Text Chemistry Reviews: Worth It or Ineffective and Unethical?

In this Internet age, we are more connected than ever, but ironically, that has made us more disconnected in some ways that at any other point in human history. Consider that modern romances often bud or wilt based on the conversations that people have with each other via their phones.

Whether you are a teenager or a middle-aged professional, texting is crucial to romantic communication.

Have you been doing it wrong? In Text Chemistry, author Amy North asserts that you probably have been and that there are techniques you can play in order to make a man more engaged and interested.

In the following sections, I will explain what Text Chemistry is—and what it is not—and provide you my perspective of the program as a man who has done his fair share of writing and rewriting romantic texts.

Text Chemistry: What It Is and What It Is Not

Text Chemistry is essentially a collection of dating advice for the modern world, and author Amy North has packaged it into an instructional program. The goal of the program is to teach you how to text a man that you are interested in and how to text him as you continue to date and the relationship evolves into something more serious. The program not only teaches you how to text but what to avoid texting.

Texting is difficult and not just for women but men too. It is particularly challenging when you do not have a history with a person. Communicating via the Internet is difficult in general. When you communicate in person, other people give you numerous cues, which you often do not even notice and respond to subconsciously. But you can certainly feel their absence. Everyone has had moments where something they posted online came across in a way that they absolutely did not intend.

While the emphasis is on texting, Text Chemistry does not limit itself to just shaping your texts. It also presents you with concepts and even phrases to use, and this is certainly the aspect of the program that some will have a problem with because it can seem manipulative and perhaps even a little dishonest.

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Text Chemistry: Who It Is For

Text Chemistry is a program developed by a woman for other women who want to be more successful dating in general and with romantic texting in particular. There is nothing vulgar here, and the program is similar to another popular dating book for women—His Secret Obsession—with the main difference being that this focuses on texting whereas that other book discusses communication more in general.

Age is not a factor here for the most part. The techniques contained within can be used by mature women just as well as they can teenagers. However, many of the tweets provided by North may need to be adjusted in order to fit your voice, and that may be more challenging for younger readers.

Although written for women, I would not disregard Text Chemistry as a worthwhile read for men. The program does discuss male psychology quite a bit and how to exploit it. These strategies therefore will not be useful for a man communicating with a woman, but it does provide men a female lens on not just romantic texting but a wide range of aspects related to dating, and I found that quite interesting.

The Motivation Behind This Review (as a Man)

I review books and in particular books that teach you something, and I have covered topics ranging from survival to learning to play the piano. His Secret Obsession was the first time I had read a romance help book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What I did not expect was the response that I got to my review from women readers. They liked my perspective and honesty, and that has motivated me to review many other publications in this domain, such as Never Chase Men Again and The Devotion System.

I would strongly encourage you to read Text Chemistry reviews by women as well. That will provide you perspectives closer to your own. That said, I think it can be very valuable to consider this product from a male perspective. It is, after all, men upon which you will be using these techniques!

About the Author – Amy North


Often, when I review books on this topic, the authors are a bit difficult to pin down, and I have to evaluate the books solely based on the content contained within. This was not the case with Amy North. She was actually quite easy to vet. North is a Canadian psychologist who has built her career as a dating coach for women. North has her own website, a YouTube channel with more than 591,000 subscribers, an active Facebook community and a prominent presence on many other social media platforms.

Text Chemistry: What Is Included

The Text Chemistry download includes four e-books and 13 videos. Three of the e-books are bonuses, and we will discuss them along with the video lessons in the sections ahead. The main e-book—titled Text Chemistry—is 122 pages, and it covers five specific types of texts:

  • Rocket: Fuel the flames of a budding relationship.
  • Crystal Ball: Motivate him to make it official, move in with you and so forth.
  • Satellite: Grab the attention of a distant partner.
  • Supernova: Make him gravitate toward you.
  • Tantalizing: Spice the relationship up and have a little fun.

North explores how to make each of these text types effective. She provides numerous examples that you can use verbatim or that you can use as a guide for your own unique texts.

Text Chemistry in 13 Lessons

The main e-book is essentially broken down into 13 sections. North also provides 13 videos of varying lengths that complement these sections by expanding on the topics in a way not possible through text.

  • Lesson One: Write texts that trigger an immediate response.
  • Lesson Two: Focus a partner’s attention rather than letting it wander away.
  • Lesson Three: Use satellite texts to get an ex back—or keep them away.
  • Lesson Four: Employ supernova texts to reignite a stale relationship.
  • Lesson Five: Use tantalizing texts in order to ignite desire.
  • Lesson Six: Lean to analyze texts from a man and understand precisely what they mean.
  • Lesson Seven: Motive a male partner to commit to marriage and family life.
  • Lesson Eight: Use texts to generate excitement.
  • Lesson Nine: Employ emoticons and other images in an effective manner.
  • Lesson Ten: Strategically text to make your man miss you.
  • Lesson Eleven: Communicate via the phone in an effective manner as well.
  • Lesson Twelve: Make your man remain faithful to you.
  • Lesson Thirteen: Combine all of these skills into an effective plan.

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The Bonus Books

  • The Phone Game: This e-book explores how to engage a man on the phone. It complements the main book well since the techniques used on the phone are different than those used when texting.
  • Why Men Leave: This book explores other aspects of male psychology and in particular the reasons why so many men leave women that they really still love and want to be with.
  • Quality Men on Tinder: Yes. There are actually great guys on Tinder. This book discusses honing your profile in order to attract them and how to avoid the bad eggs from their profiles and messages.

Understanding the Text Chemistry Approach


The Text Chemistry approach involves understanding what a man actually wants and recognizing that most men do not know how to get it for themselves. Just like women, men have emotional needs. But they often do not express them and, in many cases, are not even fully aware of them. If you can recognize those needs and fulfill them, you will reinforce the bond and enrich the relationship. While this is similar to His Secret Obsession, author North manages to distinguish this book and the related videos with the emphasis on optimizing communication via text messages.

A Closer Examination of Text Messaging

When you are together in person, you can feel chemistry. You also know how to develop it. You do not have to think about it. It is an innate skill, and if the potential is there, you can realize it. The same cannot be said for texting, and the reason for this is the lack of in-person communication skills that we all take for granted, such as body language. A core focus of Text Chemistry is instilling those elements into your texts and learning how to recognize them in texts written by your partner.

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Text Chemistry: Pricing and 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The standard Text Chemistry cost is $49.95. There are no shipping and handling fees. You can download all e-books and videos as soon as your payment has been processed. All sales are processed through ClickBank.com, which is a trusted Internet retailer. All purchases are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which provides you plenty of time to read the book and determine if you are satisfied with it. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund via support@textchemistry.com. Customer support will respond to your request within 24 hours, and your refund will be processed within 24 business hours of that response.

Text Chemistry: What I Liked

  • Fair price relative to similar programs
  • 60-day no questions asked refund policy
  • Numerous real-world texting examples
  • Valuable advice on how to respond to texts
  • Valuable advice on how to gain confidence texting

The guidance for developing confidence while texting is excellent and actually helped me—a man. Overall, Amy North has a positive message, puts verbs in her sentences and avoids treading too far into outright manipulation. On a number of occasions, I literally laughed out loud when reading her texts because there was no doubt in my mind that they would work on me if my girlfriend used them.

Text Chemistry: What I Did Not Like

  • Still manipulative to a degree
  • No hardcover available
  • North is a psychologist and not a writer

While the price of Text Chemistry is fair, I do think that you should have the option of a hardcover even if you had to kick in the shipping and handling. It would be a nice option as a gift. As much as I think Amy North is a positive voice, I was turned off a bit by the manipulation aspect of the program, and I know from my His Secret Obsession review that there are many women who feel as I do. Also, while it is not a deal-breaker, I think this book could be even more effective with a revision by a ghost writer.

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Text Chemistry Alternatives

Here is a quick look at how Text Chemistry compares to other romance guides:

1. His Secret Obsession

You will find a lot of crossover between these two approaches. However, even if you have read HSO, Text Chemistry is worthwhile for its emphasis on texting and North’s unique voice.

2. The Devotion System

The Devotion System is also written by Amy North, and this is a good read as well. The focus here is more introspective and about getting rid of emotional baggage and casting off self-doubts.

3. The Ex-Factor Guide

This guide focuses on getting an ex back. Text Chemistry has a small section on this, but the core themes of these books are quite different. Choose this one if getting an ex-back is your main goal.

4. Make Him Worship You

This book explores male psychology, and there is certainly some crossover in the ideas discussed here and those discussed in Text Chemistry and His Secret Obsession. However, the author here is sex psychology expert Michael Fiore, and he focuses on how society shapes the male psychology, and that sets it apart enough to recommend it as a good read even if you have read the other books too.

5. Never Chase Men Again

Never Chase Men Again is one of the most popular dating guides available as of this writing. It does not really compare to Text Chemistry in focus and themes but is absolutely worth your time.

Customer Reviews

I examined numerous customer reviews both prior to reading Text Chemistry and after, and I focused on reviews that I could verify and were written by women. Among that pool, the response was overwhelmingly positive. I could not find a customer who had requested a refund, and most people were quite pleased with the real-world texting examples. A lot of effort went into them, and it shows.

Final Thoughts and My Verdict


My verdict is that if you are interested in this topic, then Text Chemistry is a must-read. While it is not always the most polished book from a technical standpoint, Amy North is a unique and interesting voice who has a lot of insightful things to say about both relationships and texting.

The Text Chemistry review ranks among my favorite evaluations when it comes to dating books. As mentioned several times earlier, there is some crossover between this book and His Secret Obsession. But at almost every point where this happened, North provided some insight that was distinct from James Bauer, and I think there was a unique education had in having read them both.

Text effectively with help from Text Chemistry by Amy North!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions I encountered while reviewing Text Chemistry:

1. Is Text Chemistry a Scam?

No. Bottom line is that this is an approach to romance and texting written by a licensed psychologist who has dedicated her career to being a dating coach for women. A great deal of research went into writing this book, and the effort put into the real-world texting examples is impressive. Of course, this approach will not be right for everyone. That does not make it a scam, however, and there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel like you did not get anything of value from the program.

2. How Do You Access Text Chemistry?

The four e-books are provided in PDF format, which you can view via your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet and smartphone. The videos are in AVI format, which most devices support as well. You will also receive links to webpages that have those videos embedded. Those may be easier for some users, but having the video files is nice for those who may want to watch them offline.

3. Is Text Chemistry Shipped to You?

No. Text Chemistry is not currently offered in either a hardcover or paperback format. This is a digital purchase that contains four e-books in PDF format and 13 videos in AVI format. Your purchase email will provide a link to download these materials at your convenience. You will need to create an account, and that will allow you to redownload the materials whenever you want.

4. Does Text Chemistry Actually Work?

Does Text Chemistry work is by far the most common question associated with this book, and the answer is yes but with some caveats. This is not some magic formula that will make you irresistible to men through your sheer texting prowess. But it does show you how to avoid undermining yourself when texting, how to have confidence while texting and how to interpret texts from your partner. I know this works because it led to me noticing my own mistakes and revaluating and correcting my texts.

5. How Much Does Text Chemistry Cost?

The standard price for Text Chemistry is $49.95. There are no shipping and handling fees. Whether or not ClickBank will charge you tax depends on the state associated with your payment method.

6. Can You Get Your Money Back?

Yes. TextChemistry.com offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. No questions are asked if you decide you want a refund. All you have to do is contact customer service via support@textchemistry.com. Customer support will respond within 24 hours and process your refund within 24 business hours of that response. It can take between 4-7 business days for the refund to post on your credit card.

7. Is it Possible to Have Chemistry via Text?

Absolutely. Just consider a close friend or family member who you text with often. Pairings like this often have their own language that lets them text each other in a way that would not work with a stranger. You can develop that chemistry with anyone who interests you, and while it is certainly made easier after bonding in person and building a history, there are techniques that you can use to enhance your texts, make yourself more engaging and build chemistry between you and your partner.

8. What Is E-Glow Text?

A woman knows how to make herself desirable to a man in person. But how do you do it on your phone solely through text? Amy North’s answer to this question is e-glow text messages. In developing this technique, North actually studied old love letters and the techniques people used back then. She then took that lost wisdom and applied it to modern courting rituals and in particular texting.

9. What Is Tantalizing Seduction Text?

This is Amy North’s take on the art of seduction as viewed through the lens of the digital world. How do you seduce someone through text? North provides strategies not just for texting but in using language that specifically targets how men think and perceive in order to make them desire you.

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