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Best THC Gummies In The Market In 2021 – Top Delta 8 Brands For The Best Delta 8 THC Gummies And Weed Edibles Made With High Quality Hemp Strain | Delta 8 Near Me

THC gummies are getting more and more time in the limelight lately. From talk shows to magazine articles, CBD products are making their way into people’s medicine cabinets left and right.

There’s one question that comes up frequently as the market for THC gummies expands: “What are the best THC gummies?” In addition, people want to know which brand they should choose. The truth is, there are far too many brands available to know which brand is the absolute best. In fact, it’s hard to think you’re getting the best value when there are so many places selling edibles online.

Everybody is on the lookout for THC Gummies that are high in quality, tasty, and just plain fun. If you have tried THC gummies before and they let you down, don’t worry. This article will review the best five THC gummies, so you can be sure you’re not going to waste any more of your money on products that aren’t worth it.

List Of Top 5 Best Delta 8 THC Gummies

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best THC Gummies In The Market
  2. BudPop: Premium Brand For Delta 8 Gummies
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Variety Of Different Flavors In THC Edibles
  4. Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus: Best Choice For Vegan And Gluten Free Gummies
  5. 3Chi: High Rated Brand By Customers For Hemp Edibles

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best THC Gummies In The Market


Are you tired of shelling out big bucks for your cannabis treats and still ending up disappointed with the product that does nothing to help your health? Then the delta-8 gummies by Exhale is an excellent pick.

Exhale’s delta-8 THC gummies are some of the best THC gummies available. They are affordable, have good flavor, and are strong. And this makes it one of the best CBD Gummies you can buy at the moment.

Researched, developed, and created with premium cannabis strains, Exhale Wellness aims to bring consumers the best cannabis products on the market. The company is run by innovators who have been at the forefront of the cannabis industry for years. The people at Exhale Wellness know about both organic foods and hemp since they have experience in both industries. The brand also works with hemp farmers in Colorado, which are famous for high-quality strains of hemp.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


A top priority for this company is transparency in the manufacturing process. THC is extracted effectively and safely and verified at every step of the production cycle.

One of the best things about these gummies is that they are really potent due to the full-spectrum delta-8 extract infusion. They come in two variations, with 30 gummies per pack. You can have them in doses of 25 mg or 50 mg of THC per gummy.

Exhale’s THC gummies are gelatin-free, which is great if you’re someone with a dietary limitation. Plus, these delta-8 gummies come in various flavors to suit your tastes.

With shipping policies that guarantee delivery within two to three business days, your gummies can be shipped from anywhere across the United States. You can also take advantage of the company’s money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your products.

Their delta-8 THC gummies may help you to focus on a given task and could aid you in improving your creative abilities. All of their items are potent and suitable for those who want a boost of productivity.


  • No additives, artificial flavors, or gelatin used
  • Promising quality
  • Highly potent – available in either 25 mg or 50 mg of delta-8 THC extract
  • Natural and 100% organic
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Fast shipping


  • International shipping not available

Customer Reviews

Exhale’s delta-8 gummies are a proven product with hundreds of reviews. Consumers have given these edibles five stars across the board. Many returning customers use these gummies with claims that they provide fast relief for various health issues. Customers also report an elevated mood when taking these edibles.

#2. BudPop: Premium Brand For Delta 8 Gummies


Have you tried the new BudPop delta-8 THC gummies? They are some of the best potent gummies on the market, and there is a reason for it. BudPop uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, and their gummies come in a variety of great-tasting flavors.

It’s no secret that modern consumers prefer things to be more convenient for them, and BudPop is answering that call. A quickly growing brand in the industry, BudPop is known for its high potency THC gummies.

The company’s founders have a combined 30 years of experience with hemp. They founded the company in 2021 to create hemp products that could help people live healthier, better lives with this collective knowledge. BudPop’s mission is to establish a network of visionary brands and individuals who promote a healthy approach to cannabis consumption.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop


The company employs high-quality ingredients in the production of THC gummies. Additional, beneficial ingredients are incorporated into their gummies, such as corn syrup, sugar, sunflower oil, and plant-derived terpenes.

From consumer safety to quality assurance, the founders’ created the company with the belief that safety is paramount. Consumers shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of themselves and their families when trying out new Delta 8 THC products. For this reason, BudPop has created several products, including their THC gummies, that are 100% organic and contain no harmful chemicals or additives.

All of the brand’s products are third-party lab-tested products. That means the company only sells quality, organic, and natural cannabis products. As they are still a recently established company, they plan to do further extensive testing on their products in the near future to continue emphasizing quality.

Despite being a newcomer in the market, BudPop has already earned very high ratings. Though such popularity is often hard-earned with years of experience, BudPop has demonstrated its commitment to excellence with its rapid ascent to the upper ranks of the rather competitive industry.

Their delta-8 gummies come in two delicious flavors: Blue Dream Berry and Sour Strawberry Gelato. Every piece of their sweet gummy candy contains a whopping 25 mg of delta-8 THC with a total of 25 gummies per pack, totaling 625 mg of THC.


  • Might help with sleep, stress, and anxiety
  • Could increase your appetite
  • High-potency
  • Vegan and gluten free gummies
  • 100% organic weed
  • Get 25mg of Delta 8 per gummy


  • Newly established brand
  • Artificial flavoring

Customer Reviews

Word is buzzing about BudPop’s THC gummies. With over 100 reviews so far, they’ve received many five stars from their customers. People who’ve used its products say BudPop’s gummies create a euphoric high, just like delta-9 THC would. They’re said to be safe without causing feelings of paranoia or negative side effects. Customers review that these gummies are best taken on an empty stomach if you want to experience their effects sooner.

#3. Hollyweed CBD : Variety Of Different Flavors In THC Edibles


Hollyweed CBD is a one-stop shop for all your CBD and THC needs. They carry a wide variety of products to help you achieve your wellness goals. They have a variety of flavors of thc edibles that allow you a healthier alternative with all the benefits of THC. When you need a little extra THC in your life, we recommend Hollyweed’s THC gummies.

The California-based company is proud to serve you and your THC needs. Established in 2017, the brand offers a range of products to choose from. From vape cartridges to oils and even CBD products, Hollyweed CBD has exactly what you need. With natural extracts and a perfect blend of terpenes and THC, there is no better company than Hollyweed to offer such excellent customer service.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of HolllyweedCBD


These deliciously tasty gummies are made with a variety of high-quality ingredients and, most importantly, pure full-spectrum delta-8 distillate. You can check their ingredients on the packaging.

With sealable packaging that’s meant to keep your gummies fresh, Hollyweed’s delta-8 gummies are fresher when they’re in your mouth. In order to preserve the quality of your gummies, it’s best to store them in a dark, cool environment.

Hollyweed’s THC gummies are 100% cannabis-derived products. Here, the company uses only the freshest cannabis extracts to bring you a whole range of these delicious cannabis treats.

The naturally grown hemp used by Hollyweed is sourced from the best farms in California. The gummies contain a delta-8 THC level lower than 0.3%, complying with legal state limits. In addition, these THC gummies come in different fruity flavors. You can have these flavorful delights in fruit or cube shapes in a 750 mg or 1500 mg package. The company will also ship your cannabis products with a Certificate of Analysis.


  • Cruelty-free
  • No artificial flavors or additives
  • Gummies are Vegan-friendly
  • Have high potency and effectiveness
  • COA with delivery
  • Full-spectrum delta-8 extracts
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only available for purchase via the Hollyweed CBD website

Customer Testimonial

It’s no secret that Hollyweed’s gummies are the most popular item in the company’s catalog. Many clients purchase these treats on a regular basis. Some customers claim an enhanced boost of health upon consuming these THC gummies. In addition, many users appreciate that the gummies don’t make them anxious or paranoid.

#4. Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus: Best Choice For Vegan And Gluten Free Gummies


Have you had bad experiences with cannabis gummies in the past? If so, then allow us to introduce Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus THC gummies.

Diamond CBD is a trailblazer in the industry. The company places high value on hemp-derived products and customer satisfaction. For over 15 years, chill plus delta has been committed to providing the best hemp-derived products on the market. All of their products are made using sustainable farming techniques, and they focus heavily on customer service.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus


Diamond CBD has organic ingredients that are free from genetic modification or pesticides. The company provides pure products from sustainable sources. They use CO2 extraction to obtain the extracts for their products, which is a clean and high-quality method. Diamond CBD’s gummies contain a stabilized level of both THC and CBD. This way, the product delivers the benefits of both worlds without causing any unpleasant side effects.

Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus gummies are famous for their potency and are arguably one of the best products to use. What’s more, these gummies are made with hand-selected ingredients to ensure each batch produced is of the highest quality.

Each THC gummy contains 10 mg of CBD and 10 mg of delta-8 THC. They also contain hemp extracts and botanical extracts for added flavoring and hemp phytonutrients for a nutritional boost. You can have these edibles in three distinct flavors: mango, blueberry, and watermelon.


  • Flavorful
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing
  • Employ CO2 extraction method
  • Lab-tested product
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction


  • Does not contain full-spectrum hemp
  • Pricier than other brands

Customer Reviews

It’s no secret that today’s customers are focused on wellness. That’s why people love Diamond CBD’s all-natural, mood-boosting gummies. So effective, yet so mild, they’re sure to please. Plus, customers agree that they taste amazing. Many customers claim that the gummies had a positive effect on their quality of life. Clients say that these all-natural gummies are not only fun to eat but could also help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

#5. 3Chi:High Rated Brand By Customers For Hemp Edibles


3Chi is a company that’s on the path to endless possibilities. In 2019, a scientist saw the potential health benefits of THC and CBD and decided to create 3Chi edibles, hemp products, and more to improve consumers’ lives.

3Chi has revolutionized the production of THC, proving to the world that they can derive some of the best extracts from hemp. The brand has been formulating and selling THC-based products in the US since it was the first to discover the method of THC-infused gummies.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi


Whether you’re looking for a head and body sensation or something without the hemp flavor, 3Chi has you covered. The formula contains not only THC extracts but also the best proportion of CBC and CBN. 3Chi’s gummies also have pectin, artificial and natural flavors, colorings, and glucose syrup, apart from THC, CBC, and CBN.

3Chi is transparent about its offers. In addition, they do third-party lab testing through North Coast Analytical Labs. They post the findings on their website so everyone can see them.

These gummies are available in two flavors — black raspberry and watermelon. They come in packs of 8 or 16, with 25 mg of delta-8 THC in each one. A pack of 8 contains 200 mg of the extract, while a pack of 16 includes 400 mg of delta-8 THC.

When you use these gummies, you should consume them with a meal or take them half an hour before. They melt when exposed to heat, so you’ll need to keep them in the refrigerator. Don’t worry if your gummies melt during transportation. You can just place them in the freezer and cut them into equal sections once they’ve hardened up.


  • Natural hemp
  • Natural flavorings
  • Affordable
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Customer-friendly policies


  • No international shipping

Customer Reviews

The rapid sell-out of this product lets us know how popular it is and how confident customers are in the quality of the item. Much to the delight of many 3Chi users, the product’s price and potency go hand in hand. With just half a gummy, users experience effects almost immediately. With claims that the gummies produce feelings of relaxation and contentment, they are great for people who want a clear head.

How We Chose These Products

THC gummies, edibles, drinks, and other THC-infused products have a large marketplace. With so much hype around cannabis in recent years, the THC market has been heating up. There are now more products than we can count, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the research for you and create a top-five list of the best THC gummies.

When creating our list, we added all the well-advertised products from different brands to our initial draft. From there, we delved into the broader aspects of each brand. We established criteria to eliminate brands that didn’t meet our expectations.

Once we’d narrowed the list, we inspected each brand’s reputation as well as their pricing, quality, manufacturing process, product variability, and more. We also observed what customers liked and disliked about the brands. It was important that we spent enough time doing thorough research about each brand’s customer reviews and experiences. After that, we went ahead and cross-referenced these reviews with social statistics. Doing this allowed us to see whether or not these brands were reliable and that you’d receive quality products in exchange for your hard-earned money.

This research is how we arrived at the five brands we’ve chosen to include in our list. The following are the factors we considered the most when choosing the best THC gummies.

  • Brand Reputation

In order to come up with our list of five, we needed to consider the brand reputation and business practices of each brand. Several brands claim to offer top-quality products, but many of them fail to deliver. We made sure to include brands on our list that offered their customers excellent customer support and received many five-star reviews.

  • Quality

We analyzed each brand’s ingredients, quality control, and testing methods to find the most reliable companies. The brands we recommend use natural, healthy ingredients and are transparent about their products’ nutritional facts. In addition, the brands we’ve included have third-party lab-tested their products and made these test results available to the public so you can know exactly what they’re made of.

  • Customer Reviews

We looked deeply at customer reviews to identify which products were the most popular when constructing our list. In addition, we referred to reviews that spoke highly of the products’ flavor, consistency, and potency. We then took the time to read through each of these reviews to figure out why these products are so popular.

To get cannabis-infused products delivered to your doorstep, we analyzed shipping time and tactics, customer service responsiveness, and return/refund policies to enlist brands that go above and beyond for their customers.

Buying Guide for Beginners

With recreational marijuana legalization hiking in the polls and users growing in number, we’re encountering a lot more cannabis products—and a lot more THC-infused gummies in particular. If you haven’t tried THC gummies and you’re curious about what to look for when buying THC gummies, then keep on reading.

  • Ingredients

The ingredients in your products are important to look at before you buy. Search for products with ingredients that won’t cause any issues for you. If the product poses any health risks by containing synthetic ingredients, preservatives, additives, or allergens, it is best to avoid this product.

If you’re vegan, be sure to look for a “gelatin-free” designation on the product’s label. Do keep in mind that a company’s ingredients can change at any time, so it is in your best interest to read the labels on the products you want to buy every time.

In addition, don’t forget to double-check the delta-8 THC level, which should be less than 0.3% by law. This way, you can feel confident that you’re buying a product that will not lead to problems for you or your family.

  • Quality

Discerning the quality of a product is paramount before placing an order. With so many companies to choose from, it can be difficult to determine who offers excellent goods. One way to find out is to look at the results of the third-party laboratory test. If a brand doesn’t third-party lab test their products or display the results publicly, steer clear. Another way to ensure quality is to check the ingredients listed on the brand’s website.

  • Purity

You should take into account the purity of your products. Hemp extract from US-cultivated, organically farmed hemp should be preferred in the products you choose.

Moreover, consider the brand’s extraction method. The CO2 method is the most efficient and safest technology. In addition, CO2 extraction is a clean process that produces far less harmful by-products than traditional solvent extractions.

  • Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is another parameter to look out for when searching for a reputable brand. Independent lab testing is a necessity for brands. Some companies, however, do not have their third-party laboratories. These brands create ineffective products. You should be wary of them because they can’t prove their potency.

To verify the authenticity of a company’s products, read their lab reports closely. It’s important to note that some brands ship their lab reports with every order—this makes them trustworthy.

  • Variety

The first thing you need to know is that not all THC gummies are created equal. Much like CBD, there are many types of THC gummies ranging in potency. That’s why, to find the right dosage for you, start by knowing your needs and the type of THC you prefer. There are many different sizes and strengths of THC gummies available for you to choose from.

  • Brand Popularity

Did you know that 97% of customers check product reviews before adding products to their carts? Despite a well-planned marketing strategy, a business’ popularity is defined by the reviews it receives from its customers. A brand that people cherish is more likely to be reputable than one with no online presence. That’s why you should always check customer reviews before product selection.

Cannabis companies are growing in number, but only a few have the quality products they need to succeed. In this industry, being able to make a name for oneself among hundreds of other companies is essential. That’s why you should investigate a brand’s authenticity before making a purchase.

  • Cost

Businesses claim to sell high-quality products at the best price with the best deals. That being said, not all businesses are honest about their business practices.

It’s not always easy to get your hands on affordable, high-quality hemp-made products. Delta-8, which is the main ingredient in many THC products, is not available in large quantities. Don’t make the mistake of buying these products for very low prices, as the products likely contain cheap, harmful ingredients.

  • Medical Conditions

Before purchasing THC gummies for your needs, it’s best to consult your doctor, especially if you have underlying medical conditions—each of the products we’ve included in our list aims to produce different effects. The reviews are from real people who have used the product, but they are unique to each person. Most importantly, these gummies can’t help diagnose, treat, or prevent illnesses. Pregnant or lactating mothers should avoid using THC products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Can THC gummies cause headaches?

It’s no secret that many people use cannabis to relieve stress and anxiety and as a sleep aid. People who are on the fence about using THC-infused products are wary about possibly getting “too high” and think that it’s synonymous with “getting stoned.”

The question of whether cannabis can cause headaches remains hotly contested. There have been studies that conclude THC can either cause or alleviate headaches, depending on the person.

There is plenty of research done on why weed gives you a headache. However, the results saying cannabis can relieve or alleviate headaches or migraines remain evident among all.

Q2. What are the benefits of THC gummies?

If you are looking for a potent edible that will meet your expectations, then THC gummies are the way to go. Marijuana gummies are taking the world by storm as people continue to discover their medicinal potential. The THC in these gummies works by traveling through your body’s bloodstream to your brain. Once they reach the brain, they could slow down the messages sent to your body, making you feel relaxed or even high.

THC gummies might provide recreational advantages, relieve your pain, ease your nausea, and boost your energy levels. Moreover, THC gummies might aid in refining your sleep-wake cycle, enhance your appetite, and eliminate your negative or stressful thoughts.

Q3. Is it legal to take THC gummies?

The ambiguity of the cannabis plant’s compounds, including delta-8 THC, has stirred debate among researchers. Many people don’t realize that the federal government regulates hemp. That’s because the 2018 farm bill legalized hemp by lowering its delta-9 THC content to 0.3% or less. However, the bill leaves out delta-8 THC levels, which leaves vendors free to sell products at their discretion.

While there has been a steady increase in medical marijuana users, recreational use is also on the rise. With the laws of legal use differing from state to state, it’s important to understand what kind of THC gummies will be available where you live.

Q4. Can drug dogs smell THC gummies?

Drug dogs are trained to smell marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, PCP, ecstasy, and other illegal substances. They can also tell the difference between drugs and other chemicals, which means they can smell both legal and illegal drugs with precision.

Terpenes are the chemicals that give THC gummies their distinct aroma. If your gummies don’t contain this chemical, then it might be difficult for trained dogs to detect its scent.

It is worthy to note that most commercially-made THC gummies have a balanced extract of THC that lacks terpenes. In that case, keeping THC gummies on you is probably safe so long as your destination place allows it.


Contrary to popular belief, marijuana edibles aren’t just brownies and cookies anymore. The United States has seen a great deal of progress surrounding the legalization of marijuana products over the past decade. Not only can you choose from a variety of classic edibles, but there are other forms, too, that you can invest in, such as organic THC gummies.

We hope our list of the top 5 best THC gummies was helpful. While several other brands are available, we found these to be of the highest quality with many positive customer reviews. Using our guide and all the information we’ve provided, you’ll be able to purchase the best THC gummies for yourself.

Go ahead and try out the gummies we’ve recommended. We bet you’ll find a brand you love.

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