triton Labs Supplements, which designed it to be a complete health supplement. Aqua Triplex delivers more than other formulas that focus on heart health by providing balanced blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, anti-aging, and joint health, among other benefits.

According to the official website, users should take two capsules of Aqua Triplex daily to give their bodies the ingredients from the formula. The components are delivered as an Ocean-Based Cardio Shield and other types of seaweed extract associated with heart health.

Priced at $49 for a one-month supply, Aqua Triplex also contains fucoxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids, among other certified ingredients that support heart health. It also promotes overall health in three different dimensions to deliver effective results.



CellXRenewal uses a combination of “Super Cell Nutrients” to support heart health while slowing down the aging process and supporting overall health, among other benefits.

The formula is mainly advertised to older adults undergoing different physical and cognitive effects. CellXRenewal claims to target the health of the cells from the inside out. The formula contains the same key ingredient as the Aqua Triplex supplement—Ecklonia cava, a seaweed packed with antioxidants.

Like green tea and other compounds rich in antioxidants, Ecklonia supports healthy inflammation while delivering antioxidant effects, making it a popular choice for heart health formulas. It also provides sexual health benefits and wellness, among other benefits. CellXRenewal is priced at $69.

Juvenon BloodFlow-7


Juvenon BloodFlow-7 is among the best heart health supplements currently on the market. It’s designed to increase energy and stamina by rewinding the biological clock to make one look years younger. According to the manufacturers, older people are usually weak and less energetic because their cells are starved of oxygen. This leads to both cognitive and physical issues.

To solve this problem, Juvenon BloodFlow-7 provides a formula that boosts blood flow while promoting healthy blood pressure and improving sexual performance. It also boosts brainpower, increases energy, and other benefits.

While all heart health supplements promise to offer the same benefits, Juvenon BloodFlow-7 supports these claims with a perfect combination of ingredients. It contains food-based nitrates such as beetroot extract, health-promoting amino acids like L-arginine and L-citrulline, and a mix of elements known as S7, which includes resveratrol—a powerful antioxidant.

With a broad and unique mix of ingredients, Juvenon BloodFlow-7 works to boost blood flow in several ways. For less than $40 for a one-month supply, it’s among the most affordable options.

BioTrust OmegaKrill


BioTrust OmegaKrill is among the most popular and best-selling krill oil supplements currently sold online. Like fish oil, OmegaKrill contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Some people even believe krill oil is superior to fish oil because it has less accumulation of toxins and a favorable ratio of fatty acids. This makes krill oil more sustainable.

All the same, BioTrust markets OmegaKrill as a viable solution to health deficiencies within the body. Users should take the supplement daily to give their bodies the optimal ratio of Omega fatty acids. In the end, it supports health, cognition, and overall energy. Priced at $34, OmegaKrill comes as a suitable option for anyone looking for all of the benefits of fish oil without consuming the actual fish oil.



PureXanthin, similar to its competitors on our rank list, is designed to help manage different health issues, including joint pain, while supporting heart health. It is made from astaxanthin, among other related ingredients, to support a range of benefits. These benefits include increased energy, endurance, better skin health, neurological issues, and cognitive decline, among others that you enjoy by taking the supplement daily.

The manufacturer describes astaxanthin as a ‘miracle molecule’ that can purportedly reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol. You can get the best results by taking two capsules daily. All purchases of this formula come with the Bible of Alternative Medicine – an eBook that gives you extra insight into the natural ways of supporting heart health and the cardiovascular system. Every pack costs $59.

Oweli Omega-3 Fish Oil

Oweli Omega-3 Fish Oil is a 3:2 EPA: DHA formula designed to support optimal human health. Daily consumption of this formula can help with metabolism, joint health, weight, skin and eye health, and better immunity, among other related benefits.

Each serving of this supplement comprises 2400mg of fish oil to ensure maximum efficiency, potency, and absorption into the body. It is available at $20 per bottle, cheaper and more affordable than other products on our rank list.

Besides, it uses Omega-3 acids as one of the active ingredients, which is among the proven ingredients for supporting heart health today—making it among the excellent options available. For $18.99+, you can enjoy this fantastic pack and keep your heart healthy for as long as you wish.

BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough


BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough is uniquely designed to support heart health. Magnesium and magnesium cofactors are some of the active ingredients in the formula, making it capable of reducing your stress levels and increasing peace and relaxation. The supplement delivers faster and quicker sleep, among other related effects.

Research shows that magnesium plays a vital role in the efficient performance of the nervous system. Most people with a magnesium deficiency have a compromised nervous system function making this supplement an excellent option. The manufacturers claim that the magnesium in the formula can support the maintenance of normal heart rhythm, which is crucial for cardiovascular health.

Magnesium in this supplement is also great for boosting immunity and strengthening your bones. A unique aspect of Magnesium Breakthrough is that instead of one type of magnesium, the supplement utilizes various kinds of the element – orotate, malate, citrate, magnesium chelate, and bisglycinate, among others. It is priced at $35.

Primal Harvest Omega-3


Primal Harvest Omega-3 is heart health, cognition, and joint health supplementation manufactured in the US to target specific benefits to the users. It is an omega-3 fatty acid supplement and thus contains a particular blend of EPA and DHA for optimal health.

The dosage entails 600mg of EPA and 400mg of DHA per serving and comes in easy-to-swallow softgels. While EPA helps reduce the effects of arachidonic acid, marine lipid oil is added to help with cholesterol as DHA supports the skin, eye, and brain function. It costs $36.95 per pack.

Amy Myers MD CardioGuard


Amy Myers MD CardioGuard is another highly ranked heart health product on our list. It’s a product of one of the most reputable medical doctors named Amy Myers MD, who made it to promote heart health and cholesterol management. Each formula serving contains probiotics, magnesium glycinate, B vitamins, and N-acetyl L-carnitine, among other ingredients proven to support healthy hearts in different ways.

This supplement is excellent for people taking multiple supplements to provide their bodies with the stated ingredients. CardioGuard offers your body all these ingredients in a single intake, making it a convenient and affordable way of keeping your heart healthy. A 90-day moneyback guarantee backs the formula, and it costs $60. The return policy is straightforward and transparent, making the manufacturer one of the most reputable options in the market and on this list.

Gundry MD Heart Defense


While it may seem a bit pricier than most products on this list, Heart Defense, manufactured by Gundry MD, is among the leading heart health supplements on the market. The key ingredients used in its production include coffee, flaxseed, coconut cream powder, and prebiotics, among others proven to support heart health in numerous ways.

The formula features a dark chocolate flavor, making it tasty and easy to mix with shakes for daily consumption. Daily morning consumption of this supplement can supposedly enhance blood flow and circulation and boost energy levels and overall vitality, leading to better heart health, among other related benefits.

Unknown to most people, chocolate is incredibly beneficial for the heart as it’s enriched with polyphenols, which are plant-based chemicals associated with healthy inflammation. Chocolate in this supplement is robust in supporting your cardiovascular health in multiple ways. Since it is blended with other vital ingredients, today, the formula is an excellent choice. It costs $85.95 per pack.

PhytAge Labs Heart Beat 911


The Heart Beat 911 formula is manufactured by PhytAge Labs and is among the fewest items on this list that supposedly improves the user’s blood flow. As other products claim to support heart health and blood flow, this formula claims to enhance and optimize your blood flow. The manufacturer claims that the supplement can reduce triglycerides and support and protect heart performance, blood pressure, and other related effects.

Heart Beat 911 is among the most competitive items on our rank list. It is organically made in the US and comes in the form of a softgel capsule that contains scientifically proven heart health supporting ingredients. These ingredients include astaxanthin, omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), and CoQ10. It is priced at $69.95.

PhysioTru Physio Omega


PhysioTru Physio Omega uses a range of ingredients to achieve the desired goal. The manufacturers claim that some of the world’s leading fish oil formulas use rancid fish oil, which is a gap they intend to fill by including ‘the missing omega.’

By including the latter, the supplement has a competitive advantage over its competitors – it comprises an ingredient that can maintain heart health and blood pressure while controlling dangerous cholesterol levels, supporting sex drive, mood, wellbeing, and metabolism, among others. It is the best option for people looking for an excellent way of keeping their cardiovascular health through omega-3 fatty acids. It is priced at $67.

Advanced CardioRX


Advanced CardioRX is a heart health formula built on a similar foundation of filling the ‘missing omega’ as in PhysioTru Physio Omega. These two supplementations are alike in their production – they deliver a unique blend of omega fatty acids to support heart health in multiple ways.

Additionally, all purchases of Advanced CardioRX are accompanied by online coaching, a workout program, fitness nutrition, a health risk assessment, health info library, among other apps and tools helpful in supporting cardiovascular health in many ways.

Supporting heart health goes beyond taking the correct cardiovascular omega-3 fatty acids dosage. It includes adhering to the proper diet and lifestyle changes, which this supplement does. It costs $69 per pack.



Prociva is a heart health supplement manufactured by Simple Promise that supposedly supports heart health by targeting the cells within the heart muscles. The heart comprises numerous muscles that need regular exercise for optimal performance. It aims at achieving its goal using a unique blend of ingredients, including folic acid, motherwort, arjuna, hibiscus, vitamin D, and magnesium.

The formula purportedly improves blood pressure and cellular support for the heart muscles to protect it from damage while maintaining a healthy heart rhythm, reducing fat blood cells and potentially the risk of stroke and heart disease, among related effects, and costs $49.

Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Blood Pressure Formula


One bottle of Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Blood Pressure Formula costs less than $30, making it one of the most affordable options on our rank list. Each formula serving is a blend of proven ingredients, including herbs, plants, minerals, vitamins, and other related ones, such as the 11 Chinese herbs backed by usage over many centuries.

It is perfect for anyone who believes in the power of traditional Chinese medicine, as it comprises unique Chinese ingredients that are rare to find. These ingredients include Chinese salvia root, skullcap root, peony root bark, rhizome tree, Gardenia fruit, and chrysanthemum flower.

Blood Pressure 911


Blood Pressure 911 is a proprietary blend of ingredients proven to support blood pressure, restore energy levels, reduce bad cholesterol, and manage blood sugar, among other perks. With daily consumption of this formula, your heart enjoys a perfect blend of proven ingredients that support its health and performance.

These ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin B12, olive, garlic, hibiscus, hawthorn, and green tea extract. The components are packaged into a gelatin capsule that you take once or twice to support healthy blood pressure levels. Each pack costs $69.95.

Qunol Ultra CoQ10


Qunol Ultra CoQ10 features 100mg of CoQ10 with 3x faster absorbability into the body. The particular type of CoQ10 used in the formula makes it easier for your body to absorb the supplement on consumption easily. It comes in the form of softgel capsules, and each serving contains 68mg of vitamin E to complement the effects of CoQ10 and ensure optimal performance. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can significantly support heart health when used together with other proven ingredients in multiple ways.

Besides the supposed performance, Qunol Ultra CoQ10 boasts excellent online ratings, including 45300+ reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazing. These string ratings and reviews make the product one of the most popular options available in the market, and its price of $26.97 is the best-value heart health formula on this list. Each bottle contains 120 softgels, which make 120 servings.

Genius Heart


Genius Heart uses a unique blend of ingredients to support blood pressure, vein pressure, and good cholesterol levels. The active ingredients in this formula include vitamin K2, grape seed extract, and CoQ10.

It comes in a veggie capsule, and two of these capsules (one serving) contain clinical doses of the stated ingredients for maximum health and wellness. Despite being slightly pricier than other items on our rank list, this formula guarantees high-quality results giving you value for your money. A one-month supply of this supplement costs $44.98.

How We Ranked the Best Heart Health Supplements

Our editors thoroughly researched and analyzed numerous heart health supplementations in the market before compiling the above list. Besides contacting the manufacturers, the team also pored numerous studies and lab reports and personally tested the products to determine the best from the worst. The ranking was based on various factors as outlined below:

Science-Backed Heart Supporting Ingredients

Heart health supplements come in a wide range of types, from those that have been genuinely proven to work effectively to those whose manufacturers are especially out to make money without living up to the hype. Our research focused more on products that used ingredients with proven heart health support, including beetroot extract, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, among others.

These ingredients work in various ways, such as relaxing the blood vessels and supporting healthy inflammation in the heart. Products on our rank list are made from science-backed ingredients proven to help your heart’s health in different ways.

Transparent and Strong Dosages

The heart is a large organ that needs clinically effective doses of different ingredients to perform effectively. The best heart health supplement manufacturers are open and upfront about their ingredients and the dosages. Our list comprises products whose manufacturers were transparent with the elements and dosages without hiding anything. It is easier to compare the dosages with the clinical trials and determine the product’s effectiveness.

Flavor, Mixability, and Ease of Consumption

Palatability keeps varying from one heart health supplement to another. Some of them taste better, for instance, the dark chocolate flavor by Gundry MD’s Heart Defense, making them easier to drink every day. Sadly, others have artificial flavors, unpleasant tastes, and fishy aftertastes that make daily consumption unbearable. Our list consists of supplements with great mixability, flavor, and texture.

Doctor Formulated

Doctors and other certified professionals create the best heart health supplements. Therefore, we paid more attention to products formulated under the stated criteria during our ranking, including MDs, Registered dietitians, and other certified personnel. For instance, Amy Myers MD’s CardioGuard was one of our best options considering that it was formulated by a reputable doctor using multiple proven ingredients.

Honest Advertised Benefits

Every manufacturer wants to convince the buyer that their products can work miracles by accomplishing the desired goal. However, some companies do not live up to the hype, which can easily result in disappointment and frustrations on the users’ side. For this reason, our team was cautious about companies that overpromise during marketing just to make more sales instead of delivering what they claim.

Thus, honest adverts were some of our key factors of consideration during our ranking of the products. Besides, any company that promises to cure, treat or prevent ailments breaks the FDA regulations against advertising supplements in such a manner. We were wary of such companies, and so should you.

Price, Cost, and Overall Value

Getting a good heart health supplement shouldn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. The products should be reasonably priced without compromising on quality or efficacy. Whatever budget you have, ensure that you get the utmost value for it through efficient results.

Manufacturer Reputation, Location, Honesty, and Transparency

Some manufacturers boast decades of years in the industry, producing quality products tirelessly. Others are startups still figuring their way while trying to compete with the giants in the market. Reputation is a crucial aspect when looking for heart health formulas as it indicates the guaranteed quality and efficiency of the products. For this reason, we consider reputable companies that have been in the market long enough to ensure quality products and customer satisfaction.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Our team tested each product on our rank list at all possible chances. Besides the tests, we also read through the customer experiences and reviews. Our list comprises supplements with the best ratings and reviews, such as Qunol’s Ultra CoQ10, which has 45000+ reviews and 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Such excellent reviews signify a great supplement that has worked for numerous users with different heart problems.

Heart health supplements are made from artificial and natural ingredients, flavors, and compounds. Our list includes products made from natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients and artificial flavors, among other chemical compounds.

Side Effects of Heart Health Supplements

A healthy adult shouldn’t experience any side effects due to using heart health supplements in the recommended dosage and from a reputable manufacturer. Besides, suppose you are using any medication or suffering from any type of disease. In that case, you should also talk to your doctor before taking any kind of supplement, including the heart health supplement.

Recommended Dosage of Heart Health Supplements

Heart health supplements comprise different ingredients in varying dosages. Besides your doctor’s recommendations, depending on your unique physiology, our recommended dosages are as follows:

  • One or two capsules per day
  • One or two scoops of powdered formula per day, mixed with water or a shake

Heart health supplements that disclose their minerals and vitamin concentrations openly make it easier for users to determine whether they meet the daily value of the vital heart health dietary needs such as magnesium.

Top 20 Heart Health Ingredients and Foods

Some ingredients used in making heart health supplements are backed by centuries of use, while others are relatively new in the market. Here are some of the most popular foods and ingredients that are proven to support heart health:

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Berries
  • Avocados
  • Fatty fish
  • Walnuts
  • Beans
  • Fresh herbs
  • Dark chocolate
  • Tomatoes
  • Almonds
  • Seeds
  • Garlic
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Edamame
  • Green tea
  • Oatmeal
  • Flaxseed
  • Low-fat yogurt

Scientific Evidence for Heart Health Supplements

Numerous ingredients are used in making heart health supplements, some of which are tested and proven to work effectively. Besides, most of these ingredients work more effectively when blended with other complementary ingredients explaining why the best formulas in the market use minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and other elements proven to support the heart function.

It is even better when the ingredients are clinically tested and proven. Here is a review of some of these ingredients and supplements accompanied by scientific research and evidence.

Coenzyme Q10, popularly known as CoQ10, is a common ingredient among heart health supplements today. This 2016 study found that the element is linked to the antioxidant effects that facilitate the production of adenosine triphosphate in the mitochondria.

In summary, CoQ10 supports health and wellness at the cellular level, which pushed for the study that researched the connection between the element and heart failure. The findings show that CoQ10 has a significant impact on heart health.

A separate study from 2020 showed that taking CoQ10 supplements could support heart health at significant levels. Researchers found out that most people with heart failure might have CoQ10 deficiency, proving that CoQ10 supplementation can improve your heart health and reduce your chances of heart failure.

Besides being science-backed, omega-3 fatty acids are another popular ingredient that supports heart health in various ways. Harvard Medical School explains that omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to support heart health, as they are rich in EPA and DHA, both of which are crucial for ensuring optimal heart health.

Some doctors today recommend omega-3 under the brands such as Vascepa to support heart health among their patients. However, the best supplementations should ensure the correct ratios of EPA and DHA to ensure the effectiveness of the formulas.

Extensive research about the connection between heart health and omega-3 fatty acids published in 2019 analyzed dozens of studies involving thousands of patients. Researchers found out that omega-3 fatty acid supplements improved heart health significantly, which explains the massive reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and cardio-linked deaths, heart attacks, and other related conditions.

Astaxanthin is another powerful and popular antioxidant commonly used in most leading heart health supplements today. This 2012 review found that astaxanthin could help preserve cardiac muscles when taken orally or intravenously.

The findings further show that the element can positively impact oxidative stress and inflammation without causing any severe side effects. In a separate study, researchers ascertained that three months of taking astaxanthin supplements was linked to lowering oxidative stress significantly.

Other heart health supplements contain Ecklonia cava, a type of edible brown marine alga species. Like different types of brown seaweed, Ecklonia cava is enriched with fucoxanthin, a plant-based chemical with potent antioxidant effects.

Studies show that fucoxanthin has a significant positive impact on mice’s heart health, but it requires more research to determine the same in humans. Besides, fucoxanthin has also recently surged in popularity for its overall inflammation and heart health effects.

Other studies show that you don’t necessarily need supplements to enhance your heart health. According to several recent studies, you can achieve the same effects by increasing your fiber intake. This 2017 study, for instance, showed that dietary fiber was essential for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Following the analysis of dozens of studies, a connection was found between heart disease risk and fiber consumption. Sadly, 95% of American adults don’t meet their daily recommended amount of fiber, explaining why it is time to pay more attention.

Unknown to most people, gut health also plays a vital role in optimal heart performance. Most top-ranked heart health supplements contain prebiotics, probiotics, and other related ingredients. Johns Hopkins Medicine explains that multiple studies have found the connection between gut health and blood pressure, among other vital measurements of cardiovascular health.

For instance, some researchers found out that probiotic supplements significantly lowered blood pressure in one study on mice suggesting that the same is possible in human beings – gut bacteria and blood pressure are connected.

Chocolate is also believed to support heart health. According to the American Heart Association, your heart can benefit significantly by eating dark chocolate with high cocoa solids levels. Dark chocolates are enriched with flavonoids, which carry powerful antioxidant effects and support blood pressure. Therefore, you should eat small amounts of dark chocolate every day to enjoy the significant perks associated with blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health.

Grapes and wine are rich in resveratrol – a natural antioxidant proven to enhance cardiac structure and function, explaining why people increasingly take its supplements today to help with inflammation, heart health, and overall wellness.

This 2019 study reviewed the impact of resveratrol on heart failure and cardiovascular disease, and the findings were that the former might be an effective treatment option for the two conditions.

Other natural ingredients linked to supporting heart health include L-arginine and L-citrulline, two amino acids proven to promote blood vessel relaxation. Most people take amino acid supplements before workouts to help relax their blood vessels and promote blood circulation. Research on these ingredients shows that they can support healthy blood pressure and enhance blood flow, vital for cardiovascular health.

Vitamin C and vitamin E are some of the most potent natural antioxidants, making them essential for improving cardiovascular health. Studies show that vitamin C supports inflammation within and outside the heart, making it easier for your immune system and the heart to function effectively.

Other people take garlic daily to enhance their heart health. Garlic releases a compound known as allicin upon entering the body. The mixture is linked to heart health-boosting effects explaining why a garlicky diet is believed to improve overall health and wellness.

Taking adequate good fruits and veggies, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, and minerals daily can also support your heart health in unique ways. The best heart health supplements contain a range of ingredients to promote effective performance by your heart in multiple ways.

The Best Heart Health Supplements in 2022 Final Word

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Someone dies of the disease every 37 seconds in the US, making it the number one killer today. Unfortunately, it is impossible to control the risk factors such as age and genetics. However, it is possible to manage lifestyle, diet, and supplementation factors.

By taking the right heart health supplements, you can support your good cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and overall heart health using proven ingredients. Above is a list of the top leading heart health supplements you should consider today for effective performance.


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