Compare the Best Anti-Snoring Devices for Sale on the Market in 2022

Almost two-thirds of adults in America snore when they sleep at night. Thankfully, many mouthpiece brands and solutions can help you stop snoring and sleep better each night.

Mouthpieces, nose-related solutions, and medically approved sleep aids can reduce snoring. You can even take supplements that can help with your snoring problems.

We tested many of these products and solutions to find the top-ranking brands.

The Best Anti-Snoring Products and Solutions for 2022

While these mouthpiece and snoring solutions brands say that they help mitigate snoring for their clients, not all the brands on the market live up to the claim. Once we completed our analysis of how multiple brands worked to reduce snoring, this is how we have ranked the top mouthpiece brands and solutions:

  • AirSnore
  • VitalSleep
  • Good Morning Snore Solution
  • ZQuiet
  • SnoreRX
  • Smart Nora
  • SleepTight Mouthpiece
  • SomniFix
  • SnoreMeds
  • QinuxLeep
  • SleepLab
  • Snore Stop
  • SilentSnore
  • SnoreStop Plus
  • Snore Strap
  • Anti Snoring Septum
  • GOGOSLEEP Anti-Snore Wristband
  • Blueprint Gadgets Nasal Clip
  • Snoral Bracelet
  • SenseSleep
  • AVEOtsd
  • SnorX
  • The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program
  • Dodow
  • Sleep Guard Plus
  • KoKoon



AirSnore ranks #1 on our top mouthpieces brands and solutions list. Some products clench your jaw shut so no snoring would take place. This product utilizes a mouthguard and a soothing herbal supplement as a double factor in reducing snoring. Consume the herb drops every night before you lay down, install the mouthpiece, and you have a double-time sleep solution. It’s a quick and effortless way to receive the relief you and your loved ones need from your snoring.

AirSnore’s mouthpiece technology confines your head into a particular position to mitigate snoring. The herb supplement has scientifically proven sleep aid ingredients such as lavender oil to lull you to sleep more naturally.

You can try one of AirSnore’s sleep solutions on their own or purchase the bundle with both solutions in one package. The mouthpiece costs $50 on its own, while the herb supplement costs $45. It’s $90 if you want both sleep aids.



VitalSleep is the next best ranking sleep solution that stops snoring so you can get a calm resting experience.

Utilizing VitalSleep will get you to breathe better using a custom-fit mouthguard that conforms to your teeth’s unique shape.

VitalSleep has been doctor recommended for the past decade and continues to serve happy customers.

Good Morning Snore Solution


Good Morning Snore Solution maneuvers your tongue in a specific manner so that you no longer snore. This device makes it so that your teeth do not grind. On top of that, there is no need to boil and make teeth impressions in the mouthpiece like other brands.

MPowrx is the manufacturer behind Good Morning Snore Solution. The product is highly rated in the online market with a 4.6 out of 5 stars and almost 2,000 positive customer reviews.



ZQuiet has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back. While you can purchase the starter kit and jump into the sleep solution for $70, there is also a 30-night trial that will only cost you $10 to try out the product.

A dentist designed the mouthpiece to help fit your mouth comfortably and reduce snoring. The company originated in 2008 with close to 15 years of experience to stop people from snoring with their mouthpiece technology. Fast forward to today, ZQuiet now has a product that is approved via the FDA with millions of happy customers.

Besides their mouthpiece sleeping solution, ZQuiet also has other sleep aid products such as earplugs, nasal breathing products, and more. The brand has increased in popularity as a top sleeping aid brand.



SnoreRX provides you with two sleeping solutions. The SnoreRX mouthpiece or the wider SnoreRX Plus mouthpiece are your options.

They have in common the need to boil the mouthpiece and bite down on it to achieve custom teeth impressions to help you stop snoring. The thermal matrix material is how the mouthguard will last longer than other brands.

Once you have installed SnoreRX into your mouth, you can move it every 1mm until you feel it is in the most comfortable setting. This option allows your jaw to move regularly without the displacement other brands cause.

Smart Nora


Smart Nora reduces your snoring without using a mouthpiece or a nasal strip. This less invasive sleep aid will still give you the results you desire.

It’s a two-part contraption with a sensor placed on your bedside table, and there is an inflatable add-on that goes under your pillow. The pillow will inflate or deflate depending on your position when the sensor picks up snoring. The whole process will not wake you up because it’s quiet.

You can try out Smart Nora for 30 days before committing to the product going forward. With free returns and even an inclusive one-year warranty, Smart Nora is your best sleep solution that’s less intrusive to mitigate snoring.

SleepTight Mouthpiece


Dr. Mike Williams joined forces with a scientist from the United Kingdom to create the SleepTight Mouthpiece.

SleepTight Mouthpiece costs $80 to have the entire product, or you can sample a $10 trial before purchasing the full product. It only takes a few minutes to get it fitted to your teeth at home for fast improvement results for your breathing.

Your airways are opened up when you use this brand, much like other sleep aid brands. If you have chronic snoring or even sleep apnea, you can benefit from using SleepTight Mouthpiece.



SomniFix encourages nose breathing rather than mouth breathing to stop snoring.

It comes in a strip you place over your mouth, so there is less snoring. SomniFix supports complying with CPAP standards so that you get a better night’s rest.

You should not breathe through your mouth as it can obstruct your airways if your tongue gets in the way. Mouth breathing while sleeping leads to snoring and difficulty breathing. SomniFix is your solution to remedy this problem.

Get a one-month supply of 28 SomniFix strips today!



SnoreMeds customized mouthguards to fit the unique shape of a man’s mouth and a woman’s mouth. The product has a 45-day satisfaction guarantee with many happy customers.

The mouthpiece repositions your jawline so that your airways are not obstructed.

SnoreMeds is an affordable option amongst its competitor brands. Plus, it has two options for custom fitting based on gender.



You install QinuxLeep near your chin to receive snoring relief. If other sleep aids have not worked for you, QinuxLeep could be your next best option.

Place the device underneath your mouth before laying down at night so that you can efficiently lower how much you snore. You and your loved ones will get a better night’s rest with the less snoring you are doing by using QinuxLeep.

The sensors in the EMS technology are utilized to help you get more air inside your lungs without keeping you up at night, as some mouthpieces may do. The supplemental QinuxLeep smartphone app will help you to analyze your sleep habits.



SleepLab works with your muscles via a magnetic contraption fortified with smart technology so that your muscles can be stimulated when necessary to stop snoring.

SleepLab sends a silent pulse through your muscles if it picks up that you are snoring. You wear the magnetic contraption before bed every night so that you can get the benefits of a better night’s sleep.

The company also offers a smartphone app that you can download to your Android or Apple smartphone. Keep your phone’s Bluetooth on while the app is running so that you can get more feedback on your sleep patterns.



SnoreStop comes with a three-part sleep aid process that includes chewable tablets, a spray for your nose, and a spray for your throat. Utilizing these products every night before bed will help to minimize your snoring without using invasive solutions such as mouthguards.

Follow the steps in this order: throat spray, tablets, nose spray. While this sleep aid may not lessen snoring for all its users, it has become highly touted as the desired sleep aid because it’s scientifically proven to help you stop snoring.

There’s no need for a mouthguard or to wear a headband when you use SnoreStop. Grab the beginning kit for $25.


SilentSnore is made with environmentally friendly silicone gel. You put the device into your nose as you slumber so that it can open up your airways via your nostrils.

You can easily install the device into your nose and easily clean it after each use. Some people may not want something in their nostrils while they slumber, but others do not mind the sensation because of how well it works.

You can only grab SilentSnore from an online retailer and utilize magnets to keep your nostrils apart to keep your airways open.

SnoreStop Plus


SnoreStop Plus is one of the devices on our ranked feature that comes in a wrist bracelet sleep solution.

You can adjust the settings on this wrist bracelet, which feels comfy as you wear it as if it’s not even there. This is another sleep aid that’s not invasive.

If the wrist bracelet picks up on you snoring at least three times, the pulse of the sensory feedback technology will activate so that you can stop snoring.

Snore Strap


Snore Strap is a headband sleep solution that keeps your jaw and chin together as you slumber and reduce snoring as a result.

You can purchase Snore Strap via a daily deal that’s unlike any other brand on this list, which makes it cost-effective for many potential users to buy.

If you do not like the mouthguards or the devices that go into your nostrils, Snore Strap can be your next best option.

Anti Snoring Septum


Anti Snoring Septum is otherwise known as Snore-Stop. This is another device that goes into your nostrils so that you breathe better through your nose as you sleep.

You will get great results starting from the first night you start using this product and become more prominent as you continue to use it.

This is a more cost-effective brand priced at only $30, and it helps reduce snoring sans the chemicals that could be in other sleep aids. Simply place the Anti Snoring Septum in your nostrils to begin getting relief from snoring today.

GOGOSLEEP Anti-Snore Wristband


You will have a better night’s sleep and a much better relationship with your partner using the GOGOSLEEP Anti-Snore Wristband.

This is the second wrist bracelet sleep aid featured on our ranked list that stops you from snoring by sending your body signals.

This high-tech wrist bracelet listens to the sounds of your bedroom. If it hears snoring, you will get an electrical pulse to encourage you to change how you are sleeping. Put the GOGOSLEEP wristband on tonight and start seeing results immediately.

Blueprint Gadgets Nasal Clip


Blueprint Gadgets Nasal Clip is another sleep aid on this list that keeps your nostrils separate to open your airways to encourage nose breathing instead of mouth breathing.

It’s an adjustable device so that you can find the comfortable fit you like. Purchasing the sleep aid won’t break the bank, and it works well to reduce snoring without using a nasal spray or invasive headbands or mouthguards.

Many happy customers stand by Blueprint Gadgets Nasal Spray Clip to help them sleep all night long. Magnetic technology helps to keep your nostrils apart, much like the other nostril clips featured on this ranked list.

Snoral Bracelet


Snoral Bracelet is the last wristband on this list that acts as an anti-snoring sleep aid.

Only costing $50 and having a 14-day satisfaction guarantee, Snoral Bracelet evaluates the sounds in the room so that it can watch for your snoring. If the bracelet hears snoring, you will get a small pulse electrically applied to your wrist to stop the snoring and not disturb your sleep.

It may take a little bit to get accustomed to how the Snoral Bracelet works, but you should see results soon after using it.



SenseSleep is a pillow that utilizes ergonomic engineering to help you stop snoring and avoid resorting to more invasive alternatives. SenseSleep contains foam technology to detect your snoring patterns so that they eventually stop over time.

The mesh fabric of the SenseSleep pillow reduces the allergens that get caught in it so that you can more easily clean the pillow every so often. SenseSleep allows you to rest peacefully as if you were usually sleeping because you lie on a pillow.

If other sleep solutions have not reduced your snoring, SenseSleep could be the next option that works for you!



AVEOtsd is another non-intrusive sleep aid that helps to reduce snoring. The New Zealand device is put on the tip of your tongue then gingerly pulled from its placement so that it can open your airways.

Your tongue falling back during open-mouth sleeping is responsible for causing snoring in this case. AVEOtsd solves this issue so that you can have a more restful sleep.

For those of you that cannot stand mouthpieces, AVEOtsd is an excellent non-intrusive alternative that you can try today.



SnorX is another nasal magnetic sleep aid that utilizes magnets to help separate your nostrils with a plastic framework so that you do not snore.

There are no toxins in SnorX, which makes it a safe sleep aid. It’s easy to put into your nose so that you can get the snoring relief you need. If you do not like the mouthguards, the nasal clips could be your next best option.

It costs only $40 for SnorX. With your purchase, you receive a two-week satisfaction guarantee. Install the nasal device and get started on finding snoring relief today.

The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program


This program is a written guide that gives you different all-natural options that can help you to stop snoring. Read through the manual to find tips that you can implement immediately starting tonight.

If you purchase a sleep aid from one of our suggested brands in the ranking, you will only have one way to receive snoring relief. If you take advantage of this written guide by Blue Heron Health News’ Christian Goodman, you will have many tips to help you stop snoring. If you desire more access to various anti-snoring strategies, then Goodman’s guide is the right option for you.



For those that have insomnia, Dodow is an excellent option for helping people to get to sleep by using a special light that works to calm your thoughts and get you to sleep more naturally.

This product has a tri-factor system that includes meditation, behavioral therapy, and yoga to achieve a relaxed mindset that will lead to a restful sleep. Choose the 8-minute sleep setting before you lay down, and you will be given a breathing exercise that will help calm you to sleep.

The metronome light will activate using a specific lighting approach that will help calm your exhaling so that you can get more quality sleep. Place Dodow on your bedside table and be prepared for a relaxing experience before you fall asleep.

Sleep Guard Plus


Sleep Guard Plus is a sleeping solution supplement unique to the other solutions because it is the only sleep health supplement featured on our list.

Your stomach will be healthier as you take this supplement every night. The usual sleep supplement will give you too much melatonin and not enough healthy additions. However, Sleep Guard Plus includes probiotics that will help you lull yourself to sleep more naturally.

Not everyone will get the same results from Sleep Guard Plus, but many happy customers have reviewed the product online, saying their sleep-related issues improved substantially. These issues have included depression, insomnia, anxiety, and sleep problems.



KoKoon is distinctive amongst all the other sleep aids on this list in that you put on headphones to help you go to sleep. The headphones come with an app where you listen to guided sleep audio while the headphones reduce other noise disturbances in your environment.

Whether you have insomnia or snore in your sleep, you will benefit from the sleep relief that using KoKoon can give you. Sleep scientists worked tirelessly to refine this MyKokoon app and product for you to fall into a deep sleep more naturally.

Choose from the Nightbuds for $249 that reduce noise disturbances or the Relax Headphones for $349 that act like daily headphones you would usually use. Nightbuds are known as the thinnest in-ear earbuds worldwide. While at a high stakes price, you will get a much better quality of sleep using one of KoKoon’s products.

The Variables Considered When Ranking The Best Anti-snoring Products

While many sleep aids help reduce snoring, not every solution works for everyone. Many variables were taken into account when we ranked these top mouthpiece brands and solutions such as:

Satisfaction Guarantee

There could be a variety of explanations as to why individuals snore at night time. One sleep aid may work for someone who snores, while another could make them feel not so great. The highest-ranking sleep solution may not work for all people. We prefer brands with a satisfaction guarantee to get your money back if you find that product doesn’t work for you.

Doctor Recommended

If one or more doctors suggest a top sleep aid brand, this would boost credibility and rank higher on our list. Hence, we wanted to display more top brands that doctors recommended.

Doctor Designed

Moreover, if doctors were behind a sleep aid’s design, it would further increase the brand’s credibility. One of the brands, ZQuiet, originated from a dentist’s design. If sleep aids were doctor-designed, it would have more of a leg up over other brands in the marketplace.

Cost and Overall Value

While some individuals do not care about the prices of sleep aid that will help them with snoring, other people wish for more affordable and budget-friendly choices. We featured brands with a varied range of price points for people on all budgets.

True Customer Reviews

Our editorial team tested different sleep aid brands to corroborate happy customers’ reviews. We selected 100 random customer reviews for each brand to get a good background on what consumers thought of every sleep solution on our list. This technique helped our editorial team get a snapshot of what most people thought of each product.

How Easy It Is To Use the Product

Our editorial team selected sleep aids for snoring that were easier to use than other more complicated products. The ones we chose only take less than 5 minutes to prepare before you lay down in bed so that you do not have to spend double the time readjusting a sleep aid headband on yourself. We liked the sleep aids that also were compatible with a company app for tracking sleep habits.

The Cause of Snoring

While people know the sound of a snore, here is the proper reason why it happens.

You breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, usually with open airways.

If your airways are not fully open, this will make the tissues in your mouth vibrate and therefore cause snoring. Some of the vibrating tissues are the tonsils, tongue, soft palate, and adenoids.

People who are obese deal with snoring because an overabundance of chest pressure occurs and blocks their airways.

If you use a sleep sedative before bed or regularly consume alcohol, there is also a higher risk of snoring at night. If the tissue in your mouth is more prominent than usual, this can also contribute to snoring issues. Your age and whether you are pregnant or not could even be factors behind why you are snoring.

The 5 Variables Contributing to Snoring

While there may not be an underlying reason, there are other times that it could signify something wrong.

Five variables that may be causing snoring may be:

  • If you are obese
  • If you are a back sleeper
  • If you sleep with an open mouth
  • If you smoke or drink alcohol regularly
  • If your nose is congested or blocked because of another reason

Certain factors can make it so that someone snores. Statistics show that males usually snore more than females. Adults up in age usually snore more so than young adults.

People born with certain physical traits such as more of an overbite or tinier nostrils can make it so that you snore. You may begin to snore if you are pregnant, even if you have never snored before pregnancy.

The 10 Best Sleep Aids that Combat Snoring

While products on the market that help you stop snoring say they can do this, not every product lives up to the claim.

The top sleep solutions that reduce snoring are:

  • Tongue retainers
  • Mouthguards
  • CPAP machines
  • Anti-snoring pillows
  • Wedge pillows
  • Nasal dilators
  • Nasal sprays
  • Chin straps
  • Neti pots
  • Mouth tape

While some individuals like to use only one type of sleep solution, others like to utilize more than one type of sleep solution to reduce the likelihood of snoring.

When Should I Visit a Doctor About My Snoring?

While snoring may not be a reason for concern, sometimes it’s a sign of underlying health issues that must be solved.

If you have OSA or other sleeping issues, Mayo Clinic suggests you see a doctor if any of the following occur:

  • If breathing stops at any time while you are sleeping
  • If you are too tired during the day
  • Chronic headaches when you wake up in the morning
  • A sore throat that you feel right as you wake up in the morning
  • Insomnia
  • If you choke or gasp while sleeping
  • Pain in your chest as you sleep
  • High blood pressure
  • Constant snoring or it is deafening

Of course, you cannot see what you are doing as you sleep, so it’s best to undergo a sleep study or have a partner watch your sleep patterns to gather observations. Another option would be to have a camera running on you as you sleep to see what behaviors occur during the night.

Different Kinds of Snoring and Their Meanings

While some individuals only snore if they are lying on their backs, others may snore if their mouth is closed. There’s a specific meaning behind the type of snoring you do.

These are the different kinds of snoring and the meanings behind them:

  • Closed Mouth Snoring: Your tongue could be the cause of your snoring.
  • Open Mouth Snoring: There could be an issue with your throat, whereas the airways are blocked due to narrowing.
  • Back Sleep Snoring: Back sleep snoring is one of the most low-key snoring types. If you make different changes during your daytime life, such as better eating and cutting weight, you can reduce the likelihood of snoring while on your back.
  • Snoring in Every Sleep Position: If you underwent a sleep study and found that you snore no matter what position you lay in bed at night, there could be an underlying health problem that needs addressing. Inquire your doctor about a proper treatment based on your circumstances.

Home Remedies to Reduce Snoring Without the Use of a Sleep Aid

You can try home remedies to reduce the likelihood of snoring without purchasing a sleep aid product.

Try home remedies such as:

  • Pick a side to sleep on instead of snoozing while on your back
  • Put more pillows under you to raise your head. If you have a bed that moves, increase it by 4 inches
  • Do not consume alcohol for 4 hours before going to sleep
  • No large meals 3 hours before bed
  • Exercise as much as you can
  • Consume a balanced diet to help cut weight (losing as little as 5 pounds or even as much as 10 pounds can alleviate your snoring symptoms)
  • Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time daily
  • Make sure your bedroom’s air is moist; get a humidifier going if the air in your bedroom is drier

FAQs About Anti-Snoring Devices

We receive multiple inquiries about anti-snoring devices, the brands that work, and more. Here, we answer the questions you all ask the most.

Q: What’s snoring?

A: Snoring is defined as breathing that is very noisy as someone sleeps.

Q: How does snoring occur?

A: If your airways become more narrow, the tissues, including the soft palate and the uvula in the back of your throat, start to vibrate and cause snoring. Snoring could happen when your nose is blocked for whatever reason or if the vibrations occur at the bottom of your tongue.

Q: Can snoring be an issue?

A: Yes, snoring can be an issue. It can not only disturb your restful sleep, but it can also regularly wake up your partner if someone shares a bed with you. You may also be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea, whereas the issues must be tended to mitigate snoring symptoms.

Q: Why do people snore?

A: Many variables contribute to someone snoring. It could be obesity, slumbering on your back, open-mouth slumbering, smoking, consuming alcohol before slumbering, or your nose being blocked off.

Q: What’s sleep apnea?

A: Sleep apnea is defined as a health condition where your airways keep closing as you slumber, which makes you lose oxygen as you breathe in and out. This may cause you to gasp out of your sleep. If not treated, sleep apnea can cause more treacherous health issues.

Q: How will I know if I have sleep apnea?

A: You may choke in your sleep while snoring. You could be waking up with a sore throat or frequent morning headaches. If you are constantly tired in the morning or cannot properly focus on your daily tasks, or if you are moody, these are all underlying signs of sleep apnea.

Q: Do males snore more so than females?

A: Scientific studies have shown that 40% of males snore as they sleep, and only 20% of females snore.

Q: Why are males more prone to snoring than females?

A: Since men have larger mouth tissues than women and can usually store more fat in their necks, these are the reasons they snore more than women. Hormones in men make it so that their airways collapse more.

Q: What helps to stop snoring? Mouth breathing or nose breathing?

A: The healthier option is to breathe through your nose. You may not snore if you breathe through your nose than through your mouth. Nose breathing gets the bacteria out of your body better.

Q: Can snoring come from genetics?

A: Scientific studies have not shown snoring to come from family genetics. Specific genetics such as small nostrils, a chin that’s receded, a jaw that’s smaller than usual, or other factors can contribute to snoring. If you and your parents share one or more of these traits, snoring is more likely to occur.

Q: Can surgery help my snoring to stop?

A: Doctors do not suggest surgery to stop snoring. If you have a severe snoring case, then laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) or other types of mouth-related surgeries could be recommended to put an end to snoring. If doctors undergo surgery on one or more different mouth or throat parts, this could get your snoring under control.

Q: What are the statistics for snoring in America?

A: There are many statistics behind snoring studies. However, one scientifically researched observation showed that almost 6 out of 10 men snore and 4 out of 10 women snore at night.

Q: Could children who snore have a severe health issue?

A: It is not bad if children snore, but behavioral problems could occur if chronic snoring is not treated. Only about 27% of kids will snore during the night.

Q: How can I stop snoring?

A: Cut weight, do not consume alcohol, do not smoke cigarettes, and trying a different sleep position can get snoring to stop. Try one of the anti-snoring products as well.

Q: What is the top product that helps to stop snoring?

A: Choose from mouthguards, chin straps, and nostril dilators amongst the many types of sleep aids that help to stop snoring.

Q: What are more natural techniques to avoid snoring?

A: Raise your head with some pillows, pick a side to sleep on, lower the amount of alcohol you drink, and cutting weight are some of the more natural techniques to stop snoring.

Q: Which of the sleep aids is best for stopping snoring?

A: Not every sleep aid on the market works for all people. You can utilize different sleep aids such as mouthguards, chin straps, and nasal or mouth strips.

Q: Can I do exercises with my tongue that put an end to snoring?

A: Studies have shown that if you decide to do exercises with your tongue, it can mitigate snoring. The tongue strengthens when you do exercises so that there is a lesser likelihood of snoring. Techniques you can do include push-ups, slides, and stretches to get your tongue stronger.

The Best Anti-Snoring Products for 2022 Final Verdict

Snoring is an issue that can cause other health problems such as heightened blood pressure or even a higher risk of different diseases.

The market has flooded with many devices that mitigate snoring so you can get the relief you need.

Try any one of the best anti-snoring products above today!

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