Keto Diet Pills – Which is the Best Keto Diet Supplement to Use?

Are you thinking about losing some weight naturally and effectively? Then go for the keto diet, it presents you with a dietary lifestyle choice that offers you weight loss, health benefits, and much more.

When you browse any fitness influencers’ Instagram feed, you’ll eventually find them talking about the keto diet. “Keto diet” is gaining steam as a popular diet plan online, with YouTubers like Thomas Delauer and Instagrammers like Suzanne Ryan (@ketokarma) turning millions of people onto a zero-carb lifestyle.

Following a keto diet is more manageable than people think. When you get into it, you’ll find eating zero carbs makes you feel great, removing systemic inflammation and bloating. However, there are those times when you slip up, and that cupcake just had to happen.

The problem with your mistake isn’t the mindset; staying on a keto diet is easy. You just tell yourself you won’t eat any more carbs, and that cupcake was just a one-off thing. The problem is getting back into the keto diet. Eating that delicious treat throws you out of the state of ketosis, and it takes the body several hours to get back on track.

Fortunately, there’s a Keto supplement for that. Taking keto diet pills helps burn fat for energy with the exogenous ketones present in them.

Keto diet pills are a miracle for anyone looking to recover from the ketogenic state as fast as possible after eating carbs. Newcomers starting the keto diet benefit from the keto diet pill, too, helping them fast-track their transition into the state of ketosis.

Ketosis – What Is It Anyway?

If you don’t know anything about ketosis, we’ll give you a quick rundown of this metabolic state. Since there’s already so much information on it from high-quality sources, like Thomas Delauer, we won’t bore you with the science for too long.

Simply put, the state of ketosis involves shifting energy production from using carbs to fuel metabolism and burn fat for energy. When we stop eating carbs, we slowly deplete the glucose-based energy stores in the body.

It takes around three to five days for the stores to deplete completely. During this time, you feel a progression of lethargy and fatigue associated with “running out of fuel” for the body.

When your stores hit zero, the body goes into a semi-crisis mode to prevent starvation. The brain flips the switch to the state of ketosis, where it uses the liver to metabolize fat storage, producing energy.

So, when you go to bed feeling half like death on day five of your ketogenic diet, you suddenly wake up feeling like a million bucks on Saturday morning. As the blood ketone levels rise, your energy returns, and you feel better than ever before.

The selling point of the keto diet pills is that by burning ketones instead of glucose, you’re helping reduce the fat stores in the body rapidly, preventing them from returning and helping you lose weight.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Does it make sense?

How Does the Keto Diet Pills Influence the Ketogenic Diet?

The problem with newbies into keto and even seasoned veterans of the lifestyle are returning to keto after knocking yourself out of the state of ketosis. You see, most experts agree that eating more than 20 to 30-grams of carbs in a day will flip the switch back to gluconeogenesis (burning carbs for fuel).

As a result, it takes the body time to burn through the new glucose, and you go back to feeling like a zombie again until the ketones kick in. This process can become annoying for some people, especially newbies, to the lifestyle. It’s challenging just to stop eating carbs unless you have a powerful mindset.

Many people go off the rails at the two-week mark and binge on a cheat meal of carbs. They end up paying for that indiscretion severely when the “keto flu” kicks in again.

So, what’s this all got to do with a keto pill?

Well, the keto diet pills are what some keto-fans would call miracle weight loss pills. The keto diet supplements help you reach the state of ketosis faster. Some keto diet pills claim to get you into ketosis in less than a third of the time it takes naturally.

That’s a big deal for keto fans. Imagine getting rid of a day of feeling like human garbage just by dropping a keto diet pill. It might sound crazy, but there are millions of testimonials on these products proving their efficacy.

The Top Keto Diet Pills in 2021

Keto diet pills sound interesting, right? If you’re a fan of the lifestyle, or you’ve wanted to try it out, we bet you’re halfway to the GNC by now, ready to get the cashier to take your money. Hold on for a second before you grab your car keys.

When you get to the store, you’ll find around a dozen weight loss supplements staring you in the face; now, what do you do? How do you know which keto supplement is the best choice for your needs?

We decided to take care of the confusion and hassle of making your decision on the right keto diet pill. We looked at the leading brands and the top products they have on offer. The top keto diet supplements will use either a fat-based approach to driving the body into ketosis or a salt-based methodology in the ingredients.

Choosing the right keto supplement depends on personal preference. We recommend giving both salt-based and fat-based products a try to see what your body responds to best.

After checking through customer testimonials and other forms of social proof, we settled on five choices for the best keto pill supplement.

  • KetoCharge
  • BioTRUST Keto Elevate
  • HealthyGen KetoPower Boost
  • Prime Health Daily KetoBOOST
  • Keto Advanced 1500



KetoCharge is our top choice under the list of keto diet pills. This keto diet supplement focuses on a salt and mineral complex to drive you into the ultimate state of ketosis. The crux of the KetoCharge formulation is its BHB ketones, also known as “healthy salts.”

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, beta-hydroxybutyric acid or BHB, is a “physiological” ketone produced in the liver. The BHB mineral salts keep your blood electrolyte balance steady. These natural substances are vital in maintaining mineral balance in the body, keeping you in ketosis, and resulting in a fat-burning state.

KetoCharge also includes glycine amino acids in its formulation, which are the building blocks of proteins. Glycine is critical in regulating the central nervous system (CNS) and brain cells. Optimal glycine levels improve mood, cognition, immune function, digestion, appetite, burn fat, and improve sleep quality.

KetoCharge is available through the official website. The manufacturer of KetoCharge is confident that you’ll love its product.

Overall, KetoCharge is an efficient keto diet pill that uses fast-tracking ketosis and keeps you there in the fat-burning state. It’s one of the more expensive products on the list, but it’s the best salt-based option, and the multi-bottle discounts make it affordable for long-term use.

Ingredients Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts, calcium BHB, Sodium BHB, Magnesium BHB, and glycine amino acid
Key Highlights
  • It helps you lose weight naturally and effectively by supporting a low-carb diet.
  • Start burning fat as soon as it enters the body by raising blood ketone levels.
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Avoids Keto flu
  • Ensures better sleeping pattern and improved mood
  • Right Dosage 2 pills in a day
    Other Perks
  • Do not require a rigorous keto diet to show its excellent results
  • Free worldwide shipping with discreet shipping
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • 100% herbal formula made in the United States
  • BioTRUST Keto Elevate


    As mentioned, you have options for salt-based and fat-based best keto diet pills. BioTRUST Keto Elevate is our top product under the category of keto weight loss pills. This diet pill focuses on medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) to give you the springboard you need to enter the ketogenic state.

    The body breaks down the MCTs in the formula, rapidly turning them into exogenous ketones for energy. The powder is effective to burn fat for energy as the body starts adapting to using ketones for fuel, alongside carbs. Eventually, you can condition ketone bodies as the preferred energy source to glucose, making the shift to ketosis seamless and effortless.

    The formula is designed to assist the keto diet, and it is often used as a pre-workout supplement that helps the body burn fat for more energy.

    Ingredients caprylic acid, MCT Oil, and sodium caseinate
    Key Highlights
  • An excellent keto supplement that supports the keto diet and burns fat instead of carbs
  • Promotes weight loss regime by enhanced ketosis state
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Reduces cravings that further helps to lose weight faster
  • Promotes gut and digestive health
  • Boost mental sharpness and better cognition
  • Right Dosage 2 scoops in a day
    Other Perks
  • Manufactured by renowned weight loss supplements brand
  • Backed with 1000s positive customer reviews
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • 100% herbal and powerful medium-chain triglycerides powder
  • HealthyGen KetoPower Boost


    HealthyGen is a leading brand in keto supplements, and this KetoPower Boost product is one of the top-quality keto diet pills. KetoPower Boost features a potent formulation of BHB salts, including additional calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, to assist with regulating your mineral balance.

    Using this KetoPower Boost replenishes the lost minerals while giving your body the primer it needs to implement and maintain the ketogenic state. Similar to other best keto diet pills, this also includes additional Bioperine for a fat-burning effect, as well as curcumin for a potent anti-inflammatory boost to your system and forskolin for speeding up your metabolic rate.

    HealthyGen realizes that many people implementing the keto diet are looking at KetoPower Boost, which brings you a weight loss formula that benefits your ketogenic state and energy levels.

    It is one of the keto supplements with the most potent fat-burning ketones and BHB to lose weight naturally.

    Ingredients Calcium BHB, Magnesium BHB, and Sodium BHB
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes weight loss process in two practical ways
  • Helps the body burn fat for energy to increase the metabolic rate
  • BHB reaches ketosis faster that allows one to lose weight naturally
  • There is no strict diet that has to be followed while consuming this best keto diet pill
  • One can feel incredibly energetic and experience better focus to optimize the fat burning process
  • Right Dosage One capsule in a day
    Other Perks
  • A free bonus featuring a keto diet fix plan, workout plan, and a weight loss guide.
  • Free shipping on orders in the United States
  • 100% natural ingredients are added
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days
  • Prime Health Daily KetoBOOST


    Prime Health Daily KetoBOOST is another name in the leading keto diet pills produced by PHD Nutritionals, a well-respected dietary supplements brand in the athletic market. This product comes with a unique formulation, and we like the fantastic “liquid capsule” delivery system.

    Robert Jeffrey KetoBOOST designs it, and it is an MCT-based ketone enhancer focusing on caprylic acid in high concentrations. To force the body burn fat, KetoBoost produces more ketones in the body and convert

    You get a potent dose of the right MCTs to enhance your transition to ketosis and keep you there with the help of these ketogenic pills. The formula also includes vitamin E to help with collagen production, improving the look of your skin.

    Overall, this product is one of the top keto diet pills that comes with multiple benefits along with weight loss. However, the price is a bit heavy unless you intend on taking several bottles to get the discounted pricing.

    Ingredients 2.0g of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), featuring 1.1g of caprylic acid and 700mg of capric acid
    Key Highlights
  • Help you lose weight naturally by supporting low carb diet plan
  • Increases blood ketone levels to kickstart ketosis for losing weight from stubborn areas
  • Boost energy level and mental clarity
  • Reduces appetite and controls hunger hormones
  • Right Dosage One capsule in a day
    Other Perks
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Made under FDA and GMP Certified facilities
  • Easily purchase keto diet pills online
  • Do not need any sound medical advice to consume the pills
  • Keto Advanced 1500


    Manufactured and distributed by Keto Advanced 1500 is another salt-based keto pill offering you outstanding results. The BHB-based formulation with Keto Advanced 1500 is so potent it claims to get you into keto in two hours.

    The Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism Journal recently ran a study on Keto Advanced 1500. The research results showed that Keto Advanced 1500 did increase the rate of descent into the ketogenic state. It also proves efficacious at assisting the body with producing ketones from fat stores.

    This supplement got a lot of media attention, appearing on CNN, NBC, CBS News, Globe Newswire, and even Women’s Health.

    Ingredients 800mg of calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate, magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate, and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate.
    Key Highlights
  • It helps in burning fat naturally by raising the blood ketone levels
  • Allows one to lose weight in a short period
  • Increases energy level and prevents many health issues like diabetes and so on.
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Right Dosage One Capsule Daily
    Other Perks
  • Great discount on the purchase of more than one bottle
  • Manufactured under GMP approved facilities
  • FDA approved ingredients
  • Easily available online
  • How We Selected The Best Keto Supplements

    There are dozens of brands offering keto pills and plenty of products promising you a better ketogenic experience. So, how do you know which products are the best choices? How did we come up with our list of the best keto pills?

    We spent hours in research, so you don’t have to. We looked at twenty of the top-selling products, narrowing them down to this shortlist of five. Here are the criteria we used when assessing each of the products on our list.

    Science-Backed Formulation

    Does the product have its claims based on science? Does the brand use ingredients that drive the user into ketosis?

    Clinical Doses

    What kind of dose are you getting with the supplement? Is it an effective clinical dosage, how do they come to that dose? Does using this supplement at the recommended dose produce results in clinical settings?

    Ingredients Transparency

    Does the manufacturing brand use premium ingredients? Do they offer third-party testing and FDA approval? Does the manufacturer source ingredients in the USA, or are they importing from foreign sources? Do they manufacture in the USA to best practices?

    Science-Backed Results Recommended by Doctors and Nutritional Scientists

    Are there any doctors or nutritional experts involved with the product’s formulation? Does the product have any medical endorsement?

    Price and Value

    What is the price of the product relative to its quality and other products in the market? Does the brand offer discounts if you buy in bulk? Does the product suit someone on a budget or someone looking for the best premium product money can buy?

    Who Suits Keto Diet Pills?

    Anyone that lives a keto lifestyle can benefit from the use of keto pills in their nutritional plan. According to the manufacturing claims, many keto diet pills can help you burn fat faster, transition into the keto state easier, and improve your fat loss results.

    Keto pills work for the dedicated keto enthusiast, helping them maintain a deeper level of ketosis for longer, fast-tracking their results while supporting their ketogenic needs. Newcomers to the diet will find plenty of benefits in using keto pills.

    It’s common for newbies to fall off the horse when they start the diet. Making a mistake and enjoying that slice of pizza will cost you a carb dump that kicks you out of ketogenic diets. As a result, they lose progress, slowing their effects as they wait for the body to return to ketosis.

    By taking a few keto pills after you finish the pizza, you limit the effects of the carbs on your ketogenic state, remaining in ketosis. As a result, you miss out on that horrible keto flu and get a faster recovery to a complete ketogenic state.

    Here are the top reasons why people use keto supplements to support their ketogenic diet:

    • People that want to burn body fat on a weight loss diet.
    • People that want to get into ketosis faster.
    • People that want to stay in a deeper state of the keto diet
    • People that like the keto lifestyle but can’t remain dedicated to a whole keto diet.
    • People that want to optimize the effects of a keto diet.
    • People that want more physical energy and better mental clarity when in a caloric deficit.

    Keto diet pills are for anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits of the keto lifestyle. If you’re not keen on following a strict keto diet but want all the benefits of keto, keto pills can help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

    Keto Diet Pills – What Science Has To Say

    So, why the keto diet in the first place? Why is it such an effective weight loss diet? The first use of the ketogenic diet began in the 90s with the introduction of the Atkins diet. Atkins was also a zero-carb diet, but it focused too heavily on protein.

    The issue with having more than 10% to 15% protein in a ketogenic diet is that the body converts the protein into glucose in a ketogenic state. So, in the late 90s, a clever nutritionist launched the “Modified ketogenic diet.” This diet included a higher fat percentage in the macros, with 90% of all dietary calories coming from healthy fat sources.

    It’s also essential to note the quality of your fat sources when running the ketogenic diet. Just because you’re eating a fat-based diet with protein doesn’t give you a license to go wild on the saturated animal fats.

    Saturated animal fats aren’t good for your health, and you’ll probably end up overeating protein. Instead, it would help if you focused on eating healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Look for superfruits like avocados, almonds, nuts, high-quality oils, and fatty fish as your best sources of healthy fats for your ketogenic diet.

    Understanding the importance of your fat sources might be challenging, especially if you’re a newcomer to the keto lifestyle. If that’s the case, you can spend a few hours researching the diet on YouTube. Or you have the option of going to a qualified nutritionist to write you a meal plan.

    If you’re a first-timer, you can reduce errors in your diet by visiting the nutritionist. Leveraging the professional’s knowledge of food helps you get better results out of your ketogenic diet. They ensure you get your macros in the right proportions, and they build you a diet plan based on the foods you like to eat, not a cookie-cutter system.

    Ask them about their recommendations for the best keto diet pills, and show them the labels of the products you’re interested in taking to enhance your keto diet. Plenty of studies confirm the benefits of including BHB salts and high-quality MCTs in your keto diet.

    The Keto diet is not junk science, and there’s plenty of evidence backing the efficacy of the diet for creating better well-being and fat loss in practitioners of the ketogenic lifestyle. A 2004 study published in Experimental & Clinical Cardiology shows the effects of participants using a keto diet for 24-weeks.

    The participants ate less than 30g of carbohydrates daily during the study, including 83 obese individuals, 44 women, and 39 men. After the end of the trial, all participants lost a significant amount of body weight, dramatically reducing their BMI.

    Researchers also noted that despite the high-fat content of the diet, the HDL cholesterol level in the blood increased, while the harmful type of cholesterol, LDL, decreased. Overall, triglycerides also dropped to lower levels.

    Harvard University also looked at how the keto diet influences body mass index and lifestyle in people who undergo body transformations. The Harvard research has the following findings:

    The high-fat content of the macronutrient profile in the keto diet leads to reductions in food cravings and appetite.

    Reduced intake of carbs results in a decrease in ghrelin, which are appetite and insulin-stimulating hormones.

    Ketones play a direct role in reducing hunger cravings, providing your body with its primary fuel source while in a ketogenic state.

    The body spends more energy converting ketones to energy, accelerating fat loss.

    The ketogenic diet drops insulin levels, reducing the chances of developing diabetes and eliminating prediabetes in affected individuals.

    While there is no conclusive evidence proving all of these claims, it seems like the anecdotal evidence suggests all of them could be true. We continue to learn more about the effects of the ketogenic diet on the body and its impact on fat loss and general well-being.

    The MCT-based keto pills complement the keto diet for many reasons. A 2014 study shows MCTs increase the release of the peptide YY and the hormone leptin. Another study shows consuming two tablespoons of high-quality MCT oil with breakfast leads to lower calorie consumption during the day.

    The best keto pills containing beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts raise blood ketone levels, supposedly helping the body enter ketosis faster.

    A 2017 study of BHB salts in the keto diet shows that participants consumed a BHB-based beverage and timed how long it took them to enter ketosis. On average, it took the participants 9-hours to reach levels where they officially entered ketosis after drinking the BHB beverage.

    Other studies link the benefits of keto diet pills to improved metabolism and enhanced cognition, and there is even evidence to show a neuroprotective effect from BHB supplementation. A 2018 study shows supplementing with BHB salts neutralizes part of the adverse effect of the keto diet, such as the keto flu, making it easier for newcomers to the diet to stick to it long-term.

    The prestigious Mayo Clinic states that keto salts and diet pills could provide the brain with neuroprotective effects. According to the research, almost half of young people using the supplement in a controlled study experienced fewer epilepsy attacks.

    People with diabetes also find it easier to manage their blood sugar on a ketogenic diet. There is convincing evidence to suggest a long-term keto diet could control blood sugar levels in prediabetes.


    What Is the Recommended Dose for Keto diet pills?

    If you’re using salt-based keto diet pills with BHB, the average dose is between 800mg to 1,500mg per serving. Most salt-based systems rely on two or three minerals, including calcium, potassium, and sodium.

    According to clinical research, doses of 800mg of BHB show effective results at lifting the presence of ketones in the blood. Avoid using products offering less than 800mg of BHB salts per serving.

    A fat-based MCT keto pill product or powder requires around 1.1-grams to 5-grams of caprylic acid and capric acid per serving. Users can adjust their doses as per their experience level.

    Keto Diet Pills FAQs

    Q: Do I have to use the keto diet properly to lose weight?

    A: Yes, a keto diet requires you to remain in ketosis for as long as possible to experience the full benefit of the diet. Yo-yo-ing between gluconeogenesis and ketosis won’t do you any favors. It’s also essential to eat a caloric deficit on a diet to start burning body fat stores.

    If you don’t eat a caloric deficit, you won’t lose weight, regardless of the diet method you use. If you struggle with putting together a diet, speak to a nutritionist, and they’ll work out a diet plan that meets your keto requirements.

    Q: How do I get my body to enter ketosis?

    A: To enter ketosis, you need to deplete the body’s glycogen stores. The body produces glycogen from carbohydrates included in your diet. When you stop eating carbs, the glycogen stores start to lessen, and there are no new carbs to replenish the stores.

    As a result, your body goes into survival mode, flipping the switch to ketosis. With ketosis, the body metabolizes fat from your diet for energy. If you eat a caloric deficit, the body is more efficient at mobilizing fat stores for energy production, making you lose weight faster.

    Q: How do keto diet pills work?

    A: The keto diet pill has two methods, using salts or fats to help you enter ketosis faster. The pills help speed the transition time between gluconeogenesis and ketosis, allowing you to enter a deeper state of ketosis.

    Q: Can I expect to lose weight with keto diet pills?

    A: Sure, but not the way you think. The keto boost pills themselves don’t initiate a fat-burning effect. However, it allows the body to remain in a deep ketogenic state where it optimizes ketone production, mobilizing body fat stores for energy.

    During the first week of the keto diet, it removes “water weight as glycogen depleted.” As a result, many people find they lose anywhere from 5% to 10% of their total body weight within the first ten days before it slows. When you start eating carbs again, this water weight returns.

    Q: Is it safe to use keto diet pills?

    A: Yes, it’s entirely safe to use keto pills to help you manage your ketogenic state. However, you must check your diet and other lifestyle components before you start relying on keto pills.

    The keto pill is one of the dietary supplements, not a crutch, and the hard work comes in maintaining your diet, not taking the supplement. Even the best dietary supplements won’t provide results unless you stick to a healthy, Well-planned, well-structured keto diet.

    Q: What is the difference between the ketogenic diet and other low-carb diets?

    A: Most other low-carb diets call for the inclusion of trace carbs, up to 50-grams a day, preventing the body from entering ketosis while depleting glycogen stores as much as possible before it affects performance.

    The ketogenic diet involves eating 90% fat and 10% protein. By overeating protein, say to the 20% mark, your body will also fall out of keto. Therefore, it’s essential to stick to the 90% fat, 10% protein, and trace carbs model for this diet.

    Q: Are there any side effects associated with the keto diet?

    A: Some people find that they experience the “keto flu” when they transition away from carbs or fall out of ketosis. Besides the low energy associated with the transition, most people don’t notice any adverse side effects from running a ketogenic diet.

    Q: Why do I get the “Keto Flu” when I stop eating carbs?

    A: The keto flu describes the effects as your body transitions away from glucose to ketones for energy. During the three to five days it takes to get into ketosis, you start feeling fatigued, and you experience brain fog as the body starves its glycogen suppliers.

    The effect isn’t like the flu, and you won’t get a temperature or anything. However, it removes overnight as your body enters ketosis, and you’ll wake up feeling great.

    Q: Will the keto diet damage my cardiovascular health?

    A: No, the ketogenic diet has plenty of research behind it, showing it has only positive effects on heart health. There is also plenty of research showing that dietary cholesterol and fat consumption has little to no impact on heart health – it’s genetics that matter the most when it comes to heart disease.

    Q: Can I go out and drink alcohol on a keto diet?

    A: If you’re going out for a drink, stick to clean spirits. These drinks have the lowest impact on ketosis. If you do end up having a cocktail, you might have to double-dose your keto pills the following day to get back into ketosis.

    Q: What is the best keto pill?

    A: It’s tough to choose the best keto pill on this list. Your choice depends on whether you want a salt-based or fat-based delivery system. With a salt-based product, we recommend going with KetoCharge. With a fat-based product, we recommend BioTRUST Keto Elevate. Try both of them to see which one gives you a better response.

    The Best keto diet supplements in 2021 Verdict

    The ketogenic is a practical lifestyle for maintaining optimal health. Millions of people use keto long-term, and some are just trying it out for a first experience. Whatever you’re the reason for enjoying the benefits of the keto lifestyle, enhance its effects with keto pills.

    No need to mention that keto BHB capsules are the best alternatives to keto diets and any other low-carb diet. Most keto diet pills and keto diet tablets help you lose weight with the help of exogenous ketones.

    We made our recommendations for the two best options during our review. As mentioned, keto pills come in two variants – salt-based and fat-based supplements. Both provide you with equally good results, provided you use the right brand.

    If you’re stuck on the fence about the right keto pill for you, why not go with one of our recommendations? For a salt-based product, we recommend KetoCharge. The expert formulation and proven results make it the top premium product in this review.

    However, if you’re looking for a fat-based product, we recommend going for the BioTRUST Keto Elevate. This powder supplement comes with high bioavailability and the purest MCTs to help your body transition smoothly into the ketogenic state.

    Keto supplements can help you get better results from the keto lifestyle. However, before we go, we have to leave you with a disclaimer. The reality is that the keto diet isn’t for everyone. For instance, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid keto.

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